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Jul 27, 2019


Elon Musk wants to put implants in our brains.  Listen in to find out why and who he hopes to help.

The FSB also know the Federal Security Services of Russia got hacked through a third-party vendor - so don't feel bad...

There are escalating tensions between the US its Western allies and Iran.  Iran is going after US businesses and they are using unpatched vulnerabilities - So patch up your systems, everyone!

Iran is also using Linkedin as a way to get into businesses using plausible but bogus invitations to join a professional network.

I will talk more about Attorney General William Barr and what he said this week about the increased adoption of encryption on our smartphones and other devices.


I will discuss how hackable our webcams are and the bottom line is -- it depends on the hardware manufacturer

I am planning a Security Summer for my listeners.  I will have some free courses.  I will also introduce you to some of the software that I use for my clients and how you can use it too.  Also, I have some limited opportunities for businesses who have had enough with their security issues to work with me and my team and put their security problems to rest once and for all.   So watch out for announcements on those.

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