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Sep 26, 2015


Randal (Randy) Erman is the Director of Product for ecoATM. Randal has more than 15 years of experience in high technology fields, including voice recognition, short range wireless technologies, semiconductors and mobile app development. He has been involved with numerous emerging wireless technologies specifications throughout his career, which include Bluetooth, Ultra Wide Band (UWB), Wireless USB and 60Gig.

Sep 26, 2015

Craig talks about how the new Apple products affect our lifestyle.

Sep 26, 2015

Bill Pike is a tech veteran with a background in renewable energy consumer electronics. Currently he is the CEO of Solpro a Silicon Valley start up that develops consumer clean tech.

Sep 26, 2015

Craig discusses the concern on Apple is not reinventing the world anymore.

Sep 26, 2015

Craig discusses the new virtual headset from Samsung, and the end of Advertising

Sep 19, 2015

Craig opens the show with his review and comment on Tech that made news. This week he discusses how to free yourself from the wireless Bluetooth headsets, what works best with the wear and tear of your cables, and more.

Sep 19, 2015


David Hurwitz is the Founder, President and CEO of Innervoice Innovations, Inc. He has served in this position since July 2013. Prior to this he served as the Senior Vice President, Worldwide Marketing beginning in February 2010. From August 2005 until January 2010, Mr. Hurwitz served in a variety of senior marketing roles at CA, Inc., an information technology management software company, most recently as Vice President of Corporate Messaging and Solutions Marketing.

Sep 19, 2015

Craig shares more on car dongles, and taxes.

Sep 19, 2015

Scott Franklin, director of mobile marketing at Ventev Mobile, joined Ventev's parent, TESSCO Technologies, in 2006, and was named to his present post in 2010. He is responsible for the marketing of Ventev's line of mobile device accessories including power products and cases and protection. Scott, a former professional skateboarder, is a graduate of Lynchburg College.

Sep 19, 2015

Craig talks more about car accessories, insurance liabilities, and Amazon's Fire phone.

Jul 13, 2015

Just when you were about to save just enough for your next family vacation, but when your home is not working with you, you end up with more home expenses than savings. Having additional home systems can be very costly, and not always economical.

1.Vision for Connected Home and Energy Services (value-add - retailers and carries/cable bundles)

2. How IoT is changing how consumers communicate with utilities

3. Home energy management trend (e.g. Nest, etc.)

4. Consumer engagement in Connected Home and Home Energy Management (adoption, interest)

5. Challenges in Connected Home services

6. Drivers for Connected Home and Home Energy Management services


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Jul 13, 2015

In the new generation of technology, having a home that works not just with you, but for you, will definitely be a breeze. With quality time for your family as your top priority, how will the new innovation turn your home into a smart one? The question is, "Is it possible?"

1. The Smart Outlet plugs into any standard North American electrical outlet, and enables users to automate their home easily by setting up rules, notifications and schedules.

2.ConnectSense Smart Outlet features two Internet-connected electrical sockets that enable users to control devices plugged into them using an iPhone app or by voice command via Siri.

3. Easy Wi-Fi setup and simple programming of if/then rules and notifications.

4. Users can control all their smart devices regardless of
manufacturer and make them work together, including smart locks, smart lights, smart garage door openers and other best-in-class home automation devices.

5. Smart Outlet allows for control over groups of devices, such as all lights, all-off capabilities and the ability to check the status of items in your home (for example, (Did I leave my iron on?)

6. Using Siri or a smart device you can start your washer (or any other electrical appliance plugged into the Smart Outlet) and monitor energy usage remotely

7. USB charging port supports rapid charging for the new iPhones and iPads, while freeing up an outlet and eliminating the need for users to purchase multiple chargers.


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Jul 13, 2015

What better way to have a sense of security than a new home innovation? Wouldn't you want to have a simple yet efficient system that does all the worrying for you, so you could live your life and spend more time with your family?

1) SNUPI Technologies has an interesting background in that its underlying technology was developed by Professors Shwetak Patel and Matt Reynolds at the University of Washington

2) SNUPI is an acronym for how the technology works - Sensor Network Utilizing Powerline Infrastructure - in a nutshell it is an ultra low power, general purpose wireless sensing platform that is easily used and maintained by leveraging the existing electrical wiring as a whole home

3) The company's flagship product is WallyHome -- (hence the fact that the wiring in the home is built into the walls - that's where the product “wally” get its name - and yes it is meant to be a bit tongue in cheek!)

4) This is what makes WallyHome so clever and easy to use -- it's already levering the copper wiring in a user's home

5) The product was specifically designed to be easy to use for a consumer demographic - literally plug the hub into your router and then place the 6 sensors throughout the home -- they are not meant to be used in the walls per se, but common areas where leaks occur - under the kitchen sink,
bathroom, near water heater. On average set up takes only 15 minutes -- it's that consumer friendly

6) Also a new added “feature” if you will - WallyHome is now part of the “Works with Nest” developer program. This means that our smart sensors will soon work with the hugely popular Nest Thermostat.

7) The integration with the Nest Thermostat is particularly cool and exciting for the user because customers will be able to select specific sensors at specific times to manage whole home (temperature) comfort. This will be done via a dedicated Nest scheduler in the Wally Dashboard

8) How this works: The WallyHome Nest Scheduler automatically adjusts the temperature in the baby's room, the living room or even the kitchen based on user preference.9) Overall, the team at SNUPI Technologies is very excited for more developments in 2015 related to the connected home, Internet of Things and how smart sensor technology will have a large role in future developments


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Jul 6, 2015

Technology you can wear; smart clothing that is low-cost, durable, useful and attractive to wear; smart insulin injection pen for diabetics that uses energy harvesting. Seems futuristic? For Cambridge Consultants, the future is now. They have created Xelflex, a novel type of 'smart' textile that turns garments into active motion sensors; and the KiCoPen, which captures the exact dose of insulin delivered and sends that information an associated smartphone app without the need for a battery.

Discussion on innovations in wearable tech and what the new generation of wearable technology will look like.

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Jul 6, 2015

There are a lot of wearable fitness activity trackers available in the market today. They can measure your fitness activity, keep track of your heartbeat, calories burned, and sleep. But many health trackers are simple reporting tools. Enter the Stonecrysus. The Stonecrysus is an intelligent health and fitness smartphone app and wearable activity tracker. You tell Stonecrysus what your health goal is, and it learns how foods, activities, sleep, and metabolism affect your unique physiology.

They talk about the six main problems of health trackers of today:

  1. A basic health tracker enables you to improve or understand your health in some meaningful way.
  2. Data Accuracy
  3. Isolated Solutions
  4. Misplaced Burden of Analysis
  5. Assumed Monolithic User Base
  6. Industry Going the Wrong Way

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Jul 6, 2015

It is always important to have our healthcare providers available 24/7, affordable, and dependable. MDLIVE, formerly MDLiveCare, is a leading provider of online and on-demand healthcare delivery services and software. The company’s cloud-based Virtual Medical Office software platform makes it possible for patients, medical professionals and plan administrators to collaborate seamlessly and securely via voice, video, email and mobile devices. They also provide affordable consultations via a nationwide network of board certified physicians and licensed therapists.


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Jul 6, 2015

An introduction to the Meerkat Periscope Legality, joined by the following:

  • Randy Parker, Randy Parker Guest Title: Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer of MDLive
  • Matt Landers, CEO of Stonecrysus
  • Duncan Smith, Head of Product Development at Cambridge Consultants of Cambridge Consultants

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Jul 6, 2015

For more than 30 years QNX Software Systems has been a part of our everyday lives, from mailing a letter to flying a plane. Global leaders such as Audi, Siemens, General Electric, Cisco, and Lockheed Martin depend on QNX technology for their in-car electronics, medical devices, industrial automation systems, network routers, and other mission- or life-critical applications. At the 2015 CES, QNX Software Systems unveiled a brand new technology concept car that will demonstrate the company’s robust automotive software including infotainment and safety capabilities.

  • QNX Software Systems is showcasing how its technology enables an integrated driving experience.

  • To demonstrate this integrated driving experience at the 2015 CES, QNX Software Systems will unveil a brand new technology concept car that will demonstrate the company’s robust automotive software including infotainment and safety capabilities. The new technology concept car will showcase how mobile connectivity, safety features, acoustics technologies, and an intuitive UI work in concert to create a fully integrated experience.
  • In addition to the new technology concept car, QNX Software Systems will also showcase updates to its reference vehicle including advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) functionality.

  • Both the technology concept car and reference vehicle demonstrate seamless integration of QNX and partner technologies to deliver full-featured infotainment, ADAS, and digital instrument cluster systems (driver information displays) that speed OEM time-to-market and enable a simpler, safer, more enjoyable drive.
  • QNX technology delivers proven reliability based on 30+ years in the embedded systems market

  • QNX is the leader in automotive infotainment

  • QNX has a breadth of solutions for embedded systems in other industries including medical and industrial applications
  • QNX innovation is found everywhere - from mailing a letter to flying in a plane
  • (See 35 ways -

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Jul 6, 2015

Get the best driving experience with Automatic Lab's smartphone app and experience efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness on a whole new level. Discover the importance of a connected car and how it can help you become a safer and smarter driver.

  • The future of the connected car and why everyone should be connected
    • a. Better drivers equals safer roads, overall human safety and cost savings

  • With Automatic you don’t need a $90,000 car to get the same benefits
    • a. Roadside assistance, awesome features
  • If you have teenagers who are driving, best wingman ever
    • a. License+, get points, teaches teens to be a better driver
  • The Internet of Things
    • a. Fitbits, Nest, and Automatic- all to make life better


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Jun 29, 2015

When you want to get the most out of your new car, including extensive benefits and awesome features, but don't want to break the bank; or be up to date with the latest automotive software including infotainment and safety features, then this is just the right show for you.

Join Craig in discussing more about the cars of the future and what is exciting about the latest technology built with it, with guests Grant Courville (Director, Product Marketing of QNX Software Systems) and Ljuba Milijkovic (Chief Product Officer of Automatic).

Jun 22, 2015

In times when the grid goes down, and there is a possibility of having lives at stake, waiting for days for power to be reinstated is such a long wait. Know more about how microgrid robots can help sustain temporary power.

  • Microgrids can provide power in remote, rugged. and even dangerous places. Problem is, you have to put people in risky situations to build the microgrids unless you send robots out to do the job.
  • We are working to make microgrid robots (mobile microgrids), a creation that could have a far reaching impact on how we restore power after disasters.
  • Robots now assist recovery efforts in other capacities following disasters.why not take robot capability one step further and have them restore power?
  • This approach will free up manpower to put more effort into saving lives while the robots establish power and communications.
  • For example, after snow storm when the power goes out. In the not-so-distant future, it could mean hours instead of days of cold and dark.
  • The plan: robots scurry safely to a site and determine the problem, then hook up a microgrid to provide power until the real grid can be restored.
  • They can't provide power forever, but 4 robots can form a microgrid; 10 microgrids could provide temporary power to a small neighborhood; and 100 microgrids could relight a community.
  • This is an interdisciplinary problem.
  • We have to bring mobility, power electronics and the underlying controls into one system.

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Jun 22, 2015

Advancements in Grid Security such as sending out much more precise data, keeps the consumers safe with up to date analytics. Could this be the best solution? This and more to be discussed:

  • Protecting the grid is a critical component of the security and safety challenge in the energy sector but there are other critical elements to include the oil and gas operating infrastructure and supply chain. Ensuring reliability and continuity are as critical for the power grid as they are for the entire energy value chain.
  • The ideal solution for industry is to be able to address security, safety, environmental protection and operational continuity as effectively as possible, without having to balance competing commitments to each.
  • Sensor driven data analytics can remove some of the resource competition between priorities in operations.  Data analytics play an important role in supporting safer operating infrastructure and addressing vulnerabilities.
  • There is a significant operational and business value in integrating new real time intelligent sensor platforms with existing industrial control systems, such as SCADA, so operators can optimize response options to mitigate adverse process, security or safety events.
  • A critical challenge to address when deploying new sensor technologies is to ensure they have been hardened from an information security perspective so they do not introduce new vulnerabilities to the industrial control systems.
  • A key trend we are part of is generating real-time data analytics at the network edge, a blend of intelligent algorithms and optimized systems architecture to enable real time decision making.
  • The energy sector will see benefits from advances in data analytics that elevate the optimizing role of risk metrics from planning models to real time operations. For major infrastructure especially, this will increase capital efficiency and promote additional investment in improved, safer and more secure operations.

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Jun 22, 2015

With the new ObamaCare introduced, will this be enough to take really good care of America's health concerns? This and more question will be covered:

  • ACA is celebrating its fifth anniversary March 23. How is the viewed by the public?
  • What were President Obama's two main goals with the law?
  • Are these goals being achieved?
  • How do doctors feel about the law?
  • What are the issues in the U.S. Supreme Court case on the legality of the federal subsidies that was heard on March 4?
  • What kind of health care plan would bring about affordable, accessible, quality care for all Americans?

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Jun 19, 2015


The double-edged sword presented by the "Internet of Things" as it relates to U.S. power and telecom grids, manufacturing, supply chains and cybersecurity


  • How has the energy grid changed recently?
  • The shifting utility business model: A pivot toward customer insights.
  • The opportunities for grid analytics (reliability, distributed generation, etc.).
  • The grid and the "Internet of Things."
  • Training the next generation grid engineer (including the EPIC program at UNC Charlottehttp://epic.uncc/edu/).
  • Current areas where utilities are adopting the power of analytics.
  • Security is too often an afterthought and a cost-center problem that's dominated by complacency (especially when a breach hasn't occurred yet).
  • Security - both cyber and physical - needs to be a boardroom-level discussion.
  • For the ongoing development of the IoT, security may become a bigger concern than privacy. Privacy will work itself out through market forces and government regulations. Not so much with security.
  • The energy/utilities, telecom, transportation systems need instantaneous detection of "out of normal" activity AND machine learning capabilities that can decide the next best action to take.
  • What if the Arizona incident had been an attack on a national level?
  • Should the government mandate infrastructure security standards?



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May 29, 2015

Operating, or even starting, a business is becoming more of a mine-field every day. With more than 5,000 new Federal regulations introduced in the first 6 weeks of 2015 it's become a burdon that most businesses just can't deal with. In this interview, we cover:

  • What are some of the important new government regulations that will impact businesses?
  • How can government regulations hinder business operations?
  • Why is the Affordable Care Act so disconcerting to small businesses?
  • How are immigration policies and penalties hampering employers?
  • Which well-intended employer policies has the National Labor Relations Board struck down?
  • How do increased regulations by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs (OFCCP) hurt employer interests and increase costs of doing business?
  • What steps can employers take to protect themselves and their business interests?

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