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Aug 17, 2019

IOT is a problem for business and NationStates hackers are headed into your networks through these devices. Listen in for more details. 

Whoa!  Wait a Minute -- Do I actually agree with Elizabeth Warren? Find out why I may this one time.

Why Did MacBook Pros get Grounded by the FAA? I will explain why it was really necessary.

Amazon deliveries, UPS deliveries -- all those nice little brown packages -- may just hold an unthinkable surprise. 

Financial Wizards -- not so much.  Find out why companies acquiring startups are losing their shirts....

Mobile is no longer the safe place from spammers. Listen in to find out who is working on a solution.

Patch Tuesday....not so much.  Microsoft behind the eight ball on security...Again. 

Crime and Fraud are Up!  A former Fraudster unveils how technology makes crime easier

Exclusion Clauses and why that cyber insurance policy might never pay out

As it turns out Capital One was not the only mark for this enterprising hacker.

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