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Aug 19, 2019

I had some fun with Mr. Polito this morning. Because Elizabeth Warren, let's just say that Senator Warren and I actually agreed. So that was kind of fun. Anyhow, here we go with Jim. 

The security summer website is up! Make sure you go there - security summer dot com. It started last week so sign up today so you don't...

Aug 19, 2019

This morning I was chatting with Mr. Jack Heath and we talked a little bit about a number of topics including Equifax, the FTC and their miserly settlement, Apple 15" MacBook Pro battery issue, and How Technology is making Crime easier. So here we go.

Hey, Everyone My Security Summer began last week! Be sure to sign up...

Aug 17, 2019

IOT is a problem for business and NationStates hackers are headed into your networks through these devices. Listen in for more details. 

Whoa!  Wait a Minute -- Do I actually agree with Elizabeth Warren? Find out why I may this one time.

Why Did MacBook Pros get Grounded by the FAA? I will explain why it was really...

Aug 12, 2019

I was on with Ken and Matt this morning and announced that my new 2-hour radio show will begin airing on WGAN this Saturday and 1 pm.  If you have questions you would like me to answer on the air - just email: 

I spent quite a bit of time talking about North Korea. What they are doing is not...

Aug 12, 2019

This morning, I spent some time trying to explain CRISPR gene editing, with Jim and, of course to his listeners. This is a technology that is totally going to revolutionize the treatment of genetic diseases. We also talked about another research project underway, that is going to make it so that they can give you a...