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Jun 17, 2019

Craig is on with Jack Heath this Monday morning. Today they talked about the Microsoft vulnerabilities, their newest vulnerability and why and the NSA issued a specific warning and said you must patch. We also talked about the Iranians and their attacks on infrastructure, The New York Times revelation that ticked off President Trump and what he had to say about them. 

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Airing date: 06/17/2019

Craig 0:00
Hey, good morning, everybody, Craig Peterson here. We are getting ready for our security summer, this is going to be a whole summer's worth of, well it will really be kind of a summit. There will be lessons twice a week. You can attend the live sessions, or you can also go ahead and get yourself a golden ticket if you'd like to, so you will be able to go through it all. This summer, we are getting back to the brass tacks, the basics of what you need to do. We're going go through all of the basics, that's what the security summer is all about. Make sure you keep an eye out for that or send an email to me at Craig Peterson dot com. If you're interested in participating. As I said, it is absolutely free. I'm concerned about people who just don't have the money and are, you know, really in need of help. In my 30 years of doing computer security stuff. I have never been in a business where we did any sort of an audit, or we took over the IT or the security, that did not have security problems. No matter the business, the size, or how good their people supposedly were. That is why I know there are smaller companies out there that just can't afford to pay for one of my more prominent courses. That is why this is free. Now you can upgrade, right, if you want to. But it is excellent information and free. I've done these types of courses in the past, and the responses have been fantastic. I want to help everybody out, I want to make this affordable, and affordable equals free. Then we are going to make it available as well via the golden ticket that way you can get the whole security summer and keep the security summer information. I am doing this information will be going away right as soon as the summer's over and we're only leaving the individual classes up for two weeks. So once the summer's over, it'll be taken down, unless you upgrade to the golden ticket. However, you will have two weeks to watch each one of these videos before I take them down. And I think it's important to, to watch them right to pay attention. And I'm doing the two-week thing so that people will have the motivation to take action if we do that, right? We all have our lives and are just so busy, so many things going on, that many will say hey, listen, I'll do this in three weeks, I'll do it at the end of the summer, I'll have time in September, but it never gets done. It is one of the most critical things you can do for your family and for your business. If you are breached, man, oh man and not just hacked into, but you end up with one of these new zero-day attacks. Or maybe it's something like Equifax had, the patches have been out for more than six months, and they hadn't done the updates they needed to do. Any of those things can cause great heartache on your part. If your business, it can put you out of business. And we've got some new statistics will be talking about coming out of some further studies showing how things really have gotten worse, but how it will affect you. So all of that's part of our security summer, it's going to be absolutely free. Send email to me at Craig Peterson dot com. We will have a sign up ready, here pretty shortly, probably next week for you. So, I'll give you that link. And if you want to kind of poke around, it's going to be at security How's that for simple, right? It's not there yet. You try and go there. It's not going to go anywhere, as it is not yet released. We're putting it up, at security summer summit, I think is what we're going to call it security summer summit dot com. It is going to be me teaching a lot of this stuff. We're going to have a few guests on talking about things talking about their hardware and software, and how it works, so that you can make some informed decisions about what you might want to use and what you might want to do. We'll be having all of those guys and gals on our Security Summer That's where it'll be.

Anyhow, here we go. This morning, I was on with Mr. Jack Heath. And as usual, we talked about a couple of different things, including a high-security alert came up from the NSA this week. And I kind of went off at a bit of a tangent too, because I thought it was necessary. So, here we go with, Jack.

Jack Heath
All right, Craig Peterson, our Tech Talk guy on this Monday morning. And Craig. Good morning. How are you? Hey, good morning, doing well. Good. What's up, what do we have this morning on our tech talk side? You always tell us how to kind of avoid being victims of scam or spam or you name it.

Yeah, exactly. A lot is going on out there. Well, you might remember about 18 months ago, the world was hit with one of the worst attacks ever. It brought down huge corporations and government offices, it was a terrible thing. Well, we've got some significant warnings out there right now. Even the NSA has stepped in and been providing some notifications of their own. I want to warn everybody I know this sounds like a broken record. Right? Make sure you're patched up. We have something even newer, Iran has been in the news, of course, a lot recently. There was just a break in, apparently of Iranian bad tech guys, their hacker groups, and the Iranian tools were released. Now you might remember back that the NSA tools have been stolen, and were used for hacking as well. And you might think that these incidences are kind of dropping off, Jack. But they are accelerating because we're getting more and more government involved now, as well as organized crime hacking each other. And then we had just over the weekend, President Trump coming out and talking about the New York Times, saying that what they did was traitorous, when they came out and said that we, the United States, was hacking Russian power plants, and have been putting malware into them. So, this whole thing is getting crazy, and unfortunately, it's just the very beginning, Jack.

Jack Heath
Yeah, there's been some reports over the weekend on that. Of course, you know, it just seems that we're not going to be able to, you know stop it. And those speaking of the power grid, and I'm not saying it was any kind of malware but in Argentina, the 10s of millions of pounds 10s of millions of people without power in the in the dark because of a problem with their grid. So, scary stuff. All right, Craig, anything else before we let you get on with your Monday?

Well, I want to say to everybody, just get back to the brass tacks here. That's what matters. Get back to the basics. Make sure you're patching, make sure you're up to date. That's going to help protect you. We have got some really cool stuff going on as well. Some more news and the autonomous systems that are out there. And I've got a couple of articles about that up on my website as well, at Craig Peterson dot com.

Jack Heath
Craig, thanks for the Tech Talk check and thank you, Craig Peterson.

Take care, Jack

All right, everybody, remember is not up yet. It will be up soon. But you can always email me at Craig Peterson dot com, we'll make sure you find out about this. Again, a complete series of free training this summer. You can upgrade and get the whole summit if you want to keep it, as well. However, it's available for free because I want to get this information out to as many people as we possibly can. It's that important. Yes, it is. Security summer summit dot com is where it will be, but it's not there yet. We've had a busy year. Take care, everybody an I'll be back tomorrow.


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