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Jun 10, 2019

Craig is on with Jack Heath this Monday morning. Today they talked about the Microsoft and the Need to Patch, the increase in Hacking and how the Media contributes to these efforts, The First America Financial data breach, and Intel's big flaw that affects every computer with an Intel CPU since 2007.

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Airing date: 06/10/2019

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Hey, good morning, everybody. Man, did you hear the news, Big Papi got shot in the back in the Dominican Republic. If you are part of the Boston Red Sox fan nation, which of course I am, but only to the degree that I watched them if they make it to the finals of the World Series. Man, he really helped to win it for the Red Sox a few years back, when they won that pennant for the first time, in forever. That's just crazy. Man, So my heart goes out to all of these people that are so afflicted by violence. Nowadays, it is down, but we seem to be hearing about it, of course, due to the extensive media coverage, instant messaging, and everything else. But it's just terrible to hear about this sort of stuff. Well, this morning, I was on with Jack Heath. And we talked a little about two different things going on right now. We talked a little bit about what's happening with cyber activism and how it is affecting people, even me. Yeah, little old me. We talked a bit about First America Financial a mortgage title company, and what happened there, it was just crazy. We also discussed the simple things you can do that can protect your business from getting hacked, and yourself, if you're a regular home user. So, all of that and more in just a few minutes with Mr. Heath this morning. So here we go.

Jack Heath
Craig Peterson, our Tech Talk guy joins us live on the AutoFair listener lines with a tech talk update. Good morning, Craig

Hey, good morning, the things have gotten terrible with the hackers out there. Now it is not just the FBI, but the CIA warning people. If you are using Windows, apply all the patches now. There are some significant security problems out there. Just a helpful tip there. However, this is not true for Windows, if you have any Intel computers made since 2007. Intel has a massive flaw that really needs to be patched, and activism looks like it's dead. And Jack, I talked about a little bit on my show and put an article up on my website. Do you remember those activists that called themselves anonymous? Well, I talked a little about them in an article for my website, and it kind of raised their hackles. There were a few heated twitter comments, but it is really quite something to be on the receiving end knowing what these hackers are capable of doing. But whether or not you are a target or electronic bait like me. Make sure you patch and patch quickly.

Jack Heath
Yeah, I tell you, there's always something, and you know, I was talking to someone over the weekend again. You know, when you receive this thing from Wells Fargo or something. Some of the big, big financial holders want to verify your account email, Don't click that, don't use this to verify your account, it is not the bank. It's, you know, a scam.

Yes, and don't call back the phone numbers. If there's a number of the calls you, don't answer it. I have a friend, and he keeps calling back. He's 75. And I keep telling him, Don't do that. There's a lot of scams attacking the mortgage title company, First America Financial. They leaked millions of mortgage records. And we're talking about people's names, social security numbers, the home, the value of their home, the address of their home, everything bad guys need. This just happened a couple of weeks ago. Most of these occur because people make a mistake. Jack, it is like what you just mentioned. You know, they click through on something or they answer a phone call or even return a call. Bad things are happening, right now.

Jack Heath
And I like to say it's going to get better Craig, but I think with all the technology, sometimes it just is only going to get worse.

Well, I think it's going to get better. The EFF and the FCC have now approved the ability for cell phone providers to block phone calls automatically, so the amount of those should be going down. Also, Apple, in the next release of its iOS operating system, has a built-in feature that's going to really help that a lot.

Jack Heath
You know, Craig, there are a lot of people that just will, whether it's through phishing or something, will continue to find a way around the wall. Craig Peterson Tech Talk. Thank you on this Monday morning, enjoyed it. Thanks, Craig

Thanks, Jack.

Hey, everybody, keep an eye out to the security summer stuff is starting up the beginning of July. What that means is we're going to be teaching. I'm probably going to be releasing a couple of short videos every week, we're going to have a special deal for people who want to have more training, and we're going to be helping companies with compliance and self-audits, and all of that sort of stuff. So keep an eye out in your email. And we will let you know when those come up. And if you want on to find out more, just send an email to, me and at Craig Peterson dot com. All right, Take care everybody will be back on the morrow.



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