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Aug 31, 2019

More is not always better -- Why you might want to think twice before getting any more Security software.  Craig will explain more why this is an issue.

He also quickly reviews the topics he will be covering on the rest of the show.

Craig's Security Summer is underway.  During this end of the summer program, he has prepared about two dozen cheat sheets that you can use to help secure your business. He will get down to the brass tacks in each of these sheets as he explains what you need to do. Also, he has some limited opportunities for businesses who have simply had enough with their security issues and want to work with him and his team to put their security problems to rest once and for all.  If you did not sign up you missed some of his cheat sheets you can still get in on the rest of them by signing up today.  These sheets won't cost you anything if you get them during the security summer promotion.  It is the only time you grab them for no charge. Don't miss any more information and Sign up today at 

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