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Jun 22, 2015

Advancements in Grid Security such as sending out much more precise data, keeps the consumers safe with up to date analytics. Could this be the best solution? This and more to be discussed:

  • Protecting the grid is a critical component of the security and safety challenge in the energy sector but there are other critical elements to include the oil and gas operating infrastructure and supply chain. Ensuring reliability and continuity are as critical for the power grid as they are for the entire energy value chain.
  • The ideal solution for industry is to be able to address security, safety, environmental protection and operational continuity as effectively as possible, without having to balance competing commitments to each.
  • Sensor driven data analytics can remove some of the resource competition between priorities in operations.  Data analytics play an important role in supporting safer operating infrastructure and addressing vulnerabilities.
  • There is a significant operational and business value in integrating new real time intelligent sensor platforms with existing industrial control systems, such as SCADA, so operators can optimize response options to mitigate adverse process, security or safety events.
  • A critical challenge to address when deploying new sensor technologies is to ensure they have been hardened from an information security perspective so they do not introduce new vulnerabilities to the industrial control systems.
  • A key trend we are part of is generating real-time data analytics at the network edge, a blend of intelligent algorithms and optimized systems architecture to enable real time decision making.
  • The energy sector will see benefits from advances in data analytics that elevate the optimizing role of risk metrics from planning models to real time operations. For major infrastructure especially, this will increase capital efficiency and promote additional investment in improved, safer and more secure operations.

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