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Dec 16, 2019


Good morning, everybody.  The Christmas Holiday season is underway, and it comes with a warning.  Today I discussed some great gifts you might want to consider and some advice about getting that 5G phone right now.  Here we go.  

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Automated Machine Transcript:

Craig Peterson
Hey, good morning, everybody. Craig Peterson here. I was on Mr. Jackie this morning. And I had some ideas I think some great ideas for gifts for the tech people in your life and a little bit of a warning although there are companies with 5g phones out there. Hey, it isn't to what you might think it is. At least not yet. So here we go with Mr. Heath. Out in a moment but on the Tech Talk side our own Craig Peterson ways in this Monday morning. Good morning, Craig. Hey, good morning, jack. What a great time of year I'm just so excited. We got all of our shopping done before December even showed its face. The first time, I'm usually one of those guys like Justin, and I was just conversing about it. But bottom line, you know, it's December 24, 3 pm is time to start the shopping. But this year, I'm all ready for it.

Jack Heath
Well, you have a football team to buy stuff for how many?

Craig Peterson
Yeah, but we only have eight kids and five, and I began to like, one little gift per and say, you're lucky you get it. No, I'm kidding. I'm kidding. Well, I got a little bit of gift advice here, jack for people. We keep hearing about the 5g networks. Of course, you and I've talked about a little bit as well, and these are the new data networks for our smart devices are smartphones, even frankly, laptops going to be coming with 5g, and it's going to be just a whole world changer. But I want people to kind of stop just for a second. When you are looking to buy some more than upgraded phone a smartphone this year. And you're thinking about 5g. There are companies out there like, for instance, T-Mobile has its nationwide 5g that just launched on Friday. And it's going to be the most significant network at least right now. None of these 5g networks are really in place yet. They're not working well. T-mobile's is starting, and at at&t and Verizon are beginning, but it's only going to work in the real big cities. So a little quick word of caution. Don't go out buying a new smartphone that has five g in it. For instance, right now, Samsung is taking orders for two new phones and the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus and the one plus 70. Those phones Yeah, they'll be good enough. But 5g isn't going to hit until next Christmas. Apple's going to have their new 5g phone out next September. All of the major carriers will have some decent rollout by then. But frankly, I would not look at 5g quite yet. When I was getting if I was getting a phone, I still have an iPhone eight. I have not upgraded, and I don't plan on upgrading until the iPhone 12 comes out. If you've got a friend or family member who's and you're still looking for that cool toy for that tech person. Well, I got something that isn't a toy. It is kind of the replacement for those thumb drives that we've carried around for so long. The company that's made a lot of this portable storage like thumb drives is called SanDisk, S-A-N D-I-S-K. SanDisk has their new extreme portable SS D. This thing is fantastic. It can hold up to two terabytes depending on which version you get. You can clip it onto a backpack, you can put it, even in a pocket or in your purse, and it allows you to keep everything with you. So I'm the kind of guy who likes to back up my backups. So when I'm out shooting pictures at a family event, I was just at a wedding last week, a family wedding. I like to have multiple copies of them. Look at this Portable SSD. It's an excellent option for a gift. And if you have somebody that is totally into tech, really likes to make things and design things. There's something called a Raspberry Pi. Now I've been playing with these things for years, and the Raspberry Pi four is out. It is a computer that will fit in. To call it that. Exactly. It doesn't sound appetizing, and it fits in the palm of your hand jack, it is a computer, and USB-C cable powers it. And for those people in your life who are real techies who like to make and design things that are computer-controlled. It is an extraordinary gift, and you can get these starter kits for less than 100 bucks. And it comes with everything that you'd want. So those are the two big things I'd look at anything and if you got somebody wants to take things apart, jack, look at that. I fix it. That's the name of the company. I set it pro tech tool kit. I love this thing, and I use them all the time because when I go to a wedding Or I go to a family event. The first thing they do jack is they pull out the computer and say, Hey, Craig, can you fix this for me? So have a look at those gift ideas I think for the tech people in your life.

Jack Heath
All right. All right. Quickly to Sonic course Justin still looking for those last-minute video games, right? He's a gamer.

Craig Peterson
Yeah, there's some cool on, sir. Yeah. All right. The Video Game process is kind of year-round, jack. It's not. There's no last minute.

Jack Heath
All right, great. Thank you.

Craig Peterson
Thanks so much. All right.

Craig Peterson
Hey, everybody, hope you're having a great week and getting ready for all of the celebrations here at the end of the year. Of course, we have Christmas coming up Hanukkah and Festivus. So I'm not sure those are all on par with each other. But anyway, I just hope you have a great, great end of the year. I had a wonderful time out at my sister in law's wedding last week. It was one Wonderful, and it's kind of cool to see another culture and all of the things involved with her marriage, and we're glad to be able to participate. Everybody have a great day. I will be back on the morrow. I'm going to be doing a little traveling here over the next couple of weeks business, you know, you're in a way that stuff sometimes plays out until I might be a little spotty here with some of these podcasts. But yeah, I'll be back full force at the beginning of the year. Take care, everybody. Talk to you later. Bye-bye.

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