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Jan 26, 2021


Good morning, everybody. I was on WTAG this morning with Jim Polito.  We had an interesting discussion about North Korea and their extensive hacking efforts, who is supporting them, and why.  Then we got into Social Media censorship and Birdwatching and how the left has succeeded in shutting down conservative opinion. Here we go with Jim

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Automated Machine Generated Transcript:

Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Good morning, everybody. Craig Peterson here this morning, we talked about Canada being a big hacker nation and the other big one, there's really top three if you will. So that's what we got into today. A lot of people just weren't expecting what's happening. It's crazy. So we get into why Mr. IL is out there hacking and it was a surprise to Jim, anyway.,

Hopefully, you got my email this morning. I got another one Thursday. We've got some little training things coming up that I want you to pay attention to all part of this launch of the finally the improving windows security course.

No, we had a name. We had like working names, everything else, you know how that goes, but the whole idea behind the course is how to improve your windows security to that next level. All right, everybody, take care. And here we go.

Jim Polito: [00:00:59] Craig Peterson, the Tech-Talk guru and our good friend who joins us every Tuesday at this time.

Good morning, sir.

Craig Peterson: [00:01:06] Good morning.

Jim Polito: [00:01:08] Hey, we're going to get some Some of your, Canada like weather, just a little bit, little snow. Hey, a little snow.

Craig Peterson: [00:01:17] Have you seen this? A Northwest territory's Buffalo airways show. They have it on the weather channel at times at night, sometimes. They're up in the Northwest territory up in Yellowknife. They're flying to places, Calgary, Edmonton, red deer, that's south to them.  I never moved this far North as those guys. Yeah.

Jim Polito: [00:01:39] You might as well be in Alaska seriously.

Craig Peterson: [00:01:43] Yeah. Yeah, exactly.

Jim Polito: [00:01:48] Here's something I want to talk about still more about social media and censorship and everything else that's going on, but I do want to ask you about. The country in the world that is probably the least high tech or one of the least high tech. You see a satellite picture of this country at night and there aren't many lights on, and yet they couldn't be one of the best hacking units in the world.

I think I'm giving it away as to who it is, Craig, but I'll let you, yeah.

Craig Peterson: [00:02:25] Yeah. It's Canada.

Jim Polito: [00:02:27] No, that was pretty good because if you get, if you see a picture of the Northwest territories at night, there aren't any lights up the other than the Northern lights.

Craig Peterson: [00:02:41] The Northern half of Canada has a total of just over a hundred thousand people that said something like two-thirds of the population lives within a hundred miles of the US border.

But no, that's not it here. We're talking about cybersecurity and cybersecurity has become a real problem. In fact, Rhode Island. Now you can call 211 to report cybercrime in Rhode Island. In Mass, there is a 211 is you probably could, but Rhode Island has been really leading this somewhat and setting this up.

For cybercrimes and includes cyber-stalking, identity theft, financial fraud, cyberbullying. They've been trying to stay ahead of this game. So what we're talking about right now is this state-sponsored hacking.

Now countries, if you look at Russia, you look at China, they're hacking us as part of what kind of world war three right.

What's the easiest way for us to attack the United States. It's via cyber. We've seen power outages in some of these countries, including Iran lately. There's a lot of speculation that it's us doing that to them.

Although Iran says the reason that they've had power outages is that too many people are trying to mine Bitcoin cyber currencies. They use too much electricity and we didn't allot for that then. They shut down 1600 cyber mining facilities within Iran.

There are countries like Iran that want the cash and North Korea, believe it or not, is one of the leaders out there because they want their hands on money. They have a number of different groups out there. There's a Lazarus group, which is probably the best known, Hidden Cobra is another one of them. They do all kinds of extortion and ransom and just general online so that they can get their hands on money.

There's an estimated of I've seen various numbers, about three to 6,000 people in North Korea that are very advanced technologically. They have gone to foreign universities.

Look at current leader of North Korea. He went to school over in England, and it's just amazing. Some of the things we let these other countries do.

Now they have what Kim Jong himself calls an all-purpose sword that guarantees North Korea military capability to strike relentlessly. The main reason they're doing this is getting their hands on hard currency.

Jim Polito: [00:05:32] That makes sense. We're talking with Craig Peterson, our tech talk guru. So Craig, the expression if only you had used your powers and skills and talents for good. This type of high-tech hacking, that requires smart people requires some hardware, requires software, all of this, they're doing it just to steal, so that they can fund them, shall we say, hermit nation.  As I said, you take a satellite picture of the nation at night and there's hardly any lights on because there's just, the people are living in a primitive society. So that's their motivation.

When you look at Yosef Stalin when he first became a communist, this was before they had over three around the czar, he was a bank robber, robbing banks for money, for the Bolsheviks, for the revolution.

Isn't that basically what they're doing here in North Korea, although they've already had their communist revolution.

Craig Peterson: [00:06:40] Yeah, they are. That is what they're doing. They're trying to fund this so that they can feed their people. Remember people are starving in North Korea. These are defectors their medical conditions are just insane, crazy. 

They're also directly tied into China. So even though they're obviously playing not even second fiddle there they're way in the back in a different auditorium, from China.

China is a huge cyber threat and frankly. Russia and China and then North Korea is right behind them. China is actually providing them with some of this technology to do the hacking as well, which is absolutely fascinating to me.  China is continuing to support North Korea, but it's doing it by giving them technology, giving them training, allowing North Koreans into their universities. Specifically, so that they can learn how to hack computers in the United States, as well as other countries, and fund themselves. So they don't have to keep coming back to China for more money and grain and oil and everything else for free at the very least they'll be able to pay for it.

It's like the kid in the basement you're trying to get rid of, and not everyone can get on that hermit out of the basement and put them into the white house.

Jim Polito: [00:08:01] Wow. We're talking with Craig Peterson tech talk. We will tell you how you can get in touch with him at the end of this segment.

But Craig, we just got a few more minutes here. Anything new in social media? I heard Twitter invented, what is it? Bird something or bird catcher or whatever. This system that's supposed to identify tweets that are inappropriate. Does this really mean anything?

Craig Peterson: [00:08:34] Yeah, they've been doing it for quite a while. It's called birdwatch and this is a community-based.  Here's what's really been going on and no one, I don't understand why, but I haven't heard anyone else talk about this. Jim.

This is a first in the media, but the problem we have out there is that Twitter and Facebook, they don't have the time. They don't have the resources, even the artificial intelligence to be able to monitor all of the tweets and catch the bad ones.

The way they find the tweet that they want to shut down is they get people reporting them. So now they've made this more formal by calling this community, birdwatch and doing all of this stuff. Here's what happens, you post something online that is maybe slightly questionable, especially if you'd take it the wrong way. There are people who are sitting there again in the basement I'm running for president, or maybe they've never gotten a job, or maybe it's both. They're watching a few social media accounts.

They think of these hacking communities overseas, where you have all of these people. Pretending to be someone else. As they're pretending to be someone else there, they're posting and trying to change our opinion, right? So much of these bots, et cetera, we're not going to get into that right now. The reason Twitter shuts things down is that somebody reports.

Now you or I, we looked at a tweet and say that guy's an idiot and we move on. But the people on the left, particularly the far left, all see a tweet and they will say, okay, we can get them on this one. They then have a few hundred of their fellow community members report that person, tweet to Twitter. Twitter then has to respond based on his community standards because so many people were complaining. You got a 24-hour ban or demonetization. That's the big secret behind all of this?

It's these kids, bad guys obviously not all of them are young kids who are sitting there watching certain accounts reporting on mass. People w via different people and different bonds. That this is really offensive to them and now Twitter has something to fall back on.

Jim Polito: [00:11:09] Yeah. And you know what? They destroy a lot of conservatives and I've had it. I've had it happen to me. That's why everything I write on Twitter, anywhere else, is something that I would not be afraid to say to a priest, my late mother, when she was alive, anyone like that is. 

I have my political opinions, but the way in which I convey them, I do it in a way that's not offensive, but even doing that, they keep reporting.

You can get hurt and that's scary. That is scary. Craig.

If folks want to get more information from you what do they do?

Craig Peterson: [00:11:52] I sent out this morning, in fact, a video to everyone that's on my email list, and I've got another email going up Thursday. I've got some more training coming out. This is all training stuff, people, and you can get on that list.

Just go to Craig You can subscribe right there. Craig If you'd like. All of my podcasts are up there. You can get copies of these special reports. Like the one, I released today and much, much more just Craig

Jim Polito: [00:12:25] All right, Craig. Thanks so much, great information. We'll catch up with you.

Craig Peterson: [00:12:30] Take care. Thanks. Jim.

Jim Polito: [00:12:32] Thanks. Bye-bye, all a final word. When we return.


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