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Jul 18, 2018

Has Facebook ever suggested that you tag a person in a picture you posted? Craig joins Ken and Matt to discuss what Facebook is doing with Facial Recognition and why you should be concerned. 

Patents are issued every day. Craig tells Ken and Matt about a Patent that Walmart just got and why everyone who shops there should be aware of it.  

Are you concerned with someone hacking your iPhone?  Craig explains a new feature available on the iPhone that will protect your iPhone.

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Airing date: 07/18/2018

Facebook Facial Recognition, Walmart Privacy Concerns, Apple USB Restricted Mode

Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Hey, Craig Peterson, here this morning we talked about a couple of things now. One of the subjects I kind of talked with Jim Polito about yesterday is your Facebook privacy but we always take a little bit of a different angle especially with Ken and Matt and we went into some more detail on the privacy that you can get in a Wal-Mart store. What's new patent about? And of course iPhone's right. With the new software update from Apple how much privacy are you going to get from that and who are they trying to protect your information from, anyway. 

[00:00:35] So, here we go with Ken and Matt. We are back again 738 and the WGAN Morning News on Wednesday which means it's time to Craig Peterson our tech guru joins us at this time every Wednesday. Craig, how are you this morning? 

[00:00:49] Hey, I can't believe you guys were talking about Dr. Pimple Popper. Did You ever watch that show, man? 

[00:00:57] No, he did not have to look it up.  Did you see the view count on some of those videos? There's definitely some sick people out there as well.

[00:01:05] It's absolutely amazing and it's showing that something to talk about the fact is sex but Instagram is where she started in 2014 it said in the YouTube in 2015 and they are talking about 4 million people. 

[00:01:20] So she gets picked a crazy.

[00:01:24] Now, she is a reality TV show. Can I point out that I know nothing about this woman nor do I want to. I'm showing this man I'm going to I'm going.

[00:01:32] I don't what I'm going to trick you into watching this. Why am the way I hate it? I was just hearing about it. I mean, realistically all you got to see is about two seconds worth of that video. I can make you see I can fool you and you can think Look get cute puppies or something you can click on and you're like oh my god, no. 

[00:01:48] So of course is calm as we go. When he got all his valuable information. 

[00:01:54] Let's talk about Facebook are they still abusing me, abusing my privacy.

[00:01:59] Was that a big faces type thing you know a nice segue pimpled. 

[00:02:06] Yeah.

[00:02:08] Very clever, very clever, Yeah. Here is the problem. I remember when the Zuck went and sat before Congress three months ago and Congress kind of drilled him and said, hey privacy what's going on. And, he continually said well I'm going to have to get back to you on that. Do You remember that? Well, he finally got back to Congress and told them kind of what they wanted to hear. Well, that's kind of the bottom line here because he did answer their questions and basically he goes he goes on and on and on for dozens. I think it's more than 100 pages long answering the questions about privacy. But, now we've got another problem with privacy and it's something that we've mentioned a little bit on the show that I know Matt's been concerned about and that is our faces no Ken has a phone and an iPhone 10. And in order to unlock his phone, he has to have his face in front of the phone right.

[00:03:06] Yes that's correct. I mean this in fairness since I have been critical of the Apple, Apple cult. You know my face also unlocks my Galaxy Note. So,

[00:03:15] There you go. Same sort of thing. But, it's concerning right because I know, Matt, you've expressed concerns. Do you really want Samsung or Google or Apple to have your face on file?

[00:03:28] No, no I really don't. Yeah, Yeah exactly.

[00:03:31] Now with Apple the face does not leave the phone, none your fingerprint does not leave the phone it's kept in this enclave that sharing passwords. 

[00:03:43] But, the bottom line is you really don't know. Well, if you're on Facebook and I know Ken doesn't use Facebook he uses what was my face space, exactly. But over on Facebook if you post a picture you can take someone in that picture, and the way that works is now you say yeah right here's a picture of Matt and I. And, so you post that picture up there on Facebook and you tag Matt. And, now it tells Matt, Hey listen Ken tagged you in a picture and it's kind of cool because wow, ok I remember there that being there you share your picture with your friends Etcetera, Etcetera. It's really kind of a cool feature. Well, have you guys noticed that Facebook is now suggesting people to tag in the US with their facial recognition software. Yes, exactly that's exactly what's going on. And, Facebook has now got this massive database of faces that it's been using and it built it over the years, as kind of an interesting technology, Using basically a kind of, logical deduction, as to who it is in the picture. But, now people are getting concerned because we already know that Facebook, isn't, well you know all big on privacy. That's not their business. And, we know that they are doing this and some people are alleging that, in fact, what actually happened here is that Facebook is not telling people what it is doing.

[00:05:19] In fact, there's a number of people that are talking about lawsuits. Congress has gotten involved now because Facebook's core business model of course built around advertising. And I have to mention Tom Cruise here, Minority Report. Remember him without somebody else's eyes walking past a billboard and the billboard yeah changed and offered him a deal. Right. It's just incredible what can happen to expect that in the future. Expect that it's going to recognize you. There are already billboards. That will change based on your car or the predominance of a certain model car on the road and you're going to see that more and more of. The technology is just incredible. But, combine having pictures of people's faces making it easy to find those pictures online. So, let's say Facebook ends up with a face search function and 3D printing where you can now 3D print a mold of maps face. The legal ramifications for this is starting to get really kind of crazy. And, even though we know Apple has done a lot to make sure that you cannot unlock it with a just a picture. Someone Samsung's worked on that too you know the future here it's getting kind of terrifying. Frankly speaking of terrifying surveillance oriented future, is Wal-Mart listening in on their employee's conversations, yes they have filed a patent to do just that.

[00:06:54] Are they monitoring their people and why are they doing it.

[00:06:57] Why they're doing it? Well. Wal-Mart, of course, in a battle for its life against a company that cannot keep its Web site up. What are Prime specials? Of course, we're talking about Amazon and Amazon, of course, had their big prime day yesterday with all these prime deals. I took advantage of a couple myself. There were a couple of good ones but Wal-Mart is trying to figure out how can we make their stores more efficient. Because Amazon doesn't have cash registers. It doesn't have to keep the air conditioning on, in the whole place. It doesn't have to stock the shelves like Wal-Mart does. You know they can have millions of Skew's Amazon can. So, don't have to be selective about what they carry. So, how can Wal-Mart compete? Wal-Mart was just awarded a patent for technology that listened in to the employees and the people's shopping in the stores. So, it's called listening to the front end, this technology. We don't know if Wal-Mart ever going to build it, but they did get this patent and it will provide them with some performance metrics for employees. It will tell them how many people are up there that front end of the checkout registers it leaves and it's even able to tell how many bags an employee uses to package your goods that you just bought. So, you know all the efficiencies are what they're aiming for. And some employees are kind of concerned as, Matt, just indicated that maybe this is going a little bit too far. And, of course, there's a number of people that agree with that including the professor over Cornell's industrial labor and relations school.

[00:08:47] We are happy when Craig Peterson our tech guru joins us. Everyone's here Craig Peterson speak to my apple 10 so is my apple Ten now more secure from prying eyes like police officers or NSA or the government.

[00:09:04] Yeah. There's concern about those guys and there's also concern about bad guys. So, for instance, you can go and you can buy a machine for about 30 thousand dollars from a company and all you have to do is plug an iPhone into it. And supposedly it will crack any iPhone. Now, it might take a few months. It seems to depend on how many digits you have in your passcode or whether you use in your face or your thumbprint. But, they can break into them, apparently. They are certainly getting paid for it. And, the government is getting the information. But, how about somebody that just grabs your iPhone off a table at the local coffee shop? How about if you go to China for a business trip? Or you go to Russia? China is known for getting their hands on your devices even while you're sleeping in a hotel room and copying the devices. So, Apple has come up with a new feature. If you just upgraded your iPhone you've got it so if your phone has not been unlocked for one hour they cannot plug one of these devices in order to copy your iPhone. So, I think it's a good idea. This is not just an anti-law enforcement thing. This is a privacy thing. Bad guys in this country, as well as, around the world are using it to unlock the iPhone and now there are some ways around this and we will discuss those right now. But bottom line, if your phone has been locked for an hour your phone, is pretty safe. But if you're in a coffee shop you probably just used it and that bad guys get to have access anyway.

[00:10:41] Craig Peterson our tech guru joins us every Wednesday at this time to give us an eye on technology around the world. Craig thank you very much. We will talk to you again. Thank you, gentlemen. All right so we're going to take a quick break here and we'll come back on the other side maybe call.


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