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May 30, 2018

Roseanne was "Ambien Tweeting".  Ken, Matt and I briefly talk about the response of ABC being a bit harsh.  If it was so bad, the show would have died on its own from lack of viewers.  

GDPR is now fully instituted in the EU.  Craig and Matt and Ken discuss why US companies might need to think twice about their security.

FBI has been warning everyone to reboot your routers.  This morning Craig speaks with Ken and Matt about this router vulnerability and why the FBI is serious about this.

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Airing date: 05/30/2018

Ambien Tweeting – Drunk Dialing – GDPR Affect In US – Home Business Router Vulnerability


Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] I've got the fans going here in the studio this morning. It’s kind of a warm morning here. Crazy. I left some of the equipment on last night and it heated up pretty good. Anyways, Craig Peterson here. This morning I was on with WGAN and all of their affiliate stations and we were talking about Rosanne. It's interesting because of course she got kicked off. But what's interesting about this whole thing is the progression over the years. From crazy Uncle Buck all the way to Ambien tweeting at 2:00 a.m. So what is happening? Why is the technology doing this? And how much attention should we pay to some stupid comment the crazy Uncle Buck made right? Does that make sense to you? And then we also talked a little bit about GDPR, what's happening in Europe? How does that tie into Roseanne Barr? And then we go to the big problem of the day which is our small business and home router vulnerabilities. What's happening there? What can you do about it? So that's what we talked about. Stick around. Here we go with Ken and Matt.

Matt Gagnon: [00:01:17] All right. Let's go to Craig Peterson our tech guru. Of course, he joins us every Wednesday at this time to give us an eye on technology. Craig, how are you, sir?

Craig: [00:01:25] I'm doing good. Aren't Krispy Kremes the best?

Matt: [00:01:27] They are but we're talking about what happens when we eat Honey O’s

Ken Altshuler: [00:01:28] We had a box of O’s. I don't know if you know O’s.

Craig: [00:01:37] No.

Ken: [00:01:38] We’re pretty stoned right now. And by the way the fact that I'm really high on sugar. I'm not going to do any tweeting whatsoever.

Matt: [00:01:46] Just as long as you don’t mix it with Ambien right?

Ken: [00:01:47] Because I may say something that will come back to cause me to be fired, Craig.

Craig: [00:01:52] Heaven forbid. Think of the hundreds of people that depend on you, Ken.

Ken: [00:01:57] That’s true. Exactly. 

Matt: [00:02:01] Dozens and dozens of people. 

Ken: [00:02:03] Tens.

Craig: [00:02:05] The whole population will increase. It will just be, it'll be a terrible thing. It’s an interesting comment too because of kind of a segue here into Roseanne. But we've had problems for years, right? You always had the crazy Uncle Buck who would say the stupid things at family gatherings. Right? And everybody would roll their eyes.

Matt: [00:02:25] Grandma you can't say that, right?

Craig: [00:02:28] Yeah actually. And then you ended up with the next phase really was we had these smartphones, well not smartphones, but cell phones, and it was drunk dialing. Right. And somebody would call up an ex-girlfriend or a wife or whomever the boss and chew them out. And that became a problem. And then we got the smart technology and we ended up with drunk texting and people saying really stupid things. And now we've got of course tweeting from the president at all hours of the night apparently from the bathroom. We've got Ambien tweeting now by Rosanne at 2:00 a.m. It's interesting because the technology hasn't changed people so much. But what has changed is previously it was a dozen people sitting around the Thanksgiving dinner table. Or it was one person getting that drunk phone call. And we just rolled our eyes and told them how stupid they were. But those weren't the things they would normally say. And so now we have apps that are designed for people who maybe are prone to drunk dialing. So when they when they want to make a phone call or if they want to send even use their phone it comes up and they have to answer a little mathematical question or something else. The challenge is whether or not they're sober. But come on people. Roseanne she said the most idiotic things on her entire career right. Do we expect anything different? But the question is technology. Right. It's the great amplifier and that's what we're seeing here again today and we've all got to be careful with it, right? You've seen this before Matt. 

Matt: [00:04:23] Oh absolutely. There's no question about it.

Ken: [00:04:26] Yeah. Absolutely. 

Matt: [00:04:27] Very common. 

Craig: [00:04:28] Yes people on running a campaign they want to get elected. Everybody gets frustrated. Everybody says something stupid. I'm not sure that everyone says something as stupid as Rosanne said but everybody does this sort of thing. So you know to be careful with that technology again. Right. Maybe you shouldn't turn on your smartphone when you've been drinking or taking Ambien or whatever it might be now. Think twice because not only does this get out there but it's out there essentially forever and employers are asking for social media information they can easily search stuff and they can find things that you said in college and did in college when you're applying for that job ten years from now. Do you really want it out there? That's part of the whole idea behind the GDP are that Europe just put in place about two years ago and as of last Friday. This new GDPR, this regulation in Europe and the same regulation in California, by the way, is essentially the same says not only do you have a right to be forgotten but you have a right to ask for any records that are kept on you basically to be erased and nullified so that you can go back and say you know those were pretty stupid statements I made and get it changed. And so there are discussions here in the U.S. now. Should we have something like GDPR? Now a lot of businesses have been asking what do we have to do and panicking and major businesses are out there blocking Europe right now entirely from accessing their sites because they're not compliant. But this is a discussion is going to go on for a while. And per usual technology is far ahead of legislation in the, you know. We've got to pull up our socks and take care of this ourselves. 

Matt: [00:06:21] We're talking to Craig Peterson our tech guru who's joining us now as he does every Wednesday at 7:38. Craig, I was told about a thousand times yesterday that I need to reboot my router or throw it away or something. What's this router problem that I'm hearing? Is there a vulnerability that it’s been exposed? 

Craig: [00:06:43] That's exactly what that is. I started working yesterday actually over the weekend on a little program I'm putting together for people to kind of explain what to do. Maybe what you should buy as far as routers go for your home and for your small business. But you know I'm involved with the FBI. In fact, I just ran a webinar yesterday for the FBI InfraGard for their national program on their national board. But anyhow. So the FBI came out with a statement all about the routers that we have mostly in our homes but unfortunately, a lot of small businesses have these home routers and here's what happens. When was the last time you applied updates to your router in the house?

Matt: [00:07:32] 1975. 

Craig: [00:07:34] Yeah exactly. So if you have one of these aftermarket routers, the little routers that you’ve bought. And that means like a Wi-Fi device with the built-in router and you hook it up to your data line coming into your house. The odds are excellent that your router has been hacked. So these include consumer grade routers by Linksys, Mikrotik, Netgear, TP-Link, even some attached storage devices. This is a very, very big deal because what's happening in Russia hacked these things on and they use some automated software to do it. It was so easy to do and taking them over. There's three stages to this attack but basically, they were able to send all of your data to Russia and mine it. So they were looking at all of the data from your small business or from your home. They were mining that for bank account information, login information. Of course credit cards, personal information. Because remember now all of your data is going through that route at the edge. And if Russia can get their hands on that data you could be in a lot of trouble. So the FBI knew what was going on and what happens is people like me, the workforce with the FBI when we find compromise systems we give the FBI access to them unlike the Democrat National Committee so that the FBI can investigate it and see what happens? Who did it? What were they doing? Is this something that could be more widespread that we need to let people know about? So the FBI is letting us know.

Now here's what you need to do. There’s two things. I'm going to give you a phone number of mine you can text and I'll send you more information. But what you need to do is reboot your router. Now, not just once but right now they're advising you reboot your router at least weekly. Depending on how deeply the Russians have gotten into your router. You may or may not be able to clear it out. But weekly is what they're advising right now and I agree with them because there are so many of these that are infected. My guys over at Cisco Talos have been tracking this almost for two years now it's become a real big deal, a real big problem since the Russians apparently took hold. The FBI has gotten involved. They have blocked some of the command and control here. But it still is something you have to do. Now if you have a router that that's from your cable company. It's probably OK but it never hurts to reboot. It rarely hurts to reboot. Let me put it that way, your router. So reboot daily. Now I'm putting something together. I'm going to give a list of some of the routers that you can get. Some links to Amazon. I'll probably use affiliate links all might make 50 cents to a dollar on these things but I want to send you out a list of here's some decent ones. They have a good rating. They've been working for a long time for people. They give you good Wi-Fi coverage. Et Cetera. And if you want to get all of that information I'll be putting it together here this weekend getting it out to you. Just text me with your e-mail address. So open up your regular texting. You're going to text me at 855-385-5553. That's 855-385-5553. And just text me your e-mail address or text me your questions. You know what kind of router you have I'll look it up for you. We'll help you out here to know whether or not you've got a problem. 

The next step, unfortunately, may be that you need to try and upgrade your router. But I've got to tell you many of these home routers do not have the ability to be upgraded easily or even at all. So you may end up having to buy a new router for your home. Again you can contact your cable company or whoever you're getting your Internet service from to find out if you're OK. But this is not fake. This is real and I'll tell you about that number one more time. 855-385-5553. That would go straight to me. 855-385-5553. This is not just a national emergency guys. This is worldwide. And every country that I know of maybe not Russia and North Korea but they pick up that FBI warning and they are running with it. So if you have friends and family, let them know. Reboot your router at least weekly. Make sure that your routers get updated here or may be changed out because this is huge. This is yet another volley in World War 3 frankly guys.

Ken: [00:12:37] Craig Peterson, our tech guru joins us every Wednesday at 7:35. Thank you, Craig. Thank you for the information and we will talk to you next week. 

Craig: [00:12:44] Hey gentlemen take care. Bye-bye.


Matt: [00:12:46] Thank you, sir.


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