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Dec 26, 2018

Craig is on at WGAN with Ken and Matt as they talk about the presents they have received during the holidays as well as the Sonos Echo problems people are experiencing.

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Airing date: 12/26/2018

Christmas Gifts - Instant Pot - Sonos Echo Problems

Matt Gagnon 0:00
Well we're back again it is 7:38 on the WGAN morning with Ken and Matt. 

Unknown 0:09
we're going to have your calls coming up a little bit later 879-9426. Ken has asked you more than once today what was your you know best present you plan on taking things back all that fun stuff so we'll get to those calls coming up so get him writing. 879-9426 it's 946 but Craig is with us right now. Craig How are you sir?

Unknown 0:27
Hey good morning. I don't know what was my best present

Unknown 0:31
what do you know what the tech guru that is? a great question. What can you you have everything so what I couldn't be tackling like Was it a tie

Unknown 0:40
well I don't have an Apple watch you know you don't have it

Unknown 0:47
yeah yeah. No, I I'm kind of into the lower tech gift that you know that's kind of where I'm at now is Yeah, you know a driver but how old is it now? 40 year old cars on this 40 Yeah, I guess it is but you know 1980 diesel

Unknown 1:04
kind of that kind of guy one of the things I got to tell you this is a kind of a newer tech gift and our kids got us a bit of an upgrade to this and today they're on sale by the way is this instant pot you guys use these before

Unknown 1:21
what? Instapot? Instantpot?

Unknown 1:24
well I've got 10s of dead I don't don't you just grow with the way everybody else does I don't instant yeah

Unknown 1:32
yeah the highs like that

Unknown 1:36
No no

Unknown 1:37
I do to edibles so I kind of know what to me I think. But thanks again.

Unknown 1:43
One direct line there. So what do you know it's this is this is for cooking. You know we we've had tanners for a long time. And we use them to do canning every year take things out of the garden. And you know it sits there with the steam pressure go

Unknown 2:00
to timeout. But okay, I believe that but once it gets to

Unknown 2:03
your movement, we did that. Well. Instant part is a model

Unknown 2:08
of a pressure cooker. And and what this thing does. It just it's amazing because it has on the front you have all these different settings. But some do. And some of them also have Bluetooth so that you can program it right from your phone.

Unknown 2:28
And what does it do? Does it growth it is a fast

Unknown 2:32
Yes. It's a pressure you're using pressure cooker.

Unknown 2:35
I've seen them. I mean, people stopped using pressure cookers because they used to blow a lot. But

Unknown 2:39
yeah, now they don't details cows. And then the terrorists started using them. And they start telling them that stores and they went back and stores know these don't blow up. This is these things are automated. They're very, very safe. And we can take a meat right out of our deep freeze and less than an hour. We're later have the most amazing pot roast or almost you name that made so you just you throw a right in the Instapot. You throw some vegetables in there and you're Spicer put the lid on and you program it's a what is it that you want to do and less than an hour later. It's all done for you. So think See, you know what we call those things where you let it cook of the

Unknown 3:28
crockpot. Yeah, exactly. So think of crock pot where it looks all day long. And how did everything tastes. This is like an instant crock pot and today right now you can get two three court version for 70 bucks online. Check out your favorite online stores, they have a bigger one they have the eight core one which is $50 off of that 90 bucks and if you have if you'd like to cook if you like healthy food but you don't have hours and hours hours to get one so our kids this year they taught us a couple of inserts for the Instapot because these things so popular right

Unknown 4:09
Isn't it just as easy to just go out to dinner yeah I mean really at the end of the day of the dead Applebee's you know i mean damn good pot roast

Unknown 4:20
to true but you know when you have we still have a whole bunch of kids at home we don't have eight at home anymore thank goodness

Unknown 4:28
man is 17 so sir felt like it over Christmas

Unknown 4:32
Yeah exactly. But it can This is fantastic just like this is a way to go because it's going to save you some money it makes it really quick you can cook a lot of stuff and it has less of this puffy you just basically throw it all in like you look for coffee pot and minutes later it's all done for yourself the heck look at that that's what we got that I think our best gifts this year they gave us these little cookers go into it they give us another little insert a ceramic one that goes into an instant pot these things are all great

Unknown 5:09
you know i uh. Craig I had a rough technology weekend because I I got I got the Echo Dot which is what I want to know is very great and easy to set up and then I have a Sony Music system which for some reason my my my internet and my third for library went out and the whole Sonos system and I was on the phone with this guy I don't say he's from India but he was five from India not there's anything wrong with Indians for like an hour trying to get my soul knows to even what Noel I've got a story to tell you later Can you remind me okay about talk to Craig about this to to connect and then I tried to get my Echo to connect to my soul knows and why it shouldn't just be I mean I'm used to Apple just to push a button in the works I mean why why why is it so complicated? Tell me why

Unknown 6:03
Alexa Why are you so complicated?

Unknown 6:08
So noses? You know, I think that's some great

Unknown 6:13
systems and I have their head of technology on their CTO on my radio show and we talked a little bit about it

Unknown 6:22
Why is it so if you lose electricity it takes days to try and reprogram and what the hell's wrong with them?

Unknown 6:29
Yeah they they really news items on your grievances from

Unknown 6:33
festivals Is that what it is

Unknown 6:36
yeah pull away already know what you

Unknown 6:43
know what do they recognize there's a problem there isn't really a very difficult festival is not

Unknown 6:49
a when did the feats of strength start

Unknown 6:53
coming up

Unknown 6:55
Professor so what did the Savior What did the guy say to you

Unknown 6:58
it's well it's it's very complicated system they haven't done the kind of updates to what they need to and more recently they added in this Amazon Echo compatibility I've heard from a few people about problems with it so I don't know if you're right about Apple you know, they there's Siri is nowhere near as good if you ask me as the Alexa is. So how many of those just

Unknown 7:29
Lexus show answer? I mean, I like Alexa in terms of answer. But let me put it this way. my four year old can get Alexa to do stuff so if she can understand that. Yeah, that's scary.

Unknown 7:40
And and the new Dot. I assume you got a brand new thought

Unknown 7:43
I got the I got the brand new Echo Dot.

Unknown 7:46
Yeah. Which is the sound on that is really quite good. I read a prediction that next year, Amazon is going to be the number one speaker seller in the country. Which doesn't surprise me me at all, frankly, and companies like Sonos are starting to already see financial troubles because of what Amazon's been doing Google Home not so much. You know, the Apple not so much. But it they just don't have the funds to throw into it. This is me, this is my opinion. This is some guesses can, based on what I've seen. Sonos has had some good systems for quite a while but now Amazon with their brand new speakers a bigger one to have so much better quality than they used to have and why would you buy just as stupid speaker when you can get the smart stuff and all the integration gets complicated. Sonos was never designed to be tied into something like the Echo system so it's there's bound to be issues but they'll don't get them straightened out but it'll take them a little bit

Unknown 8:52
I will tell you that the I did play the echo next of the songs and I thought the sun was a sound quality was far superior yeah and I did get it to play and then I tried I tried to hook it into Apple Music which I have and I know it's compatible because it added up then it couldn't find it to play it and that's okay but now they have a they actually have a soul knows Echo Dot combination who just came out and I was tempted the Bible was like $300

Unknown 9:22
yeah that's when I was just talking about where they're they're actually integrate those will be a little bit better in the ecosystem but this year 2019 I'm not sure yet right away they get Amazon's gonna come up with some absolutely amazing speakers. Because what they have right now are decent. You know they great for listening to to you guys on tune in. I do that all the time because it's just so convenient. But as far as real music is going to be the year okay to get that quality.

Unknown 9:55
Yeah, you're already I guess putting stuff on our Christmas shopping list next year already. And it's the day after this Christmas.

Unknown 10:04
That's the way it should be

Unknown 10:06
right it is. I want to make a quick note to people who upgraded their phones to iOS to the latest release. Some people are having some trouble with making cellular calling data calling. There's a couple of tricks to get it to work again. Basically just go into your settings turn off the call over Wi Fi but do a search online it's not all in your mind if your fuel her iPhone isn't making phone calls as well as you'd like. And guys check it out. Check out this instant pot. My wife loves it. My kids are even using it now because it's so quick and so easy. And I know the listeners will love it. And it's all three sizes are on sale today online. It's phenomenal little thing.

Unknown 10:50
Okay. Craig Peterson, our tech guru joins us as usual on Wednesdays appreciate it Craig and we will talk to you again next week

Unknown 10:59
all right Take care guys thanks a lot Merry Christmas sir

Unknown 11:01
all right let's toss it back over to Kirk Dyson in you have an Echo Dot I do actually don't use it very much though it's a blast and no real reason I don't really have anything I order from Amazon or anything like that but you know you can say let's what's that Tom what it's for know I know that you can use it for a whole bunch of stuff Yeah, just don't really have any real are using it maybe funded wiring. Alexa, call current Dyson you have my phone number. That's weird.


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