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Sep 27, 2019



Have you heard the term Deep Fake?  If not you will have to listen in as I tell you all about what they are and why it probably will affect you.

If you run a business, you are should be familiar with Audit logs.  If not listen in and I will explain why you not only have to keep them but read and analyze them.

Our poor seniors - the cybercriminals have them in their sites!  I will tell you about what the latest scammers took and how to protect it from happening to you.

Spearphishing is happening more often now and they are using your mobile device.  I will go into how they are doing it.

Its the end of life for some of your computers -- do you know how to properly recycle your hard disks -- You might not so listen in.

Ransomware is up 4500% for one particular target! I will tell you what it is and why they like this particular target.

I will discuss another scam got me hot under the collar - because of the people that it targeted.

I will talk about another type of cybercrime and why you must be on the lookout for it in your company.


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