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Nov 21, 2018

Craig joins Ken and Matt as they talk about Thanksgiving and about the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals online.

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Airing date: 11/21/2018

Getting High Over The Holidays - Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals Online

Craig Peterson: 0:00
Hey everybody. I hope you're going to have a great Thanksgiving with hopefully family right Craig Peterson here. If you have face time on your Apple devices and you've upgraded to the latest iOS just in time for Thanksgiving, Apple now has group calls with FaceTime major redesign so you can get together with your family and friends over the holidays on FaceTime check that out and of course if you have like an Amazon Echo reach out and and say hi to everybody this is a great time of year and you'd hate to think that some poor people in your family or friends that you know just didn't get the kind of love and attention that maybe they should have had over the Thanksgiving and Christmas, New Year's, Hanukkah whatever you celebrate this time of year So reach out we got the tech today to do it use that tech and be kind be nice. Alright today and was on with our friends in Maine and I had a chance to talk to Ken and Matt a little bit about two different tech stories and a quick summary of all of this stuff you need for Black Friday including a website that shows you all of the circulars for the major brick and mortar retailers yeah yeah I know who would have thought that retailers still existed a in this online world there are you going to be online shopping or are you going to be going to retailers I know I'm probably going to be doing 99% of my shopping online this year by time and I'm not alone and I also think this year from the stats I've seen we may end up with more online purchases over this Black Friday Cyber Monday we can long weekend then purchases in stores physical stores so we'll see what happens there too but anyways here we go off to Ken and Matt have a great Thanksgiving Day

Unknown 2:03
Wednesday 738 time for Craig Peterson, our tech talk guru who's joining us for a special day before Thanksgiving appearance. How are you doing Craig?

Unknown 2:10
Hey doing well I'm enjoying the whole families getting together and we're smoking a couple of turkeys

Unknown 2:25
I really thought that's where you're going because you know a pot is legal in Maine and we just talked to our from soco who clearly was are protecting this morning yes so

Unknown 2:35
you know I have never tried that back back in the 70s when I was in college everybody was smoking marijuana hashish

Unknown 2:45
that would be me yeah

Unknown 2:46
yeah and I you know I remember we used to hitchhike back then you remember that Ken?

Unknown 2:53
we just go out and check we get in anybody's car somebody we didn't know they were everywhere

Unknown 2:58
yeah well I guess it has change that much because now we'll get anybody's card will pay them

Unknown 3:05
Uber and Lyft is a little different than

Unknown 3:08
the okay well I remember one time I got a ride from campus and there was a van one of those members 70s and you know no windows in the back

Unknown 3:23
it was smoking back there and so I guess maybe I did partake little bit by accident yeah yeah by osmosis if

Unknown 3:32
you're in good company because Matt Matthew

Unknown 3:36
is not a millennial, but almost has never taken either. I have made up for both of you. That's all I think. Yes, you've taken that one. And I have I have pie because I have to do what you guys don't I just I don't understand what appeals to people about it would you drink to get but that's a different that's a completely different thing. And no, I don't really not much how does very sexual it you know mellows you out I don't want to be mellow by the way if you have a bad TV show or movie. I get good. All of a sudden makes you hungry. I don't need to be, you know, fat

Unknown 4:11
ice cream and stuff. golfing and mashed potatoes while you kids. That's why. So let's talk about the text of Shall we up before be why is uniquely I mean, Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg was a bad year for them. Yeah, he saw and but seemed a little defensive. And I mean, isn't it kind of people to stop using Facebook or my face face or something like that? I mean,

Unknown 4:36

Unknown 4:37
was a huge amount of stock shares. And so I seems like it was silently quietly selling off some of his stock. Let's go

Unknown 4:47
Well, you'd have to assume that they that he is right. Yeah, Facebook. It's interesting, right? First of all, all of the younger kids decided they weren't getting use Facebook does mom and dad were on it, and so's they don't have this younger, younger generation coming up. It's the older people. So they they seem to be kind of now turning the way they're running the business towards the older crowd. And you look at the latest product. For instance, I received this portal from Facebook

Unknown 5:20
for now having one is, oh, it's a brand new product of pushing for this Christmas season. If you haven't seen that yet, you're going to see ads for this thing. And what it is essentially is an Amazon Echo that's tied into the Facebook ecosystem. And it allows you to have face calls with people. How's that for weird contract. So you can be a you know, you got all your Facebook, friends and family. And now you can have a video call. It's a standalone unit. We just look it up online, you'll see a portal from Facebook, and you set it on the counter or wherever. And kind of you unique thing for this device, at least for the fancier one is it follows you around the room, which I don't know, seems kind of creepy. It turns it follows you zoomed in on your face. But the idea is that they're trying to make it so that you can have Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever you're trying to do birthday celebrations with family dropping on families, which the Amazon Echo has been doing for a while. And their their motto is, if you can't be there, feel there. So that's different, right? And, and because it's always been online, it was text type messages where you type them and and then you could have some video chats. But now they're really trying to make it so that you can be there. I don't know Ken there. I've heard predictions and Facebook is on its way out. It will be dead, which of course happens all the time, right? The market leaders end up falling pies of wayside. They've certainly lost a lot of people's trust with over 30 million accounts totally hacked. Apparently, all of that information is for sale on the dark web right now hack just a few weeks ago. And I think people are just getting to the point where they're fed up with it. I I know I'm tired of at that point personally.

Unknown 7:20
And Craig Peterson, our tech guru joins us as he always does at one Wednesdays at this time to take a look at the world of technology. Craig, you mentioned a moment ago, and Amazon

Unknown 7:29
Echo. So this is an interesting

Unknown 7:32
story that I read a couple days ago about the secret recordings. This thing is making a view as you walk around your house.

Unknown 7:41
What is

Unknown 7:41
being done with those things?

Unknown 7:44
Yeah, well, this this is an interesting question. And we'll talk a little bit about frack Black Friday. You're just a sack because frankly, a lot of people are looking at those actors and and the Google homes and now those Facebook portals to have for their houses. The I think what you're referring to, is this double homicide. That is exactly

Unknown 8:04
what I am referring to. Yes.

Unknown 8:06
Yeah, right next door, New Hampshire. And here's the bottom line on those. Okay, the first of all, the echo is listening all the time. And that's true for pretty much every device in your home. But it's not recording it. And it's not sending it up to the cloud unless you give it a command. So in the case of this murder investigation, double homicide of what the police will find on that devices, nothing because it overrides the last few seconds of what uttered continually so listen to her few seconds. And it looks for its wake up word, which would be Alexa address case or, you know, hey, Google, if you got a Google Home device, and if it listens for that wake up word. And then it starts sending about third up to 30 seconds of off to the cloud. So they're not going to find anything on the device unless the murderer woke up and said, Hey, like, how do I committed double homicide

Unknown 9:12
if there is not going to be realized you just sent a bunch of Alexa.

Unknown 9:16
Yeah, I know,

Unknown 9:19
including the one that I have

Unknown 9:22
a big event going to have recorded and have it up to the cod. However, this has happened before, where they the person who was in the home, use the Alexa beforehand to order pizza, find out what time it is, what's the weather tomorrow or play my favorite playlist? That's where they might find the murderers voice on the device. So if you're thinking about buying one of these for, you know, the holidays for as a gift, I would say, go ahead. I certainly have one, I found it to be just really, really helpful. And I'm done. Worried about the technology in any market when you mute and Alexa. It has a unique hardware inside and that little, there's a red light that comes on a big red light. And the hardware can only do one of two things. It can only power the red light, or it can turn on the microphone so that red light is on there's no way within software. Even if the bad guys have hacked your device remotely. There's no way for them to turn on that microphone. So it's not so bad, frankly. But they may find stuff it's happened before. But the last big case with Amazon the Amazon Alexa file was groups all charges dismissed once the Alexa recordings were given to the police and the guy that on had previously only Alexa said, Yeah, please, you can have it Amazon, go ahead and release it because Amazon was fighting it. But Black Friday really got like a second or two here. I gotta throw some things in here. If you want to see the big door busters. There's a website you have to visit. They'll show you the all of the circulars from all of the big guys like Walmart, Best Buy target, even Amazon. They have leaked add that they were able to put up. It's called Black You'll also see some big deals coming up from Apple over Black Friday weekend. If you're looking for a very cool gift. There is a deal going on right now. On Amazon on the new Roomba. The room by 960. It is fun. Domino, you will get $200 off. This thing checks up pet hair that you didn't even know you had. These things are beautiful. The Roomba 960 for sale on Amazon. Right? Yeah, so cool.

Unknown 11:56
You'll also see Black Friday deals on things like the new smart from all apps that are out there. Philips Hue which is a great lighting system. The Google Pixel book drops by 300 bucks. I've got all of this up on my website, by the way. So you can see some ideas there by the probably the best place to go to start. All of this is black to find the circulars that are out there right now. But do be aware of scams. But you know, guys, I think there's going to be fewer of the hacking of scams that have gone on in years past this year. A lot of retailers have smarten up. But some of them still aren't keeping our data safe. So as always be careful out there guys

Unknown 12:45
joining joining us on tech guru as he joins us every seventh or eighth grade. You have a great Thanksgiving. We'll talk to you next week.

Unknown 12:52
Take care guys. Take care of her.

Unknown 12:55
See Craig. All right. Let's toss things back.


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