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Jan 28, 2019

This morning, Craig was on with Jack Heath discussing two things: One was the software sold by an Israeli used to track Khashoggi, and the impact of the current government shutdown.

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How A Hacked Phone May Have Led Killers To Khashoggi

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Airing date: 01/28/2019

Impact Of Government Shutdown - Hacked Phone May Have Led Killers To Khashoggi

Craig Peterson 0:00
Hey, good morning, everybody. Craig Peterson here. We had a great webinar session on Friday for all of those who signed up to find out more about their credit and keeping it locked up for free. So thanks everybody for attending. And also, of course, for all of your questions. And if you did sign up, that replay will be available probably a little bit later on this week, we're going to do a little bit of cleanup, because of course, the tech guys webinar recording didn't work quite the way we wanted it to. But anyway, so we'll have that out a little bit later on this week, we got more stuff coming out, I have really kind of turned a new leaf this year, you know how I've been trying to help people for ever, and particularly small businesses, because they're the hardest hit right now with the most to lose of everybody when it comes to the hackers. So I am starting a whole new series this year of webinars and all kinds of information, informational products, etc, etc. So that's all this year. And it starts this week. So as of Monday, and we're talking about January 28, you should be starting to see some emails from me on a daily basis here for the next week or two where I have kind of a little bit of background what I've been doing and going beyond just my background, then starting to give away way more information. So keep an eye on your mailbox email box. Thanks everybody over the weekend, who reached out to say hello and and thanks. And thanks to you for letting me know. And you know it, it's great to hear people who are grateful for all of the work that you do. This is really quite the labor of love.

So this morning, I was on with our friend Jack Heath. And we talked about two different things. One really was, I think, frankly, very disturbing. And that is some software sold by an Israeli firm that may have been used to track Khashoggi the, you know, that quote, journalist, unquote. And, of course, there's all kinds of articles one way or the other on that, but CNN wires, and it was also repeated another places in the news, Fox had this story as well. But I've got this up on my website. The story from CNN wires is saying that this software is called Pegasus, and it's dangerous. And it's being used by some of the worst regimes in the world to track people. And then in this case, maybe even killed people. Of course, they're denying it. We talked a little bit too, about the impact of the government shutdown. And there was, I think, a very big impact. I've been reading articles about what's been happening with some of the contractors who are never going to get paid for this government shutdown, who are handling security for various federal government agencies. So we talked a little bit about that. And of course, I mentioned the surveillance state and surveillance by government. But there's a whole new concept and you might find this interesting. It's an article that was in The Guardian, I have it up on my website at But welcome to the age of surveillance capitalism. Now, I'm not fond of the term capitalism here because it's really not a capitalistic thing, per se. But the everybody from your phone company on out is selling your personal data. So what does that mean to you? I think you might find that interesting up on my website. So here we go with Mr. Heath

Jack Heath 3:44
Right now. We bring in our tech talk guy Craig Peterson. His show Tech Talk airs on iHeart news talk station. He joins us on the Auto Fair listener lines. Craig, is there a tech talk angle or connection to the government shutdown? I mean, did we learn anything about you know, how we're doing in terms of efficiencies and all that, When, when, when there are fewer government workers? Or, or is that something you didn't look at?

Craig 4:08
Hey, good morning Jack, that the shutdown have had a number of impact. And when it comes to some of the technology side, and one of the biggest ones that people have been worried about is the impact to our cybersecurity. And of course, that's something I pay close attention to. And with the government shutdown in place, there were a number of different agencies that did not have all of this cybersecurity people that they would normally have available. Remember that we're talking about a number of different types of people impacted, you've got the employees who will be paid, apparently, within the next week or so. But you also have the contractors, many of whom will never be paid. And many of the people who are handling security for various federal government and state government agencies. But in this case, of course, certainly concerned about the Fed, many of those people are actually contractors, and with more than 1 million unfilled security jobs nationwide, I'm afraid what might well have happened here is that many of these contractors who are good security, they can find a job in the private sector and our setup with this whole government mass have left the via employee, basically, at the federal government are now going over to the private industry. And we may have seen some serious, unforeseen circumstances here where the best people who can easily get another job did get another job and the cyber security specialist. So the ones that I'm very, very worried about,

Jack 5:50
Well, again, then other people would say, unless they had a household where they had a federal worker, in some cases, couples are married, they both work for the federal government unless you were directly impact. And a lot of people said, Well, you know, I didn't really didn't affect my life that much. 

Craig 6:02
Well, if you get outside those contractors who are doing security, and I've read a few articles about some, but if you get outside of those contractors, frankly, there doesn't seem to have been a ton of impact on the technology front, you know, some things have slowed down, the IRS has multiple attempts at trying to put a new computer system in place, and they continue to fail, of course, that was put aside and, and various other things. So we, from a technology standpoint, I think the biggest impact is going to be on some of the contractors who were not paid and will never be paid, and frankly, may never be able to recover that money. So you're right, Jack. I think that the impact is is a little bit overblown in the media. But I do know some people who were directly impacted in the security realm.

Jack 6:53
Interesting right, what else is catching your eyes we begin this week?

Craig 6:57
Well, we of course know about to show be a little bit here and what ended up happening with his stats and the, you know, alleged murder at this point, there is an Israeli based cyber company called the NFL group. And so and they were condemned as the worst of the worst by Edward Snowden. Remember him the NSA whistleblower? Well, apparently they have been selling software to governments, including Saudi Arabia, and other governments who are very repressive. And these tools that they have are set up for spying on people for burglary. And in fact, their software which is called Pegasus, you can look it up and find out a lot about it is malware that is used by governments to to send a message to someone on their smartphone or on their computer, but in this case, into Shelby with Khashoggi it's the smartphone and all they have to do is click on the link in that text message comes in, and now the phones compromise they have access to the microphone and camera and depending on the phone, which is why again, I keep advising people don't use Android, but apparently they may have had some involvement with a showpiece das although they're denying that they did anything wrong because the Saudis had access to Pegasus or something similar, and it was used to track him find out where he was at what he was doing. He was monitored. And this is alarming, frankly, in this age of surveillance. where companies are severely miss our government surveillance and more. We've got to be very, very careful because the bad guys are doing it as well.

Jack 8:49
Interesting. All right. Craig. Check it out. Craig Peterson, O-N. Thanks, Craig.

Craig 8:54
Hey, thanks, Jack. 

Craig 9:00
Hey, over the weekend, by the way, my weekend radio show somebody pointed out that there is a bed of music that kind of gets a little bit loud during one part of the audio so. Hey, thanks for pointing that out. If you do have things like that, that you notice we're always trying to improve but sometimes they sneak past right you can always email with questions or comments. That's Take care. Have a great day. We'll be back tomorrow.


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