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Aug 27, 2018


Video Games and Tournaments are interesting.  Jack and I discussed the shooting in Jacksonville, yesterday and the effects of video gaming on the young people today, as well as some of the underlying mental health issues.

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Airing date: 08/27/2018

Jacksonville Video Game Shooter.  My experience with gamers.  Mental health issues.

Craig Peterson[00:00:00] Hey, Good Morning, everybody. Craig Peterson, here. Unfortunately and you might have seen this in the news. In fact, probably pretty hard to miss, although it's been a very busy news week, this week. There was a shooting at a video game tournament in Florida. So, this morning Jack Heath and I spent a few minutes discussing it. I don't know if you knew that I have also a mental health background. So, this was an interesting discussion. I think you'll maybe pick up a few things, I know Jack was surprised So, here we go. 

[00:00:35] You know one of the stories that we're watching this morning is out of Jacksonville, Florida and that video gaming tournament. Craig Peterson, our tech talk guy, with tech talk which airs on the weekends, on Saturdays on iHeart news talk stations. Craig, I'm not saying video gaming is really all about high tech, but a lot of it is, and this is a separate story, but these video gaming tournaments, have you ever been to one?

[00:01:00] Good morning, Jack. I have been to them before. I've been to a couple of them just to kind of check them out and do some interviews. And, I have one of my sons. He's thirty-four and he just loves to play video games. Now, he doesn't spend his days and nights playing them. But he does enjoy them. These things Jack, are absolutely huge. You get a lot a lot of emotion in the audience, and that to me, you know I guess, Jack, we're the wrong generation. I look at it and say yes, somebody else is playing the video game. Why do I care? But, to these kids, they've played these games many times before. They've been unable to get past some of these obstacles that these professional players are able to get past and then they just go wild at that talent.

[00:01:55] that some of these kids have. I guess, you know you hear the story about this one 24 year old David Katz, who you know, is the apparent killer of two and wounding several others before, taking his own life. And, the other thing I might again there's no correlations here. You know it's the old ninety-nine point nine percent of the people that go to these, you don't have probably incidences, but I think you know this story is all about video gaming and the gun and, so forth versus, I think at the core of this is going to be another mental illness, mental health story, that we just don't seem to be addressing. Another young man, you know I just heard the Fox National Lead on our on our news top of the hour, bottom hour they are saying you know he lost a video game and then apparently lost his mind. I mean that's sort of the way they're portraying this. I imagine once they investigate more, in Baltimore, I think you'll see there were probably some issues in terms of the mental health front. 

[00:02:54] Yeah, I don't know if you're aware of it but I was chairman of Health and Human Services Advisory Board, for a few years. And,  it was troubling to see just how many people have real mental health issues and very few tend to get the treatment that they need. You know families just don't accept the fact that there is a problem you know. Going into the basement, right. The standard depiction of one of these kids going into the basement playing video games online all day long and having mom bring you food and whatever. That's not necessarily a sign that someone's going to be violent. There's no question about that. Kids really getting into video games, again not necessarily a mental health issue. But you know, Jack, you and I have talked many times in the past. And part of what we've discussed is how these kids need to get out. They need to meet people, face to face. You know they have this illusion that somehow they are communicating. They're making friends with people when all they're doing is playing a game together. Again, I don't know how much you've been into some of these games, but I think you know Craig you're in laugh I don't think I've ever played a video game. I think Mario Kart was the last one I played. But what happens with these games now is that kids are sitting there, in their homes. Each one of them has on, usually a headset with headphones, so they don't have to listen to what's going on in the house, and they are but for instance in a platoon together in a war scenario. They could be in World War Two. They could be fighting aliens on a distant planet. They're talking to each other just like you would expect a military platoon to talk to each other.

[00:04:55] And, so now they're living in this fake universe that being created and they're having these experiences that are almost life and death experiences, at least as far as they're concerned. You know the line between reality and fiction, but you know that's a really separate issue because the mental health, mental illness situation, in this state, I think it even underlies the drug opioid, drug crisis because mental illness in some ways can be part of that. It's a more pervasive wider spread, the reality it's affecting more families, and for some reason, the state and the country got away from. And, as you said earlier about five minutes ago a lot of the folks who do need treatment, either go undiagnosed or don't get or don't get the real help. It does it lead to bigger issues. All right, Craig, I appreciate it on this Monday morning. Craig Peterson Tech Talk stuff. Make it a good one. Stay cool.

[00:05:52] Hey you too, Jack.


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