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Nov 26, 2018

Craig joins Jack Heath on NH Today talking about how to shop safely online during the holidays.

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Airing date: 11/26/2018

Online Shopping Safely Tips

Craig Peterson 0:00

Hi guys, Craig Peterson here. I had a good chance this morning to speak with Jack Heath. And Jack's now covering all of the State of New Hampshire, parts of Maine. Vermont, Massachusetts. It's really kind of cool. He's grown that quite well. He's got a great morning show. And we talked this morning about, of course, Cyber Monday online shopping. Some tips and tricks to keep you safe online. Justin's wife has had some problems online, some financial issues with stolen stuff. I hate it when that happens. And jack as well. How can you tell the scammers from the real guys What should we be doing online, all of that and more, of course, with Mr. Jack Heath. Here we go.

Unknown 0:45
Monday morning with Cyber Monday, we're going to bring in Craig Peterson and a moment our tech talk guy. But Justin, you and I were talking before we went on the air this morning earlier about the scams and the one of our regular contributors without saying her name, got a phone call or a recording same as a so you know, her social security number had been breached, and to call this number. And you and I know that's not how it works. And I was telling you about the other day, if you get a call and your Verizon user, and you might get an automated call on your phone, like an 800 number. typically don't even answer those typically. But it's like your account is going to be terminated if you don't press one now and verify your account information, right. And you're sometimes people get a statement or something looks like they're from their bank and asking if you did this transaction. And people just fall for this stuff all the time. And they'll say, you know, did you did you buy you spend $879 this weekend in New York? Yeah, no,

Unknown 1:41
but they they want you to go and verify your account that's how they capture information from you. Right It's it's tough

Unknown 1:49
because my wife my wife Renee, she she got a her her debit card was actually compromised. So she got a call from our credit union saying hey, this happened and she was skeptical because we get so many calls that are scams that are trying to get you on so you know what, once real right. So she got a social security card call said that one was a scam. The bank one was real. It's tough to tell.

Unknown 2:10
And and I think you're going to get even more even more right around with all the volume right now. And today is Cyber Monday. Going to set a record I think about 18, 20% over last year. It's going to be the biggest single transaction day online in history. Craig Peterson joins us in the Auto Fair listener lines. It is Cyber Monday. Craig and that's a kind of a mixed thing, isn't it?

Unknown 2:31
Yeah. Hey, good morning. We are setting a number of new records this year we are already broke black Fridays record of having the most shopping done from our mobile phones as opposed to our desktops and also the best deals ever on Thanksgiving Day. So yeah, we're we're shifting we're using our mobile devices more there are better ways to pay online than there have been in the past it's going to be quite the for retailers.

Unknown 3:02
Well, yeah. And but you know, I, I guess I guess more and more people are just you know, it's easy to do is sitting in your house a set of like, with Black Friday, you know, going to, you know, early in the morning and, you know, battle the crowds to go in and get a deal on a flat screen TV or a video game. But you can just sit in your house and do it. I don't think there's any turning back. But you know, part of this too is you know, you got to be careful, right? Because of all the scammers out there trying to get your information

Unknown 3:31
Yeah, I've gotten to the point now where my phone will only ring if it's a number that it recognizes that says my contact so it is getting bad out there. But yeah, there's a few tips as you're shopping online. Probably the biggest tip and and this one of course, is Justin and found out kind of the hard way when it comes to debit cards. But they can be the worst way to do online shopping. Now, Justin, you lucked out because your credit union reached out to you correct thing to do. At that point, you say thank you very much paying off and then look up your credit unions chrome number which will be on the basket that debit card and call them directly. That's the only way to verify who they are. But we can now skip that debit card, we can use some of these online payment services, things like PayPal, for instance, if all you have is a debit card. And by the way, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Or you know, just not having the credit card. But if you link your debit card, and just something like PayPal or into Apple Pay or Samsung Pay. Now your debit card is a lot more protected. Because remember, if they steal money from you, it comes right out of your checking account. And using these services like PayPal or Apple Pay protects you because the merchant never gets that credit card number. Therefore it can't be stolen. And those two companies apple and PayPal already very good about keeping your data safe. So that's probably the first tip and the best one out there. Don't use a debit card if you can don't even use a credit card. But use something like Apple Pay or PayPal online.

Unknown 5:15
And that gets to be arduous. I mean it just like what can you use?

Unknown 5:20
Yeah, exactly. It does get kind of crazy. But with the rate to we're seeing right now. You know, I run the webinars nationally for the FBI for the info guard program. And that statistics are alarming right now when it comes to businesses and consumers were talking about 60% of businesses being hacked in the next year. That's what we're looking at. And when we're talking about consumers it gets even worse because consumers just don't have the education they need to be able to tell ya this isn't the IRS or like Justin's wife did saying listen, sounds a little fishy, right? So bottom line, if it's fishy, don't follow through on on the phone call or that email never clicked on links that come in the email. So you might get a warning for instance, from your bank by email, just go to the bank's website. Or what I do is the credit cards I have been used. I have an app from the credit card company on my phone. And what's really nice about that is every time there's a credit card transaction, my phone gets a message on it just pops right up and says you know, $10 was just spent with Apple, it gives you the details you can rest a little bit more comfortably and you don't have to wait 30 or 60 days to review that transaction. When it comes in the mail. You can see it immediately. So consider that to use credit cards and credit card companies and debit cards banks that have their own the app that allow you to track all your transactions and by all means use the safest stuff up there now the safest stuff in short is Apple yeah Android yeah cash but he can't use that online. Can you know it's I can use that with PayPal

Unknown 7:19
free all the currency you can even check into hotel you know you can say you say a hotels $180 before all the taxes which make it about 240 for the night you know basic comfort in put that $500 in cash. They say I'm sorry I need a credit card

Unknown 7:33
or you can't rent a car either a car rentals you can't buy airline tickets most of the time was I'm cash so use user applicant but also consider using the Firefox browser. Firefox is available for free part of the whole Mozilla thing but it is kept up to date is is looking for scams it is trying to protect you. So if you're going online, use five Fox News. These other third party payment services Watch out for the email scam. Don't click on link. Make sure you beef up your passwords. I've I've got a whole list of these things up on my website as well. Like practice all of the tips with many more details behind them. And then also a few shopping tips. My favorite this season, by the way, is the room buys on sale almost everywhere. These are these robotic vacuum cleaners. My wife loves them. I love us up in the office and use them in a home.

Unknown 8:33
They just a backup. And Craig said and PayPal is great if you have an issue with them. If you get the in my experience. Like if you something goes wrong. PayPal fixes it immediately. So I've gotten you an email once and I'll say it was a problem with your PayPal account. I don't have PayPal and well that's an issue.

Unknown 8:52
Know what I mean. Yo, you'll get a lot of these. I'll tell you it's very hard to ascertain what is bogus. And what's real. before we let you go Craig if had to say two biggest really good byes today on the tech side. What are they?

Unknown 9:05
Well as the Roomba you can get it almost anywhere online for more than $100 off which I think is a very very good five and a lot of kids love these video games. And there's a couple of games out right now that they're going to love as well. But consider some of these video game console like the new Nintendo that's out there that Justin was talking about earlier.

Unknown 9:27
All right. Thank you very much Craig. Good stuff Cyber Monday 2018 to 20% above last year I guess going to set a record is the biggest shopping day online ever. That's today and thanks Craig. And imagine a lot of people even at the workplace might be doing that I you know, of course.


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