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Jul 29, 2020


Good morning, everybody. I was on with Jim Polito this morning and we talked about the possibility that I got a COVID infection.  Then we spoke about what Cell Carriers have done after urging from the FCC and FTC about Spam Calls and Texts. Then I shared an I Told You So... moment with Jim.  Here we go with Jim.

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Automated Machine Generated Transcript:

[00:00:00] Craig Peterson: He did, is he came out and said, okay, cell carriers and phone carriers, you got to do something about that. Cause this is just absolutely nuts.

Yes. It looks like I might have had the COVID. Craig Peterson here. we talked about a few different things and make sure you stay to the end because, If you're using VPNs, particularly the free or low-cost VPNs, we got some real bad news for you.

So stick around, because here we go.

Jim Polito: Everybody's tech talk guru and our good friend, Craig Peterson. Good morning, Craig.

Craig Peterson: Hey, good morning, Jim.

[00:01:00] Hey, I just saw that they released new symptoms for COVID-19. So this is real. It just goes on and on and on, all these symptoms, but, based on those new releases. I think I had the dreaded COVID, the Wuhan  Virus.

Jim Polito: Really.

Whoh, Whoh we had important stuff to talk about, like President Trump and his campaign may be being censored by cell carriers. But hold on and other stuff about VPNs, but wait a minute. what makes you think that Craig.

Craig Peterson: Well, I had really bad chills.

I was well under a heated blanket, I was really cold. My muscles ached like I was at the gym yesterday and had way overdone it. It was me versus "The Rock" and I won. And then the next day, all of my muscles felt like that. So I, anytime I would move, I would experience pain and I have never labeled anything as pain before.

Jim Polito:  Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Craig Peterson: Yeah.

[00:02:00] Jim Polito: You were fighting with the rock. Here's the real question. Did you smell what the rock was? Cooking? Because apparently another symptom is not being able to smell or taste.

Craig Peterson: I could smell it. He was kind of sweaty when we were going at it. But,  I didn't have any loss of smell. So I was thinking, well, it isn't COVID, but I don't know what it is. It's just nasty. It's dragged on for about three, four weeks. You know, the cold thing when I had the real bad chills was only a couple of days.  Muscle soreness and a couple of other symptoms are new symptoms apparently of COVID-19.

Jim Polito: Are you going to get, are you going to get tested, or are you going to check it out? What are you going to do?

Craig Peterson: Well, that's the question, right? I'm past it. I'm pretty much asymptomatic now. So that means I'm not contagious according to the CDC, and the dreaded WHO. So what purpose is there in getting tested, right?

[00:03:00] It's yeah, kind of like taking the flu shot, you know, or am I going to take a flu shot? Am I going to take a WuHan flu shot as well? Yeah, I don't know, but it smells a lot like it based on what I read, yesterday and these new symptoms I definitely had it. It is interesting. Right. I was able to survive and work the whole time.

I was just a normal flu type. I was down for a couple of days, a few days. and that was it. And I am in the risk group kind of, you know,

Jim Polito: Yeah. We're getting up there where we're crossing over into the risk group. We were with some good friends on Sunday and both their son and daughter well wait a minute, their son got it while he was away at school, tested positive for it and you know, it was fine.

Then the daughter though had the high fever, the, you know, all this other stuff. And, and it was a big fever, the chills and all that. Didn't,  test positive for it.  I mean, she had the fever for three or four days, but nope, nothing.

So you know what Craig. I just don't know.  I'm concerned about the way that news is being reported now. But that's a good transition into this.

[00:04:00] So I liked the fact that on my smartphone, I got a call yesterday that said potential spam. And, I didn't pick it up.

When it does that, I don't pick it up. Plus when I get a call from a number I don't recognize I don't pick it up, anyway. But there's a chance that Donald Trump's campaign efforts are being labeled as spam by the cell carriers. Could you explain that to me?

Craig Peterson: Yeah, this is kind of an interesting development because we have had this problem with spam calls and spam text messages for a long time.

And the FCC working with the FTC, have been trying to figure out. What can we do an edge? Ajit Pai has been, has been really into all of this? Over at the federal communications commission. What he did is he came out and said, okay, cell carriers and phone carriers, you gotta do something about this.

[00:05:00] Cause this is just absolutely nuts. We've got to stop all of these spam calls and spam texts. What the cell carriers did is they've come up with a new protocol that goes between their switches. It gets kind of technical. So the idea is if someone's making a lot of calls from the same source or sending a lot of text messages from the same source, then it gets flagged and potentially blocked.

So you probably already noticed the number of these spam calls and the number of the spam text has gone down over the last few weeks. And there've been a few companies that have been very active in this T-Mobile and Sprint are kind of one that's in the lead right now. Last week, President Trump tried to send a text out to supporters and it makes the news because it was apparently blocked.

[00:06:00] Now we're looking at this technology and kind of wondering, right. This is a question that popped in my head. I'm just looking at all of this, reading all these articles. What is that? The reason why, because. At a certain point, a human looks at all of these algorithms and the output of these programs and said, Oh yeah, well, this is obviously wrong.

And we've seen that happen every time. Right? Fake news, you were just talking about with Facebook so that might've been president Trump's campaign.

Jim Polito: We're talking with Craig Peterson our Tech Talk Guru, a great guy. See that's the kind of stuff that bothers me. Okay. Look, I know that Facebook is a liberal organization.

I know it is. I know that something else within companies, you have, people who are not afraid to push their ideology on the company.

[00:07:00] For example, the Cato Institute, which is a kind of a sometimes I say left-leaning, but they are more libertarian organization did a study and they found out that 77% of conservatives are self censor themselves because they're concerned that if they talk about the politics, they might lose their job.

On the other side, extreme liberals as defined by this Cato study. I think it was about 54% of them

take an activist standpoint, they purposefully share their political views. They don't self sensor and they actually act more like an evangelical about their own liberal views. And, you know, within a company, when you get an argument between two people or people making a decision, it seems to me that people are people and they're going to react like they do in this study.

[00:08:00] Craig Peterson: Yeah. Yeah. It's inevitable. Even the programmers are, have those biases. And so when they program this stuff to try and, and stop these spam calls and spam messages. Yeah. That's messages, their biases are actually going to be reflected in the code they write.

Jim Polito: It's just like the media. It's the same thing, Craig.

That's that's bothersome. what about it? Cause I don't wanna, I don't wanna run out of time. What about VPNs? You really have an, I told you so moment here.

Craig Peterson: Oh man. Yeah, we are almost out of time. So I'll make this really quick here. If you've attended any of the training that I've done, I do this free training that they run from about 10 minutes to an hour.

I did training in February and March and April of this year and we covered VPNs.  I warned everybody about the problems with VPNs, particularly these commercial VPNs, and even more particularly the free VPNs. The idea behind VPN is it keeps your data safe. The reality is, well, yeah, not really.

[00:09:00] So we've got these VPNs in a mentor report that just came out and they specifically named seven different VPN services. All of these services said "We do not log you, keep your information private. We keep it safe."

Well, it turns out that they left 1.2 terabytes of private user data exposed online, these seven free VPN services.

Now this personal data, Jim, you're going to love this. Not only the user's email, their home addresses passwords in plain text. In other words, there don't bother decrypting them because they're not even encrypted IP addresses and the worst part of this story. Is that in this 1.2 terabytes of data, you might ask, wow, that's a lot of data for just names and email addresses.

[00:10:00] Oh no, no, no, no. All of these, no-log VPNs had been logging everyone's activity and it's now it's been exposed in the online world. So yet another reason not to use the VPNs.

I'm going to do that training again. So, you know, keep an eye on your email. I've got to do this. I got to explain this. What to do and how to do it. Cause it's free VPN purposes.

Jim Polito: You're the product. How, how can folks get more information?

Craig Peterson: Well, get on that email list. So you find out about it, just go to Craig Or you can just email me M E at Craig Peterson dot com and we'll let you know.

These are free training. I'm not trying to push anything down your throat. Okay, but it's important stuff.

Jim Polito: Well, we know that. Craig Peterson doesn't try to do that to you. Okay, Craig, excellent segment. We look forward to talking with you next week, sir.

Craig Peterson: Hey take care.

Jim Polito:  You take care of yourself too. I hope you remain healthy, sir. Take care.

Craig Peterson: Bye-bye.

[00:11:00] Bye-bye. Alright. When we return a final word, you're listening to the Jim Pollito show from my kitchen with pops. This is your safe space.


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