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Jul 25, 2018

It's Apple's App Store's 10th anniversary, find out why you should delete your old apps.


Craig is on with Ken and Matt as they discuss the tips and tricks for apps as well as some tips from a white hat hacker on what you should do to stay safe online.


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Airing date: 07/25/2018

Why You Should Delete Old Apps - Secret Tips To Staying Safe Online


Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Hi everybody this morning I talked about some of the tips and tricks for apps. It's the tenth anniversary of the app store. So going a little bit of detail. We really need to think this through. I also talked about some of the tips from a white hat hacker what should you be doing online. What do you need to look for online. What should you not be doing online. So all of that and more this morning with Ken and Matt. Here we go.


[00:00:27] Craig Peterson joins us every Wednesday at 7:38 and guess what. It's seven thirty eight. So it's time to Craig Peterson. Wow.


[00:00:35] I'm doing good. Hey that's really quite the coincidence isn't it.


[00:00:38] It's weird the way my favorite is. Got to get Can't Get No Satisfaction by the rolling SCENE I The Greatest Rock Roll song.


[00:00:45] If you're on a desert island you had to do something on repeat every day for the rest of your life.


[00:00:49] I'll be the one that would be the one that you know the Stones were just the all to it. I'm a kind of a blues guy and of course rock n roll history is kind of in the blues.


[00:01:00] And it's very bluesy and rock'n'roll and I just love that is the greatest rock'n'roll song of all time even though it's not my favorite. I think it's a great little song of all time. Yeah yeah exactly. It doesn't make me cry either by the way this is supposed to make you cry. No no I was saying the song Suddenly Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors. Every time I hear the song I said oh that was a good movie too.


[00:01:25] Not the original but the one with Rick Moran.


[00:01:27] He was fabulous that you haven't written Maraniss. It's kind of been like at my age for like 20 years right. Did the did the Ghostbusters movies and the Dead I shrunk the kid in 1984 like 1989 movies I remember He's Canadian so he kind of faded into obscurity in the U.S..


[00:01:45] What are you saying about Canadian.


[00:01:46] He used to do a standup stuff up in Canada and you know second city and all that sort of thing in Toronto. And then of course he got those movie roles down here. But it was it was Bob. Dave. Dave Dave and Doug.


[00:02:01] But I'm trying to remember the Hoser thing you know they had a whole staff he and might go in 2009 he did Bob and Doug but then in 2000 didn't go to those on TV. GOLDBERG Yeah.


[00:02:17] So yeah nothing really big but he's done a bunch of stuff up in Canada where the government forces people to play Canadian content because so much with Voltaire. I mean it's great stuff but so he's had a lot of stuff up in Canada but really not so much down here.


[00:02:34] So over the years Sanatan anyhow bigger than Rana's. I have like 300 apps on my phone. Today is an important day in app world particularly when iPhone users. Wouldn't you agree.


[00:02:50] It absolutely is. And I don't know Danny had I guess he didn't have the drum.


[00:02:58] What's it called you know drum roll drum roll.


[00:03:00] No the snare drum you do it right on the edge.


[00:03:04] Any rimshot rimshot Sheargold.


[00:03:07] There we go for the perfect segue because yeah it's kind of fun because it is the 10th anniversary the App Store. And if you pull out your phone right now can how many apps are on there that you just have not. Well I have about 300 apps and I'd say about 200 97 I don't use exactly what you're about normal. And then over on the math side this is where the real danger comes in is for Android users how many do you have.


[00:03:36] Matt Yeah. How many apps do I have. Yeah I would say probably about 80 or 90. It's not that bad maybe.


[00:03:47] Yeah you're probably a little bit more normal here when the Apple App Store opened it had 500 total apps on it. Now it's got more than two million and it has been 10 years now. Over those 10 years Apple has continued to vet apps and deleted apps. It has gotten rid of some of the apps and the whole idea behind look at your apps doing inventory is because of security. Now whether it's an Apple app or an Android app your app is going to many times go out to the cloud. It might be using some sort of a cloud service or searches or other things out on the cloud. So even if the app itself is perfectly safe what's behind it in the cloud might not be safe according to today's standards because we've got all kinds of new ways to hack into things. Now on the Android side the apps just don't get the vetting that they get over on the Apple side. And we know about some of the wall papers for instance on Android that were actually stealing all your contact information. Even banking information and sending it up to the bad guys.


[00:05:01] So the story here the motto of the story anyways is if you have app it's probably a great time to go ahead and look at them. Get rid of the older apps because they're not vetted like they should have been but you can't get and you can't get everything on the back end up in the cloud. And if you have old Android apps you might really be in very big trouble. So go through get rid of the older apps make sure you keep those apps up to date with the latest versions of them. But some very very big security problem. And by the way you know Ken you mentioned that you probably only use three of those apps. That's actually not abnormal most people do not use most of the apps that are on their phones. In fact the average person's only launch in about nine apps per day and that includes by the way your phone and messages and you only are using about 30 apps over the course of a month. So if you have more than about 30 or maybe even 50 apps on your phone it's time to Collina them.


[00:06:10] I will say that some I use some of the travel apps like de guru and next flight. I use Fregoli when I you know I will use all the time but when I'm when I travel the very alpha1 you know you all obviously I use quite a bit on around as I use quite a bit. So there are some I used pretty frequently Ghafar apps.


[00:06:31] Yeah well I'm the same way. I have a lot of apps on my phone that I use regularly. Like you mentioned flying or on vacation or whatever those apps of course are important to keep on the phone now there's a new trick I don't know if you knew it on your iPhone but now you can tell if you go into your settings general iPhone storage it gives you an option called offload unused apps.


[00:06:56] So what that'll do is automatically delete apps that you don't use that you do not use regularly but it saves all the documents saves the day to go with them and you're going to have to read download those apps if later on you decide to use them again. But it's something that could save you some space on your phone. And Apple is not removing them if you don't need to remove them. So in other words if you turn this on and they offload unused apps you turn it on if your phone gets tight on space it'll just start shooting these old apps ones that you're not using in the head. It will remove them from the phone it'll keep your data but it'll start saving space way.


[00:07:38] Do you know what period of time you like is it if you don't use it for a year or I mean do that.


[00:07:43] Well it depends on how much space you need on your phone. So it's going to start deleting the oldest ones the least used let me put it that way not the longest I've been on the phone. But I was going to start deleting them kind of one at a time as you need space. So if you're for instance you're downloading movies from Netflix or something onto your phone. Is certain to run tight on space. It'll start moving at least to use used apps or at least recently used apps from your phone. So that's what it does it isn't like anything old in the three months it's going to whack it as you need space. It'll start deleting the older one.


[00:08:18] Well now that I'm answering a look at my phone and the apps I've been sitting here playing Snake versus block for the last five minutes. So the last question I have for you before we let you go for the day is related to what you should and shouldn't be doing online and I guess the reason I'm asking that is because there is an actual hacker who has like a real life hacker who's who is revealing to the general public like kind of the dumb things that they do that maybe they shouldn't be doing online.


[00:08:45] What are these warning things that he's telling us not to do father's black hat and white hat black hat or the bad guys in white hat are the good guys in this case. It's actually a lady named Stephanie and she is a hacker of sorts. Hackers didn't used to have the bad connotation it has today. But hackers nowadays I mean someone who is trying to break in and she has been doing this for quite a while. But what she's advising her to do is just kind of some very basic things here. OK. Don't post stupid stuff online. That's kind of her big number one. You know when you're younger you just need you don't have any sense at all. Sometimes those things will come up with you particularly when it's time to go to college or get a job OK. So that's a very big deal out there.


[00:09:38] And some of the things that you've seen it's just amazing. New home owners taking pictures of their new house. And those pictures getting uploaded member those can be geotagged and that obviously now gives a physical location for your new home. Easy to find online. That's another one of her things. Now there are apps you can run on your phone Android or iPhone that will remove the geotagging before you post your photo. And that's something I always advise people do. You know you're taking pictures of a kid at a soccer game for instance and you're uploading them those now are available for their friends to use. And you know about bullying. And I was certainly bullied as a kid. Now today's bullying follows you all the way into the house because there line these bullies from other kids from schools until they can find out where you go after school where you're playing soccer where your home is. Don't upload geotagged employees and then there are pictures and then the employees here too. Same problem. Taking selfies with complete disregard for what's in the background of the picture. So they could be password sensitive information on white boards computer monitors voicemail passwords other passwords taped to their computers and desks and walls. So some people even post pictures of their paychecks. This is not Stephanie had some great advice on what to do what not to do. And I've got all of that up on my Web site right now.


[00:11:12] Links to her article to Craig Peterson our tech guru you can go to dot com. Get all of his information all the time. Join us every Wednesday at 7:38 thanks. We'll talk to you next week.


[00:11:25] Take care gentlemen thanks.


[00:11:26] Thank you Craig. We're going to take a quick break.



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