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Nov 11, 2019


Shout out on this Veterans Day to all those who serve or have served in the Armed Services of the United States, US Army, US Navy, US Marine Corps, US AirForce, US Coast Guard and US Merchant Marine your service is greatly appreciated. I was on with Mr. Heath again his morning and we talked about entrepreneurship and our Veterans - World War II, Vietnam, Korea and Gulf War vets who came home and started their own businesses.  With almost 3.5 million openings in Cybersecurity, these are great jobs to consider if you are a returning to civilian service after serving in the Military.  Then we discussed TikTok and how these types of Chinese based apps are being used to spy on our activities. So here we go with Mr. Heath.

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National Security and the Chinese-based Social App TikTok

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Good morning, everybody. Craig Peterson here. I am still out at a conference back a little bit later on this morning. But I did call into Jack's show this morning. We talked a little bit about veterans and some job opportunities for them. So here we go with Jack Heath.

All right. Joining us now, Craig Peterson before we bring in Dr. Jill Biden live. A couple of updates on the Tech Talk side of things. Good morning, Craig.

Hey, good morning, Jack. We got a couple of things going on here when it comes to veterans and technology. I want to point out first of all that people might not be aware of it. But it said that half of our country's World War Two veterans became entrepreneurs, many Vietnam vets have as well as golf. That's nowadays, and many of them are not only starting businesses but are going into security careers, which I think is a wonderful thing is we're starting to see about 40% of the security people right now out there, the cybersecurity guys and gals are unsatisfied. They're looking for new jobs. So if you're a veteran, and you're out there looking for what should I do, what can I do? And we'll have a look at cybersecurity. We've got one and a half million open jobs is got some of our listeners, including DE who is out there right now he just over 50 years old, we won't say exactly how old he is. But he's changed careers, but salute to all of our veterans and thanks for everything that you guys and gals have done.
Well, that's a pretty positive outlook on a lot of opportunities for veterans. And that's a neat take on it. What else you have coming up?
Well, we've got kicked out there, which is the app that most of our kids are using, yeah. TikTok. And it's being considered right now as a national security threat. Because so many people including Gronkowski, have been using it and promoting it. owned by a Chinese firm. And there you are concerned that some of the information that's gathered by this app, which includes your location, potentially things that you're saying, of course, and videos that you're shooting, giving information to them about all just basically all kinds of things we talked about. So if your kids are using TikTok or if you're using it, you really might want to think twice about that.

Well, it's interesting, you know, you hear different things, but I guess we'll even what's the story with Apple right now, so but privacy issues could backfire with developers. Go ahead, Craig.

Okay. Yeah. There's a lot of things going on right now when it comes to privacy. Apple has been really trying to tighten things up. Google is actually been loosening some things up. But yeah, there are privacy concerns. Just Generally, frankly, if you're going to be using smartphones and some of these other devices, be very, very careful about what you buy. If you want privacy, if you want security, Apple's a good way to go.

But we also have had for the last 50 years, really, since encryption has been available on things like our computers, we've had concerns by the government saying we've got to have back doors, we've got to be able to get into everybody's communications if we need to. And once again, how we have the government getting their fingers into this whole thing. Apple and Facebook have been pushing back in a very big way. We'll see what happens. But this thing really started full steam during the Clinton administration.

Just to give you an idea of how long frankly, it's been.

All right, Greg, what are you up to all those factors day?
Well, I'm actually holding the conference out west in Arizona, so I'm gonna miss the weather back home.

Just a little chilly midweek and they're making it a making it quite a big deal nationally but we have some teams overnight on Wednesday and Thursday night. And of course, the North coaches loving this because we're getting a jump on the ski and snow season. Thank you very much Craig Peterson Craig Thank you, Craig, with the Tech Talk update.

Hey, thanks, Jack. Bye-bye.

Justin. So do you worry like Craig always talks about all the different


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