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Sep 28, 2018


Is it time to upgrade? Apple's new products - iWatch 4 and new iPhones.

Do you share your streaming passwords?  Listen in and you will hear about who is sharing theirs, and what might happen because of it.

Who owns the content on your digital device?  Turns out -- not you.  Listen in and I will explain why.

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Airing date: 09/27/2018

New Apple Products and Mis-Use of Digital Streaming Products 

Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Hi everybody. Craig Peterson, here. I was on the radio on Maine this morning. And you wouldn't believe this commercial, I should have recorded it, but it was a commercial for you to reserve your tickets for Maine's Polar Express. A Train service that runs through the frozen night White North. So, if you're from the south, or someplace warm in the world, it's time to kind of freak out because Maine's going to get socked over the winter. Maybe that's why they have Saco in Maine. Right. They got socked, anyhow. And for those from Maine, Hey welcome. Glad to have you aboard this morning with Ken and Matt. We talked about a few different things. In fact, we had a little banter back and forth about some of the Apple gadgets that just came out, and Ken, of course, he loves Apple. So, we talked with him about what he's doing there. We also talked about a couple articles in the news this week which of course millennials streaming sharing their digital purchases, and whether or not they really are yours. And we covered that a little bit more depth yesterday. So, if you're interested in that listen to yesterday's podcast, but you know millennials sharing streaming is a real problem and the younger kids the millennials are even worse. And Facebook's VPN bottom line, just don't use it, OK. I wish there is a great alternative to Facebook, I just haven't found it yet. So, here we go and thanks for listening. Thanks to those people who did go ahead and respond.

[00:01:33] We had quite a few more responses to that little survey that I put up. So, here we go with Ken and Matt. 

[00:01:40] He's back again. Ladies and Gentlemen Craig Peterson, our tech guru. He joins us at this time every Wednesday, to give us an eye on the world of technology. Craig, how are you, sir? 

[00:01:50] Hey, Good morning, gentlemen. 

[00:01:52] Doing pretty well one of my daughters and her husband flew in from Europe. She's living in Oslo, now. And, we had Thanksgiving, on Sunday. So, that was really kind of fun for the first time we smoked a turkey in the smoker. So, it was a great weekend. It was nice to see, almost everybody was here. Another daughter in Kentucky and granddaughter, but they didn't make it. 

[00:02:16] We're not sure if you're aware of this Craig, but Thanksgiving is in November.

[00:02:19] Smoking Turkey is not legal, I don't think. Safer than doing it in a deep fryer.

[00:02:27] For years these accidents. Yeah, she can't make it back until after the first of the year. So, we're going we're having we had it on Sunday and the next month we're going to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving which is in October and then we're going to celebrate you. Do you have to apologize at the dinner table?

[00:02:42] Can't have too much turkey!

[00:02:45] Exactly.

[00:02:46] I love that Matt too. Yeah, well I'm sorry but we have to say sorry but did you eat potatoes, Soe-rry. You've got to say it right. 

[00:02:54] I have to tell you the big news, because I know we've been waiting for this. I have ordered my iPhone 10 s Max. Yeah. Just buy that other iPhone. I try. I'm on the monthly thing that you upgrade once a year. So, yes so I did order it. It's going to be next week.

[00:03:16] It's going to be bigger than my face, but it's you know a lot of people were looking forward to.

[00:03:24] There were lines. But you know frankly, Matt for normal mortals or normal humans. The iPhone 8 versus most of the iPhone 10s. Now, of course, they killed the 10, straight 10, but the 8 is just playing good enough. I don't know how well Apple's going to do with this. You know I think they were smart to have that program that Ken signed up for. Where,

[00:03:48] I would not have bought it, otherwise. Yeah. You understand that every time something new comes out you, have to buy it do you not understand that.

[00:03:56] Well yeah. And whoever has the newest toys wins.

[00:04:01] That's right. Exactly. And I actually am I'm not. I don't use my iPhone with one hand.. I mean I know one of the complaints about the 10 Max is that you can't use it with one hand. I always hold it in one hand and use my finger to do things with it, so to me who is blind and deaf and old and cranky. I have to have a bigger screen, exactly right. I can't see anything. 

[00:04:26] So, I have people calling it like the 10 SMax, no smack. 

[00:04:34] Oh that's funny. I've heard that. Oh yeah. OK.

[00:04:38] I'm not running out to buy one, because they're the only big winner on that phone, frankly, is that it's got amazing graphics if you're doing 3-D or virtual reality. Which clearly he is doing that all the time. I got it because it's bigger, by the way, also is the new iPhone.

[00:04:56] Watch, because I didn't get the iPhone watch, because my eyesight is so bad. So, that's on watch. What do you think about the new watches, it is better? 

[00:05:04] Yeah yeah yeah. It's the iPhone, of course, it's the iwatch 4. And, this is the kind of a big announcement, frankly, from Apple. Its better and bigger than all the other stuff and it's become very, very popular. But, what's interesting about the new watch is that it has now a single wire electrocardiogram built into it. In other words, it can watch your heart rate your rhythms even then read the rhythms. It actually approved by the FDA. So, it really kind of a big deal. People are concerned about the watch and the fact that it can read your heart rate and rhythms and watch for maybe potential damage to your heart. Because now are we going to have more and more people going to their doctor. You know the problem we've already seen in medicine is Dr. Google you know Dr. Google, right?

[00:06:03] Yeah, I know talking about can be his problem. 

[00:06:07] Well, that's where you go online and you search through your symptoms and you find that you're about to die. 

[00:06:12] Yes. Right. Happens daily to my wife. Yes. 

[00:06:15] Yeah. So, thats Dr. Google and so many people using it. So, now people were kind of worried, well with this new watch, which by the way is phenomenal, because it has a built in cell modem and has basically everything available on it. It's just amazing and they changed the bezel to make it a little bit bigger, Ken so maybe you can finally see it. You know scroll one letter at a time on it. But, this new watch is now trying to cause some more problems for doctors, because all of a sudden someone's going to say oh no, oh no, I missed a heartbeat earlier today which happens a lot. Particularly, if you're under stress and for some people and they're laying down on their left side or their back. So the Vegas nerve gets stimulated, that slows the heart down causes, you know, a Bradicardiac rhythm, a slow rhythm etc. Can you tell I was a paramedic for 10 years? But yeah, So that's a big problem, potentially. We'll see how it goes. But yeah the watch 4, is by far the best watch, before this one came out, by the way, the Apple Watch one was still for sale, and it was probably Apple's biggest seller. In fact, it was Apple's biggest seller, because the two and the three just didn't do much for people. But the four, Ken thats real deal. That's all you got to get now. 

[00:07:35] Yeah, I mean Christmas is, right around the corner.

[00:07:38] I'll be good for them. I'm going to send it out to my kids. Do lawyers celebrate Christmas? Oh, the kids.

[00:07:46] I celebrate anything and everything that gets me presents.

[00:07:54] All right Craig Peterson, our tech guru is joining us now, as he always does on Wednesday at this time. Craig, I had an employee tell me a little story, whereby he managed to convince a friend of his in college to give him his NHL hockey streaming password. So that he could watch hockey games and he, kind of just like, never stopped using it and he's he's like 6 years later still able to watch the games because the kid who he got it from still has that password and still logs in and can still use it to watch the games. This is, of course, done by people with HBO Go, Amazon prime, Netflix and so on and so forth, right. Where you're taking passwords and essentially sharing them between people. It tends to typically be something that young people do particularly. Is this a thing? 

[00:08:41] Yeah. Well, you nailed it. It's a huge thing, right. And there is a great article talking about it that just came out. It was on CNBC. 35 percent of millennials, according to this little study that was done, are sharing their passwords to streaming services. That's a lot. And, when you look at it us old guys and gals, here, the baby boomers 13 percent of us shared. So basically millennials are showing them three times as much and they're kind of worried because, of course, now they're losing on potential revenue. Now you could argue that maybe these people would not be watching Netflix, they would not pay for a Netflix account if they didn't have one for free. But, there's just one really cool little note in here, and I don't know maybe this should be part of divorce proceedings or something, I don't know. In this particular case, a young lady, a guy came over to her apartment one night. They had dated, this was kind of the first date and they wanted to watch this movie that just came out on Netflix and she didn't have Netflix so they came over and she had a smart TV. Either you guys have these smart TVs?

[00:09:53] I do, actually, yes I have a 65 inch Samsung Smart TV, that I bought about a couple years ago. Maybe, but I don't know I'm not smart enough to figure it out. 

[00:10:01] Smart TV, Dumb user. The TV is smarter than the user. Yes. 

[00:10:06] Yeah, I have an Apple TV and I really like it.  I think it's great. But at any rate, he went ahead and he put his username and password into her smart TV because it had built into it Netflix and Hulu and all these others. And now years later, and it's still encoded in her TV and she's still using it. And that's kind of the norm. I know one of my kids has done that with our account. And, so every once in a while, we change the user's password. Use your password on it. But it's it's really huge. People 21 and younger are sharing passwords at a rate of almost 50 percent. So, keep an eye on that. Obviously, they're going to have to do something about it. Maybe cause, you know charging more or something but it is a really, really big problem. Bottom line. Then the other digital problem, I don't know if you guys heard about this when I  have a Kindle, I've had an Amazon Kindle for years. Do you remember when the book 1984 from George Orwell was pulled off of people's Kindles to remember that you bought it and I bought the book and then all of a sudden, one day you go into your Kindle, and the book has been deleted automatically by Amazon?

[00:11:33] You don't remember that story? And I actually miss that one. Craig, Yeah.

[00:11:36] Ok. That was a few years back in 1984. Could you get more poetic. At any rate. The problem we're seeing right now is that people are starting to find out that when you QUOTE buy a movie or buy that book END QUOTE. Whether it's on Amazon or Apple or Google, wherever it might be you're buying it, your not actually owning that silly thing in your digital purchases in this day and age it just plain are not yours, and they are the owners of the intellectual property, here. Those owners are now deciding, after you've paid for it. They want to change the terms. And if you read the fine print, when you sign up with any of these services you'll find out that you actually don't really own it. And they have the right to change the terms at any time for any reason without notice. So, more recently some of the terms of change, here for Apple and Apple didn't do this. It was the owners of the movies that did it and people's movies all of a sudden, disappeared. So, if you want to be able to resell it later, make sure you buy the DVD you can resell that. You can resell a book, but you cannot resell your Kindle e-book and you cannot resell your download, you're not title but your video streaming services copy and you can't resell it because you don't own it, and you might not even be able to have access to it in the future. 

[00:13:12] We are talking to Craig Peterson, our tech guru. He joins us. He's at 730 on Wednesday. Facebook and Apple are they having a certain conflict, Craig.

[00:13:20] Craig, Yeah. Apple just pulled Facebook's VPN software off of their store. You can no longer get it. Facebook purchases a VPN company some years ago, and Apple's really good about trying to protect their users privacy. So, what was happening is Facebook had this VPN, people use VPN, you know in order to stay safe. It turns out that Facebook's VPN that was available for free was gathering every little bit of information it could on you it was spying on everything you were doing on the VPN. Apple's new App guidelines absolutely prohibit the collection of any customer data. So, because of Apple's increase here in security and privacy, they pulled Facebook's VPN from the site. And in fact, Apple went so far as to remove apps and share location data with third parties, et cetera, et cetera. I don't know what Facebook's going to do. And as always remember of course when it comes to Facebook and many of these companies it's not free. You are not the customer, You are the product. And this is just proof again, that Facebook's doing everything it can to find out anything about you don't use their VPN. That's been my mantra for the last five-plus years.

[00:14:47] All right Craig Peterson, our tech guru joins us for some tech updates every Wednesday at this time. Appreciate it, Craig. Thanks so much. We'll talk to you again next week. Hey gentlemen, take care. You. All right let's take a quick break we'll come back.


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