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Apr 29, 2019

Did you know that driving a Tesla results in more CO2 emissions? Craig discussed this with Jack Heath, as well as Senator Hassan's aide stealing gigabytes of data from the her office.

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Airing date: 04/29/2019

Driving A Tesla Results In More CO2 - Senate Gets Hit By Insider Hackers - Sen Hassan


Craig Peterson 0:00
Hey, good morning, everybody. I've been a little reluctant with some of my Security Thing podcasts. I have just been so busy and I just don't think I'm going to be able to get to it this week either because I am going to the derby. I'm going to be out in Kentucky. So it's going to be a busy week for me. How's that for fun, eh? The private boxes and everything. I'll man's can be fun. Anyhow. I'll return and report next week. This morning I was on with Jack Heath on New Hampshire today, which of course covers the whole state of New Hampshire and parts of all of the surrounding states. And we had a good little discussion. And by the way, Jack just won an award. Because if you know New Hampshire at all, you know our state sport is politics, right? We are first in the nation when it comes to primary. We are a very small state, we actually get to press the flesh with these Congress critters, people running for office, particularly presidents. So we see them all. We talked to them all. We vet them all. So it's a big deal. So Jack just won an award for his coverage of politics, because he has everybody on both sides of the aisle in the middle as well. So it's kind of fun. So congratulations to Mr. Jack Heath for that. And this morning, we talked about a couple of problems and problems the democrats have been having when it comes to hiring bad IT talent. And that came out right home to New Hampshire. That jack corrected me I was calling her senator Hassan I guess she pronounces it Hassan. So Senator Hassan and her aide, big story there. So we talked about that. And then another study out showing that these electric cars are not zero emissions vehicles. In fact, they produce about 20% more carbon dioxide. Then some of the diesel's out there. So here we go with Mr. Heath. Have a great day everybody.

Jack Heath 2:06
in the next hour, but right now joining us on the Auto Fair listener lines is our own Tech Tech Talk guy. Tech Talk guy Craig Peterson. How are you sir?

Craig 2:14
Hey, I'm doing well. By the way. We have a horse running this year but not in the Kentucky Derby yet. But my daughter also of course from New Hampshire, we raised some horses here. She's now for the last couple of years been a manager to farm out in Kentucky called Winning Star when they won the Triple Crown last year. Justify was their horse. 

Jack 2:36
Wow, I've heard the name. Good for your daughter. You must be a proud dad.

Craig 2:39
Yeah, isn't that neat? I'm going to be out there this weekend. In fact for the running of the Kentucky Derby so yeah. It will be fun.

Jack 2:46
Good stuff. And hold on before I get to your stuff I just gonna say it's not really I guess, high tech talk but if you heard about the two Canadian suspects who are, I think they're going to be charged they formally they basically one some alert folks in Hudson notice one person kept going back to this ATM but I guess they they made an arrest of this ring. But the ATM they rip it off in Massachusetts and in I guess New Hampshire so they get a lot of cash for the other one I thought of Craig on Friday, I talked about this Seacoast online had a story out at Kittery, Maine. Did you hear this one? 45 victims, they say in the Kittert area alone. And the suspects' four men from Florida. If I have the story, correct, were basically using the United States Postal, you know the the delivery system that will tell you something's coming. And somehow they stole some identities and they were ordering these credit cards. And they would track the delivery on the USPS whatever system on their phone, and then show up at people's homes and intercept. They used their names intercept the cards before the person even got them. And you know, it was a credit card scam, but they basically made the arrest. So a lot of scams.

Craig 3:56
Yeah, there are and in fact, there's an article up this week saying that falling victim to one of these scams, not this type in Kittery, but where you get an email scam is actually an early sign of dementia. It was very interesting article. So here's what I do to deal with that. And I think it's pretty simple. When you have a bank credit card or checks, because I still use checks okay, I do not have them delivered to the house. I have them delivered to the local bank branch.

Jack 4:28 
That's smart. That's smart.

Craig 4:29 
And then they call me and say, Yeah, because people have been doing this for years stealing from from mailboxes as well. So good. Good advice. Good warning. Hey, two quick things here. One is, you know, we talked about the F150 and how efficient that Ford truck is when it comes to CO2 emissions. And the government how to this like the new Tesla Model 3 is a zero emissions vehicle, we are paying our tax dollars for every person that buys one of the these cars and many others, although they've hit their limit of 200,000. We'll see what happens with Congress. But a new study out again here from Germany, this time, saying that these so-called zero emissions vehicles produce about 20% more carbon dioxide, than diesel Mercedes in this case. And we remember last time we were talking about the F150. And the Wall Street Journal's warning as well saying that because of this study, again, we want to point out here's a quote, recall the false promises about corn and cellulosic ethanol, you know, the stuff made from from corn, false promises, it didn't help. It made a lot of things worth it worse. It destroys small engines. And I think this is another example of why we want the free market to decide what the winner is. When it comes to our environment. The US has even been ahead of every country in the world. Even after we pulled out of a Paris Climate accord. We are beating everyone else when it comes to the lowered CO2 emissions and also our atmosphere. You know.

Jack 6:12
There's a story that's not always framed that way. We're always the problem.

Craig 6:16
Exactly. And it turns out, we're not. Very interesting study. I have it up on my website. And then I don't know if you saw this. Senator, Hassan's former aide here. And what had happened, this guy's name was is Jackson Cosko. He entered into a plea deal about a week ago. And the statement of facts in that deal says that from July to October 2018. Just last fall, he engaged in extraordinary extensive data theft from Senator Hassan's office.

Jack 6:47  
Or Hassan.

Craig 6:48
Hassan. I'm sorry. Hassan. The theft occurred by the way after he was fired by the senator in May, and then was hired by democratic Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, that gave him access to the house computer network. And another aide apparently of our senator was going in, give him a key so he could go in at night, he was putting keyloggers and everything else in which it's just amazing reminds you of what happened with a Wasserman Schultz here last year, who was the head of the DNC and also of course, a congressperson. And there was a plea deal with him as well. And this was the Imran Awan scandal that occurred, and he was doing it for a government of US Congress people on the democrat side. It's just we've got to be more careful, Jack. You know, he was putting keyloggers on, which means you have a just a quick look at your computer. If you have a wired keyboard, check at the back make sure there isn't an extra little fob on the back of your computer that recording every keystroke, because that's how you get in. That's how many bad guys get in and sometimes even install it in in software, but he did plead guilty and unlike Awan, it looks like he's going to serve some time here. We'll see what happens.

Jack 8:12
Alright Craig. Thank you very much for your Tech Talk update. Thank you.

Craig 8:16 
Hey, thanks.


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