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Jul 6, 2015

There are a lot of wearable fitness activity trackers available in the market today. They can measure your fitness activity, keep track of your heartbeat, calories burned, and sleep. But many health trackers are simple reporting tools. Enter the Stonecrysus. The Stonecrysus is an intelligent health and fitness smartphone app and wearable activity tracker. You tell Stonecrysus what your health goal is, and it learns how foods, activities, sleep, and metabolism affect your unique physiology.

They talk about the six main problems of health trackers of today:

  1. A basic health tracker enables you to improve or understand your health in some meaningful way.
  2. Data Accuracy
  3. Isolated Solutions
  4. Misplaced Burden of Analysis
  5. Assumed Monolithic User Base
  6. Industry Going the Wrong Way

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