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Jul 13, 2015

What better way to have a sense of security than a new home innovation? Wouldn't you want to have a simple yet efficient system that does all the worrying for you, so you could live your life and spend more time with your family?

1) SNUPI Technologies has an interesting background in that its underlying technology was developed by Professors Shwetak Patel and Matt Reynolds at the University of Washington

2) SNUPI is an acronym for how the technology works - Sensor Network Utilizing Powerline Infrastructure - in a nutshell it is an ultra low power, general purpose wireless sensing platform that is easily used and maintained by leveraging the existing electrical wiring as a whole home

3) The company's flagship product is WallyHome -- (hence the fact that the wiring in the home is built into the walls - that's where the product “wally” get its name - and yes it is meant to be a bit tongue in cheek!)

4) This is what makes WallyHome so clever and easy to use -- it's already levering the copper wiring in a user's home

5) The product was specifically designed to be easy to use for a consumer demographic - literally plug the hub into your router and then place the 6 sensors throughout the home -- they are not meant to be used in the walls per se, but common areas where leaks occur - under the kitchen sink,
bathroom, near water heater. On average set up takes only 15 minutes -- it's that consumer friendly

6) Also a new added “feature” if you will - WallyHome is now part of the “Works with Nest” developer program. This means that our smart sensors will soon work with the hugely popular Nest Thermostat.

7) The integration with the Nest Thermostat is particularly cool and exciting for the user because customers will be able to select specific sensors at specific times to manage whole home (temperature) comfort. This will be done via a dedicated Nest scheduler in the Wally Dashboard

8) How this works: The WallyHome Nest Scheduler automatically adjusts the temperature in the baby's room, the living room or even the kitchen based on user preference.9) Overall, the team at SNUPI Technologies is very excited for more developments in 2015 related to the connected home, Internet of Things and how smart sensor technology will have a large role in future developments


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