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Jul 13, 2015

In the new generation of technology, having a home that works not just with you, but for you, will definitely be a breeze. With quality time for your family as your top priority, how will the new innovation turn your home into a smart one? The question is, "Is it possible?"

1. The Smart Outlet plugs into any standard North American electrical outlet, and enables users to automate their home easily by setting up rules, notifications and schedules.

2.ConnectSense Smart Outlet features two Internet-connected electrical sockets that enable users to control devices plugged into them using an iPhone app or by voice command via Siri.

3. Easy Wi-Fi setup and simple programming of if/then rules and notifications.

4. Users can control all their smart devices regardless of
manufacturer and make them work together, including smart locks, smart lights, smart garage door openers and other best-in-class home automation devices.

5. Smart Outlet allows for control over groups of devices, such as all lights, all-off capabilities and the ability to check the status of items in your home (for example, (Did I leave my iron on?)

6. Using Siri or a smart device you can start your washer (or any other electrical appliance plugged into the Smart Outlet) and monitor energy usage remotely

7. USB charging port supports rapid charging for the new iPhones and iPads, while freeing up an outlet and eliminating the need for users to purchase multiple chargers.


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