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Sep 24, 2018

Facebook is in trouble again, this time with Apple, having another app pulled off from the App Store.

Find out more as Craig talks with Scott Spradling on WGIR.

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Facebook Violates Apple’s Data-Gathering Rules, Pulls VPN From App Store

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Airing date: 09/24/2018

Facebook Had Another App Pulled From The Apple Store

Craig Peterson[00:00:00] Hey, everybody. Good morning. I had kind of a fun weekend this weekend. I had one of my daughters and her husband fly in from Europe where they're living. And we had a very early Thanksgiving even for Canadians, right, which comes up in late October. But it was fun. It was great. A bit of a family reunion. I always loved those things. Well, it looks like Jackie the might have been out doing the family reunion thing as well, because this morning. sitting in for him was Scott Spradling. And of course, we had Justin in as well. And we talked a little bit about Facebook. They just had another app pulled from the Apple App Store. And we talked about why we're carrying it through the morning this morning. And this segment could be just can't we all just get along

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it. We're going to do a little tech talk here. I'd like to welcome our guest, Craig Peterson. Craig, thank you so much for joining us. And let's get started right away here where it says like Facebook and Apple aren't getting along too terribly well. Some

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violation of data gathering rules by Facebook. What's happening? Hey, good morning, guys. Yeah, Facebook's been in trouble. Recently. As you'll recall, of course, they men managed to get themselves in front of Congress, which seems to be happening more and more with people. But they got in front of Congress because they were taking our data and doing things that maybe they should have been doing. We know about the investigations in the Facebook and the Russians trying to influence the election. But what you're referring to right now Scott is really kind of interesting because Facebook has violated some new rules Apple has started enforcing lately though, yes, trouble once again, these rules have to do with something known as a VPN. Now I'm putting together a masterclass for people. In fact, if you check your email for me over the weekend and text as well, I'm asking people, what do they want to learn? What do they need to know that help their business out? And the number one answer is VPN. Now, these are virtual private networks. They're designed typically to stop other people from listening in to what you're doing. Okay, so Scott, for instance, you go to a normal website on your computer, and let's say you're using Comcast or maybe it's Verizon or someone else, they know where you're going online, but they don't have access to the data that you have. And that's important if you're doing banking or business transaction, your other things because think about it, if you ever sat in the coffee shop and use a VPN or maybe use their wireless, right, definitely, yeah, all the time. Yeah, everybody does, right? It's pre-internet, right over the Wi-Fi, why wouldn't you use it, but most people aren't aware that some of these coffees off wireless Wi-Fi hotspots and the same things true for even some little bit fancier business type networks can be monitored and are being monitored. So this your business person, the safest thing to do is use one of these virtual private networks. So even though you're taking their hospitality, you're using their basic internet access, they can't monitor anything you're doing, they cannot steal your information. All attorney turned on Facebook's got Facebook bought a VPN company called on on on Apple protect, you'll see it in the store on Apple, or when a vo and Facebook's been offering that as a VPN for people so that you can safely use Facebook because there's a lot of information you put up there. You probably don't want people poking in. And maybe you have private pages and things that the photos happen all the time. Well, Facebook, a VPN has been spying on people, which is the exact opposite of what you want a VPN to do. So it's been tracking everything you do online. They're using that data. They're selling it to their advertisers and Apple because they are concerned about your privacy actually, remove the Facebook VPN software from the App Store because Facebook is spying on you,

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Craig at this point, should we assume Facebook is spying on us all the time? If I if I talk about let's say like a Twix bar in my phone is nearby. And when I open up Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, suddenly I have an advertisement for Twix. It's amazing. Should we assume Facebook's always spying on us?

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Well, Justin, I think you can assume that almost everybody is there were even accusations. You might remember over the last year that some of these apps were using the microphone in your device to listen in on you. It just having a device with you. When you walk into a store tells a retailer like that what Walmart or you name it, it tells a retailer you've been here before and your phone was being used to track you as you walk through the store. Now Apple has blocked that as well. That type of tracking. But you know, bottom line, Justin, you're right. When you are using something for free. Guess what? It's not really free wouldn't when you're using Facebook. Again. People remember Facebook, you are not the customer Facebook. You're not paying them a dime. You are Facebook's product. So anything you're doing Facebook users to monetize. You are the product here.

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Craig Peterson. A very important lesson here in tech talk this morning, Craig, thank you so much for joining us. And this morning. And even though we've probably amped up everyone's paranoia, this is a really important warning for folks the true I understand. That's right, it is correct. Thanks so much and have a great day.

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Take care guys. All right. Thank you.


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