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Jun 14, 2021

There is a simple way to stop most Russian Ransomware. I'm going to show you why it works and how to do it.

Ransomware is a bigger problem than we've seen in years. We're talking about triple the number of ransomware payouts this last year. And the cost of ransomware has doubled when we include what's your pain, as well as the loss of business. And the loss of reputation. It is absolutely huge, but you know what?

There is a quick and easy trick that I'm going to show you right now that will stop most of the ransomware. Hey, we know the ransomware's primarily coming from Russia. China has obviously some attempts to get into our networks. We've seen that before personally, but Russia is really the source of much of this ransomware.

And what's happening with the Russian ransomware is these guys just don't want to go to jail. They don't want to go to jail. So they don't attack any Russian countries or any of the affiliates to the Russian countries in order to do that, they have to make sure that when that ransomware gets onto your machine, there is no way for that ransomware to.

In fact of the machine, if you're in Russia, because they don't want to end up in Russian jails, but it's not just Russia. It's the OIC, it's all of these countries that used to be part of the Soviet union. So the quick and easy trick that they're using in order to keep themselves out of Russian prisons is to check to see if there is a keyboard that support Russian or any of these other.

Oh, I see. Languages. We're just going to stick with Russian. Cause that's the simplest. If you look right now on your screen, you'll see how you can do this. With windows and windows 10. So you're going to want to bring up your settings. You can see I've got them pulled up here on the screen. You're going to just select region and language, which is right under date and time.

And now you're going to look at the right side of that screen because what we want to do now is select a language. We're going to add a new language you can see on here. I've already got a U S English and Canadian English. Yes. There is a difference. And what you're going to do now is click on, add a language and you're going to select the language from any of these countries.

So it could be Bela Reuss. It could be obviously Russia. There could be Estonia Armenia. You need to have one of these languages on there. Now you might already have Spanish for instance, installed on your computer. That might mean, you know how to do it already, but just go right here. You're going to go ahead once you're there.

And select the Bosnian Serbian Azerbaijani. I would select Russian just because it's the simplest. What will happen now is if this Russian malware gets over onto your computer, the first thing it does is check. Is there, uh, an OAC keyboard? And is there a Russian, are there any of these other languages, if there is.

It immediately exits and it does not install the ransomware at all. Talk it about a cheap and easy to do, do this. And you're safe from probably 90% of all, all of that malware that's out there. Certainly almost all of the Russian malware. To find out more, just visit me online Craig And if you subscribe to my newsletter there, you'll be able to get my weekly newsletter that has all kinds of tips and tricks.

And what's in the news this week. Again, Craig Thanks for being with me. Bye. Bye .