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Oct 8, 2022

How Your iPhone Can Be Hacked -
IRS Warns of “Industrial Scale” Smishing surge -
Crypto Scams Soar -
Morgan Stanley fined millions -
Why Nuclear Power is (quietly) making a big comeback


Can your iPhone be hacked? What we know about iOS security

How can an iPhone be hacked?

  • Sideloaded apps
  • Fake apps in the App Store
  • Calendar invites
  • Configuration profiles

How can you tell if your iPhone has been hacked?

  • Battery levels
  • Data
  • Strange “things”


IRS Warns of “Industrial Scale” Smishing surge

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has warned US taxpayers of an “exponential” increase in text-based phishing attempts and urged users to report campaigns to help the government disrupt them.

Spoofed to appear as if sent from the IRS, these text messages often use lures like fake COVID relief, tax credits or help setting up an IRS online account.


Crypto Scams Soar

Cryptocurrency scams are set to explode after researchers detected a 335% increase in registered domains in the first half of 2022.

Although most fake sites target English and Spanish speakers, 63% were registered with Russian registrars.


Ransomware Affiliates Adopt Data Destruction

Ransomware affiliates appear to be dabbling with new data destruction capabilities to evade detection, increase their chances of getting paid and minimize the opportunities for developing decrypter tools.

In this tool version, the attacker attempts to corrupt files in the victim’s system following filtration rather than encrypt them as usual.


Morgan Stanley fined millions for selling off devices full of customer Personal Information

Morgan Stanley, which bills itself in its website title tag as the “global leader in financial services” and states in the opening sentence of its main page that “clients come first,” has been fined $35,000,000 by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)…

…for selling off old hardware devices online, including thousands of disk drives still loaded with personally identifiable information (PII) belonging to its clients.



Why Nuclear Power is (quietly) making a big comeback all around the world

In California, France, Japan, Germany, and beyond, nuclear power is suddenly all the rage.

Gov. Gavin Newsom spearheaded an eleventh-hour effort to pass legislation to extend a lifeline to Diablo Canyon. This 2,250-megawatt nuclear plant supplies 8 percent of the energy produced in the Golden State.

Under pressure from lawmakers and environmental activists, the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) agreed in 2016 to decommission Diablo when its operating licenses expire in 2024 and 2025. But in light of the recent energy policy environment, California lawmakers had second thoughts.