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Feb 25, 2019

Craig is on with Jack Heath as they talked about the presidential candidate who is trying to fend off the unemployment riots.

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Airing date: 02/25/2019

Presidential Candidate And Unemployment Riots

Craig Peterson 0:00
Good morning, everybody. Very, very busy putting together all of this course material. It is really kind of fun. And it's fun helping out all of these people who signed up. We're covering a bunch of things. This last weekend. We spent the whole weekend and module last week, but in together a whole set of modules real, it's one module, but it's multiple sections in the module on securing Windows devices, Macintosh devices, mobile devices, using your free tools and installing the top notch security tools, what you should use and when you should use it. So it's been a whole lot of fun. And no, we're not taking any more people into this class right now. But it's fun. I'm feeling alive. Again, this is really quite neat. A lot of work but you know, it is a whole lot of fun as well. So this morning I was on with Mr. Jack Heath, and we had a good little chat and we took a political angle to this whole presidential race and technology and what is happening out there hearing what's happening with stop and shop here in New England, which is a New England grocery store. Is this going to impact the whole country? Again, something here in New England getting pushed out, we got a presidential candidate and Volleyed. This is really something so here we go with Mr. Heath.

Jack Heath 1:30
Alright, joining us now on the Auto Fair listener lines. Our regular contributor. Our Tech Talk guy, Craig Peterson joins us in the Auto Fair listener lines. Good morning, Craig.

Craig 1:37
Hey, good morning. I don't know Jack if you heard about this 44 year old democrat who's running for president. And he's got a real interesting technology angle to his campaign. He's trying to fend off what he's calling the unemployment riots of that he says are on the way he said, we're in the middle of the third inning of the greatest economic and technology shift in human history is named to Andrew Yang. And he brings up an interesting point about jobs and technology and automation and where everything is going. He's trying to provide a soft landing for truckers and manufacturing workers who he believes are going to be out of work, frankly, pretty soon here. Jack.

Jack 2:21
It's interesting you say that Craig early early morning I was listening and watching or reading a story that's I believe, correct me if I'm wrong, I believe, stop and shop unionized workers are potentially looking at a strike because they are in the middle of a deal. But one of the workers interviewed when asked what's their beef because they are I guess, in the retail grocery world, some of the higher paid but for example, deli workers and others, they're talking about that Stop and Shop and baggers and you know, cashiers there's so much replacement with technology, that's one reason why they're looking at possibly striking that they're, they're sort of taking their jobs and replace it with technology.

Justin 3:03
I don't use those automatic checkouts. Because I feel like it's eventually that's all there will be. And if you know, I don't like if I'm running my own groceries out, you know, do I get a check at the end of the week? You know, do I get to fill out a W two? What's going on there?

Jack 3:15
No, I it's funny. I liked I like to go through the human part. But But that's an interesting thing. So this person saying that we're going to see a lot of displacement and that's been talked about.

Craig 3:26
Yeah, and but you know, it's always been talked about. We were worried about what would happen if all the people took care of the horses once the horseless carriage came in, but you know, Justin, ultimately, where this is going and Jack and everybody is you're not going to check out yourself. You're just going to walk around the store, pull things off the shelf and walk out of the store, because it's all going to be automated. We are.

Jack Unknown 3:48
That's what Amazon's trying to do, right.

Craig 3:50
Yeah, exactly. And we're talking about nearly 10,000 of the 15,000 members of the Union there at Stop and Shop devoted to the would strike because of that. So it's a difficult thing. We've always had this with new technology. I don't think it's going away. And frankly, Jack, I think it's interesting that it's entered into the whole presidential race. 

Jack 4:14 
Interesting. All right. Well, and you know, the other thing I was thinking of you on this morning, Craig Peterson with Tech Talk is, you know, again, another big another big story is Karen Curtis with a local news talk, radio station and Florida pelt. Palm Beach has joined us saying for Robert Kraft, the Patriots owner, it's a misdemeanor in Florida what he's charged with, but it's a PR nightmare. And the social media coming out of this on Friday over the weekend. And I looked at some of the Florida, the Jupiter and that area, new sites. The social media is where the real fire comes from these stories.

Craig 4:48
it does in it. And that's impossible to crouch. It doesn't matter how rich you are, you know, you can't go pay off some local reporter to try and keep it down or maybe work with the local police department. Once that word gets out. Jack on the social media, there's a lot of people that just love to tear other people down. There's no way to stop it. But you know it it is a small misdemeanor, frankly, it's illegal, it's a crime, etc, etc. But normally, something like this would not get a whole lot of attention. You know, you mentioned earlier that the PR is where he's really going to get nailed here. But when it comes to social media, it doesn't matter. You know, we've heard just a rumor of a rumor and it spreads across the country versus the old days where it took something really substantial before there. There was much talk in the media.

Jack 5:40
Before the newspaper was read are delivered. might have been a few weeks before you'd hear something or a few days now. It's a few seconds. Thank you, Craig Peterson Tech Talk. http://CraigPeterson/.om. Thanks Craig.

Craig 5:52
Thanks, Jack.

Craig 5:53
All right. That's it for today. I will be back tomorrow with of course, Jim Polito. I always have so much fun on with him, and will will also on Wednesday. Be back with our friends in Maine. And then Thursday and Friday. I've been trying to do my Security Thing podcasts. But I'm so busy with this course. I've had a little bit of trouble with that. But I'm going to really try and do it this week as well. And today if you are an FBI Infragard member I have webinar for you this afternoon. So Craig's keeping busy plus I was approached by a CEO group here, mastermind group of some pretty big companies to speak to them, maybe do a half a day for them on some of the security stops. I gotta get a proposal together for that and more. Anyhow, I will talk to you guys tomorrow. Always make time for this. I think it's important. So take care. Bye bye.


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