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Jan 30, 2016

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<p>Patrick Hanley joined Atmel Corporation in August 2010 and is the product marketing manager for the Touch Technology team focusing on maXTouch. Prior to that Mr. Hanley focused on Atmel’s QTouch products, (Atmel’s capacitive Buttons, Sliders, and Wheels BSW), and maXFusion (Atmel’s touchscreen and sensor hub hybrid products). Mr. Hanley’s responsibility includes defining and pricing new products, developing sales collateral and many other functions for the success of the maXTouch product line within the Touch Business Unit at Atmel.</p>

<p>Prior to joining Atmel, Mr. Hanley held various roles at Cypress Semiconductor in three divisions including its Data Communications Division, Consumer & Computations Division and Memory & Imaging Division. His roles ranged from product marketing engineering, business operations to pricing. During his tenure at Cypress he achieved a number of outstanding accomplishments including the founding of Cypress’ Value Based Selling (VBS), definition of the original touchscreen segmentation and of PSoC 3 & 5 pricing, successful increasing of margins year-over-year with both proprietary and commodity teams and management of the commodity team during its most profitable quarter in Cypress’ history.</p>

<p>Mr. Hanley holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering (BSEE) and a minor in business administration from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wis.</p>