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Jul 25, 2020


Craig the crackdown by big tech on conservative points of view and publications.

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Automated Machine-Generated Transcript:

[00:00:00] We just talked about NBC news to put their competition out of business when it comes to ZeroHedge. Now we're going to talk about what they did to the federalist. And what does it mean to free speech in America?

Hey everybody, Craig Peterson here. Thanks for being with me today. I'm a little worked up about this, as you can tell, and I'll probably already, I'm an immigrant to the United States. And I don't know, or sometimes I think the immigrant we care, I don't know that we care a little bit more, but we tend to be a little more vocal when some of our rights, the rights that we went out of our way to obtain. When those rights are taken away from us.

It's just crazy. NBC also was behind the crack down on the Federalist, according to Fox news, this is absolutely crazy. Now our friends over at Google said, no, not at all. we talked to the Federalist and yeah. yeah. they've straightened out their games, so we're not going to demonetize them. Can you believe that?

[00:01:00] No, I'm glad to learn of NBC newses role in trying to stop the Federalist from saying anything that might be conservative or libertarian heaven forbid. it's just absolutely crazy here, but. Many members of the media out there are activists and the disguise of journalists.

It's just, it's crazy. They're not reporting the news. So I think they've just exposed themselves for who they are. Frankly. It's clear that they don't have any objectivity. Now it's become even more clear. Ben Shapiro was talking about that this week as well. There's the Federalists ended up taking down the comments section after Google deemed it dead dangerous.

[00:02:00] And do you rogatory that's the part that just blows my mind away. And all the comment section, that's like the letters to the editor and then yeah. And I get it that it is more than way wild West, right? There are certain things newspapers would never have published in the editorial section, certainly, and would never publish in letters to the editor.

So I get that. But, and frankly, Looking at websites and some of the comments, some of these comments are just out outlandish. Unbelievable. so I get all of that stuff, but Hey man, we need an equal footing out there somehow. And, I don't know. I don't know where to go. I have been using partly.

Or parlor P A R L E R, which is a new app. It is also a website and it is a reality for free speech. That's what they're for. You can basically say anything on there. Obviously slander libel is not welcome there. But there are a lot of great conservative voices. So you might want to check it out. Parlor, P A R L E R and I do think he came from Parlay, which is a French word for all of that sort of thing.

[00:03:00] But man, things are, they've gone too far and I don't know what's going to happen. the typical pendulums swing we've seen over the years may or may not work now. Some of our listeners are going to be dropping off because my whole show is not carried on all stations.

And so I just want to let you know, we're going to be doing deep dives and you may miss part of it, but you can get. All of it. If you go to Craig online. Okay. So we're talking about GoToMeeting, Cisco's WebEx. We'll be talking about Microsoft Teams and Zoom. We're doing deep dives into all of these.

[00:04:00] And if you're on my email list, we're working right now. On a special report that totally deep dives into all of this stuff and tells you the pros and cons. we're putting together a little table of some of the features on these. We might be adding a couple of others as well beyond these four, which are really the top ones out there.

We're not going to be getting into. Slack really, because although that is somewhat of a collaboration platform and it does have some conferencing abilities, it's really not like the other one. So I don't know that we'll really get into that one very much, but a sock is something I've used over the past.

I don't use it anymore. Cause I'm using Cisco WebEx, which has pretty much all of the features. That Slack has, they were aiming for Slack parody in some of the angles. And then of course they're much better than Slack in some of the other angles. So if your station is dropping me off, make sure you're on my email list.

[00:05:00] Craig bribe. I'll be sending something out. Probably this week, but maybe not until the week after where we get into these deep dives on these collaboration platforms, we may also be doing some lives on Facebook, and on YouTube, maybe on webinars, we'll figure this out.

Love me. No. How about we do this, everybody? What's the best platform for you? Send an email to me, M I answer all of them. It might take me a day or two or three because I do have a lot of emails I have to go through and I do try and answer them all personally, but send me an email really.

[00:06:00] It's me. M E at Craig I'm not going to be harassing you. Okay. And this is all wonderful free stuff. And it's the stuff you need to know. It's stuff you need to deal with. And if you're on that at Craig, you'll be sure to get that email once we've got the special report on the collaboration systems, ready to go.

So we'll be sending that out. You can download it. I'm not somebody that's just going to be harassing you continually. if you're on my email list, you're going to get it. And you don't have to sign up for anything. You don't have to pay for anything. It's not part of some big upsell or anything else it's just there and it's there for you.

So Craig And we're getting, going into all of that here in just a few minutes, as I said, a lot of you guys are going to be dropping off. So before you drop off, I want to let you know about a couple of big issues this week. We already talked about Windows 10, 2004. Now that's not, when it was released, Microsoft has gone to this.

[00:07:00] Basically they have data daily, internal builds, and then they named the release after the build number. So it's 2004 and the major problem that's happening right now with their rate alternative. If you miss that, make sure you again, you can visit me online. Craig or. Just subscribe to my podcast as well.

It's everywhere. And I described what it was, what it's all about, but we also have a major problem right now with a link. we are not upgrading our firewalls. We're not upgrading our wi-fi routers. Particularly in our homes. And how many of us as business people are using consumer-grade homes systems to track I'm protecting our small businesses.

[00:08:00] We see it every day. We just on a Thursday this week, I was talking. With one of our lead techs and he was helping a business that helps businesses with their networks and securities and backups. And it turned out that they had a major problem. That they weren't aware of at all until we installed some special security software, the stuff we use with all of our clients.

And we found out that his backup software was not anywhere near compliant with even the most basic of regulations. It's just crazy. But anyway, we have to upgrade the firmware in our routers. So right now we've got a new release from de-link that we're getting warnings about from everywhere. They've got a firmware update to address three major security flaws that are impacting one of their home router models.

[00:09:00] So they're not going to mention the model number because I want you guys, everybody, whether you're running on something from dealings or from somebody else, make sure you upgrade it. But, this is just crazy here. They've got a command injection attack problem. They've got a cross-site request, forgery high severity, by the way, both of these critical severities, it goes on and on they're pseudo-random number generator, major problem, by the way, not fixed.

Anyhow, make sure he visited me online. Get on that email list. So you don't miss a thing. Craig Go there right now, everybody. Hey, have a great day. If you're losing me, if not stick around, because we're going to be getting into this, we've got a lot more to come.


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