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Jun 26, 2020


Craig’s walking you through a deep dive of the Pros and Cons of Online Collaboration Tools for Businesses and the Security implications for Businesses who have Regulatory Requirements. 

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Automated Machine-Generated Transcript:

Now, we're starting to talk about collaboration systems, the things you can use, like I did for a wedding, and people are using constantly now for business. Which are the best ones? What should you be using? You know, it's time for us to get our act together because we are back in -- business.

[00:00:23] I think we're going to start here with the oldest one. The oldest is Go To Meeting. We'll start there because it's actually the most mature in some ways of all of these products. What we're going to talk about is the pros and cons of different features. You're going to want to look at them and the problems with 'em. You know, and that's part of the pros and cons.

[00:00:44]Since we're starting with Go To Meeting, let's start about the con, okay. The basic con for this is, it is only really for meetings. It lets you do some collaboration in meetings, but it is really mainly for meetings, unlike the two teams product we're going to be talking about as well that are for ongoing collaboration and meetings.

[00:01:10]Go To Meeting here's the big, big things that you're going to want to consider. First of all, it is the easiest to use collaboration product on the market, even though it is aimed mostly at meetings, it lets you collaborate during those meetings. It has video conferencing in high definition and it just plain works.

[00:01:35] They have been able to, because they've been around so long, really master the whole concept of high availability and high bandwidth streaming to multiple locations.  There is nothing better on the market today when it comes to having the ability to have conferences and meetings with people that might be on very slow internet lines that may be sharing their home internet with users who are watching TV. You know, they're streaming Netflix while you're trying to have a meeting, what's a matter of these people.

[00:02:13]Go To Meetings is very good for that sort of thing and again, very mature product. It provides generally a great experience for people who are on it and because it's the oldest, it is well understood in the business world. Now it's not that well understood how to use it by a lot of people who are new to this online space.

[00:02:38] Those people are most likely to use Zoom. And I'll tell you why. I just used Zoom just a couple of weeks ago at my daughter's wedding, but this is one of the big reasons is Go-to-meeting is known. It's used a lot by business and has been for a very long time, but it is not well known by end-users. So, you know, you've got to consider that as well.

[00:03:07] You know, how well is it known by people, but it is pretty easy to use. And it started in 2004, they use the screen-sharing technology from GoToMyPC and go to assist and they have changed ownership back in 2017, I think it was, it became a product of Logmein. I know a couple of the founders over there Logmein.

[00:03:30]So kind of a small world, I guess when you get down to it, Now Go-to-meeting also supports mobile users. Cause it's allowing people to attend meetings on Android devices, as well. As of course Ipads and Iphones and you can host go to meeting very well on an iPad or an iPhone. It's really, this is a business-centric product, very business-centric, as are some of these others, these team applications.

[00:04:01] Now you can achieve a significant return on investment because of the features that they have. They've got HD faces video. They have a flat fee, but I got to say. Of all of them go to meetings. Fees can be pretty high. So it depends on whether or not you need that kind of high availability flexibility when it comes to the devices that you're watching it on, et cetera, pretty easy to manage a lot of administrative capabilities.

[00:04:32] It combines this practicality with cost-effectiveness and it has. Very good security. Now Zoom, when we get into it, I'm going to have a lot of complaints about security and how Zoom effectively has lied to us over and over again. You're not going to see that with GoToMeeting, Zoom routed these meetings through China, Zoom uses Chinese developers, which is all well and good, except remember that in China, almost everything is owned by the people's liberation army and is run by it. So when they're routing meetings through China, There are some problems with Zoom, Go-to-meeting. Doesn't have any of that. We'll talk about the Zoom stuff when we get around to Zoom here, but it is very good on the security side and it is something that you can use to increase sales.

[00:05:29] You know, me guys, if you have been following me for a long time, you know, I run webinars, these free webinars, right? In some of them, I offer some products for sale. In some of them, I offer some information products, some hardware products. You know, we talk many times about what you should be doing as a business, not using some of the home equipment for a small business because that can be a nightmare.

[00:05:56]I'll have webinars and I'll talk about it and I'll make an offer for people who want it. Right.  I don't do anything high pressure, but that's something to consider. When it comes to Go-to-meeting, is there something that you want to offer and would do well in a webinar Go-to-meetings at a great webinar platform.

[00:06:16] I use a product called, a Webinar jam for webinars. I have really liked it because for having webinars where I'm interacting with people who are really potential clients or just trying to learn. I like, I like Go-to-webinar for that, but it's not secure. That's where you get Go-to-meeting. 

[00:06:39] So let's talk about three big things Go-to-meeting has that you might want, it is great for presentations, so it can help you with, if you're a sales, professional marketing professional, to get prospects and gauge target audiences and qualified leads. Now we use Go to a meeting, you know, I've been involved with the state reopening I'm on the governor's task force for reopening schools.

[00:07:07] Of course, I'm on the technology task force. We used Go to meeting it. Wasn't my choice. It wasn't my account. It's something the state had. It worked really well for that. It's also great for demonstrations. So if you are a sales rep of some sort and you want to conduct live demonstrations of products for prospects or give one-on-one impromptu presentations during cold calls.

[00:07:34] It's a great way to do it a very easy way to do it. but I gotta say. I have a little bit of a preference for Zoom for those types of meetings where you are just doing something impromptu because so many people now know Zoom. Okay. But go to meetings. It's been good for that for a long time. It's good for collaboration.

[00:07:57] Every professional who wants to collaborate in real-time can get on there. It worked really well for us and the governor's task force and Go-to-meeting can grow so that you have thousands of people at a meeting as well. All right. You can share any application on the presenter's desktop, even if the application is not installed on the attendee's computers, and we're seeing this more and more Zoom still requires an application to be installed, but a WebEx does not and Go-to-meeting does not.

[00:08:32] It'll just run right there in your browser. And I think that's a very important thing because who wants to install software, particularly in this day and age where you don't know if it's legitimate or if it's malicious, et cetera. On the followup side. There is an extra trip that people have to take some times, but Go-to-meeting has some really great stuff for followup.

[00:08:58] It lets you put URLs over in the chatbox that can stay there. So if there are some materials you want people to get pumped. Right up there in the chatbox and it stays there even though the chatbox may be strolling scrolling, I should say that goes right to the top of that chatbox, which makes it really nice.

[00:09:20] And well, I've used that many times where I'm doing training with GoTo meeting where we've got a URL that we want people to see. So there it is. And that's part of the thing I like about webinar jam as well as I can put things out there. I can have links, I can put graphics in there and it just stays there.

[00:09:40] So it, it does help you with converting leads, tie up loose ends, review contracts, closed deals a lot faster. So Go-to-meeting. Great alternative. Been around a long time. 2004 is a long time, particularly in this space, and is something you should seriously consider. And I consider it as well. I tend to not use it, frankly.

[00:10:09] Because I think people nowadays are much more in tune to use Zoom. Now that's great when it's initial talking, but if I am doing something with a prospect that we have a. A signed contract with, even if it's just a nondisclosure agreement, I would never ever use Zoom for those. I use WebEx for a very, very good reason.

[00:10:37] And you can still get it for free by the way, WebEx, I think it's through the end of July, I might be wrong on that, but the real commercial versions, like the ones that we use where everything's integrated. You must, must sign up through a reseller. We're a reseller of that, just, you know, just to make sure I've got all my proper disclosures, in fact, sitting right here, right next to me right now.

[00:11:04] I've got this demo unit. That is, it's just absolutely amazing from our friends at Cisco and Cisco owns WebEx. Now they have for a while, but this thing is just so cool. It's a 27-inch display and it is set up. It's got a camera on the top. Of course, it's an HD camera and they also have the 4K cameras and everything right here, it's a touch screen. I've got a whiteboard I can make phone calls as well as get into my WebEx rooms and conferences and chat rooms. It's it's dedicated. It is just absolutely amazing. It also ties in with our phone system, which we have. We have a WebEx phone system that lets us make private call secure calls, end to end, as well as get on calls with people who are outside of our business. So it's very, very cool. I think this is like a $12,000 device. It is not cheap, but it's very, very cool.

[00:12:08] Most of the time I'm just using either my computer, or my phone or, my smartphone with WebEx. It just, it ties into everything. It's phenomenal.

[00:12:17] We've been talking about Zoom. We've been talking about WebEx and some of the real pros there. And we're also going to be talking about Microsoft teams when we get back. So keep an eye on that. And when I'm talking about WebEx, by there, I'm talking about WebEx teams, not just the stuff for video conferencing.

[00:12:35] Alright. Stick around. Visit me online. Craig is we're losing some of you guys right now. Again the station's going away. Craig And you can hear the whole thing. Stick around. We'll be right back.



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