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Jan 29, 2019

Craig is on the Jim Polito show as they discussed two factor authentication, how to manage your passwords, and the data breach that leaked 773 million emails.

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Airing date: 01/29/2019

Safe Gun Technology - Huge Hack Collection - Proper Use Of Passwords And 2FA

Craig Peterson: 0:00

Hey, good morning, everybody. Craig Peterson here. Before I was on with Jim Polito this morning, it was talking about an interesting case down in Mass where there was a guy who was defending himself with a firearm and the bad guy decided he was going to take off and he hopped into his car and the guy with a firearm hopped on the hood of the car and held the you know the bad guy right obviously this whole thing has to go to court and everything figure out you know, was he a bad guy what happened here but but anyways he was on the hood of the car pointing his gun at them just incredible. So that's what we started out with today. Talking about that, what that meant, what that means. And I talked a little bit about the technology behind guns and some of the things that have been tried and frankly, and failed. And we also correspond some time about data leaks more on 1Password. And the way to use 2FA. All of that this morning with Mr. Jim Polito, take care Have a great day, everybody and keep an eye on your mailbox. Hopefully you've been getting my emails this week. We're building up to something big next week

Unknown 1:17
Everybody. Everyone's favorite Canadian and Tech Talk guru our good friend Craig Peterson. Good morning sir Good morning Jim How you doing today Craig I'm doing well interesting topic when it comes to firearms some technology proposed over the years you know these these guns we see on the sci fi movies they can only be fired by the rightful owner or someone who's on the guys side yeah and the fields of the years one what was interesting was you were a mike medic rings and that was used to unlock the city as this gun and then they're continually our proposals by

Unknown 2:00
Senator Schumer and other results as the years that they somehow build in some sort of computer thing that may be reached your fingerprints, or maybe he says DNA, none of those types of things, actually working guns. And that's just the work of science fiction Southern. There's really a lot of misunderstandings about firearms and using them safely and what the law allows and and what technology can do with them

Unknown 2:27
to go around corners with the Angelina Jolie and

Unknown 2:34
Mr. And Mrs. Smith or

Unknown 2:38
one of them. But anyway, it's understanding. Yeah, yeah, it is. And look, the bottom line is the real technology that the best control guns is between your ears. That's the real technology. So hey, here we go again. Craig. 773 million emails. What's going on?

Unknown 3:11
Yeah, as you as you were saying earlier this morning, it really is time to change your password again, your email password. And to that, and I'm continuing to recommend 1Password. It's a piece of software that now not only keeps track of your password and your accounts and automatically will fill them in for you on websites, as long as you remember your master password. Yeah, but it also keeps track of hacks, it keeps track of what passwords have been found out on the dark web. Yeah, really, it says all kinds of things. So what we're finding now is three quarters of a billion email addresses which tens of millions of passwords. This is likely a collection of passwords and email accounts that they've been found over the years.

Unknown 4:00
It's all the put together and is now being sold on the dark web.

Unknown 4:06
And if they're successful in using the gym, and that's what really kind of kept me going here, because the only reason that the bad guys is successful in using these passwords, some of which are older, is this piece, reuse the same credentials on multiple services. Yeah, and that simple, it's that so so they get one from you, and they get them all. Yeah, well, that's kind of what it is right? If you use the same email address, and you use the same password on multiple websites, or let's say you use it on your face website. And let's assume the bank has reasonable security and email says it's probably as reasonable security right? And then you use the same email address with the same password on Joe's morning cartoon website. And Joe's cartoon site gets hacked.

Unknown 5:00
Now what happens is the bad guys take your your email address and your password from Joe's cartoons that they stole. And they try it on Bank of America and you name it every major bank out there and the end you if you use the same email address and the same password, they are in your bank account information. It's just that simple. We're talking with our good friend Craig Peterson. And at the end of this segment, we're going to give you a number and you can text My name to it. And when you do, you'll get all of this information from Craig Peterson. He will not annoy you with incessant messages or try to sell you anything. It's just it's a great service that he offers to listeners to the show which we truly appreciate. Standard date and text rates apply. Okay, what was it password one is the Is it an app that you were talking about to help manage your passwords and protect you

Unknown 6:00
It's called 1Password. Oh 1Password. Just 1, and then password. Now they have some 3 levels, I use the paid stuff, we use it for businesses. So there's one other thing that you got to do. And that's called two factor authentication. And 1Password support a lot of two factor authentication sites. But at the very least, set up two factor authentication, sometimes a brief abbreviated to App a. And what that allows them to do now is in the simplest form, send a text message to your phone. So by the way, if you lose your phone, you might have some issues here. And if you also lose your phone number, change your phone number. Remember if you've used it for two factor authentication, but the idea is you try and log in on the website and then the website confirms what you know which is your username and password with something that you

Unknown 7:00
You have, which is your cell phone. Or in the case of one password, you've got the 1Password app on your phone. And that type of basic security something you know, along with something you have. So even if the bad guys have your know side to say, have your email address and your password, they don't have your phone. So if they try and log into your account, or if you try and log into your account, your your bank or whatever site you're going to, he's going to go ahead and send you a text message with a confirmation code. You then enter that confirmation cozy, and then you're all set. So if someone tries to log in and was on authorized, you're going to get that text message with that confirmation code. And immediately you're going to know something is a foot Now there are some major things in progress. This year, we're going to see some major advances because Google Chrome already has

Unknown 8:00
This built in so far is getting it a lot of browsers are getting and it's using some special types of two factor authentication the Yubikey than others and and I'm going to put together the master class that will have for the listeners again absolutely free for them to attend that explains how to do this yes particularly if you're a business you've got a fiduciary responsibility to keep data safe particularly personal information and you know I've got to help house because it's happening to everybody and Jim you brought up at three quarters of a billion

Unknown 8:39
in that one file that everybody okay

Unknown 8:45
yeah that is downtown. What's a huge But no, it is huge. Now I was reading that this is called what in the hacking world collection number one which means there could be

Unknown 9:00
More collections on the way Yeah, they're almost certainly are going to be

Unknown 9:06
you know that what here's what happens they say seals the data they break into a website and they use different technologies sequel injection other things but they use technologies to get at the database this behind the website and then once they're they have access to that database so just dump everything out of it because most businesses just hard keeping it safe enough, right you shouldn't be able to do that. But anyways, they dump it out and then they go ahead and they go to keep it as an eBay for the bad guy that goes to these websites on the dark web. Yeah, allow options allows them to sell things and then they start selling them and then after a while that data becomes signs of sale. So they sold your email address and password for effectively a fraction of a penny as part of our collection of a breach. And now it's been 16

Unknown 10:00
months since they did it last so they building these collections This is all collection of a one Jim because it's the biggest ever but there are dozens if not hundreds of these collections out there already and it's you have not changed your password in the last few months you are incredibly susceptible to having your data stolen your money stolen and your identity stolen and we talked before about this you could get pulled over by a police officer the side of the road for a broken taillight. Yeah, and all of a sudden it's a felony

Unknown 10:36
in the could happen to you because your data with solar you gotta keep up on that. I know, can you imagine that, that there's a warrant out for you, you know, and that's a standard part and folks don't understand a warren check is a standard part of a pullover just to make sure there's no outstanding warrants for you. And let's say somebody did take your identity.

Unknown 11:00
They went out and they did something that resulted in a warrant guess what they're gonna rescue and then you can you imagine you're trying to explain to the cop

Unknown 11:12
never been I've never been on the floor right you're

Unknown 11:17
you're you are in jail kissing the pavement and 10 degree weather is this can happen. Look at one password. This is it. One password is how you'll find it online. There's a couple of others that are okay. last pass is pretty good. But I really if you want the best stuff, one password is the way to go. Change your passwords, make it a year New Year's resolution, get one password, have it generate the passwords for you. There's lots of videos on how to use it out there and then go and use it all year long. Start using two factor authentication. You are the only one who cares enough about your personal information, frankly.

Unknown 12:00
really do anything as far as these big companies out there that lose your data, you're just the balance sheet entry. It's your life. You've got to take control. There's a lot of other information about this. There's information about other things. And Craig Peterson has it all. And as I said earlier, all the jab to do is text My name to this number 855-385-5553. That's 855-385-5553 standard data and text rates apply Craig as usual, right on top of things. We really appreciate the time

Unknown 12:40
Talk to you next week when we return a final word.


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