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Jun 25, 2019

Craig is on with Jack Heath this Monday morning. They talked about what Samsung tweeted this week and about what Google is being accused of by papers and what Congress is attempting to do to change it.

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Airing date: 06/24/2019

Good morning, everybody. Craig Peterson here.

It is going to be a beautiful summer week here in the Northeast.

We enjoyed a great weekend with temperatures in the upper 70's, with almost no humidity and nighttime sleeping weather in the 50's.

It is the perfect weather for being outside. We took down a tree in our backyard that had died got it mostly cut up and getting the wood ready. Our bees are flying. The chickens are laying. I hear it is going to be getting hotter later this week and we might hit 90 degrees, which is high for us. Okay, for you guys in the south. Quit your complaining, right, Craig? Anyhow, I am looking forward to another terrific week this week.

This morning, I was on with Mr. Jack Heath. We had a chance to chat a little bit about Samsung's tweet this week.

I am going to be speaking at UNH at a mastermind group. It should be kind of fun talking with a bunch of CEOs. We'll be talking about what's happening in their business. What does the CEO have to do? What is it that's part of their responsibility that frankly, they may not understand very well, cybersecurity and why they cannot just brush it off.

It's another thing you have to do. It's another hat you might have to wear. And so most people just aren't putting that hat on very often and look at what's happened at all of these major corporations. I see the concern in smaller companies where the owner, the CEO, is trying to do something about it. The problem is that many of them are just considering it a budget item. It's a bridge to cross when we come to it. However, now we're talking 60% of small-medium businesses are going to get nailed this year. We'll be talking a little bit about that as well. Also, what happened here with Time Magazine, there is a law working its way through Congress. I've disagreed with my Mom and Dad for years about their "ought to be a law" which they'd say about just about everything. I tend to take the opposite track, but this time, I agree. Here we go with Mr. Heath.

Jack Heath
Alright, a quick check in on the Tech Talk side of things. Craig Peterson, our tech talk guy. Craig, good morning on a Monday, hope you're getting an excellent start to your week. Just one question, you know, you have an interesting piece coming out of your weekend show tech talk about sort of moral authority and who has the higher ground Google, or news outlets on searches? Tell us about this?

Craig Peterson
Yeah, this is quite an interesting problem. We now have an article that came out in the New York Times complaining that basically, Google has stolen about $5 billion overall, but you know, hundreds of millions worth of coverage from these news organizations. For instance, if you go to Google, and you do a search on Google, it'll come up with all the kinds of results. Many of those results are specifically from news organizations. So they have gotten together, there are over 2000 of these news publishers, most of them small-town papers, but they include some multi, some huge, you know, multi-state, national newspapers. They've gotten together, and now they have a bill this moving through Congress that's backed by both Republicans and Democrats, even Senator Kennedy, who was typically very, very conservative. No, not that Senator Kennedy, the one from Louisiana. They have gotten together, and they are going to pass a bill it looks like that gives newspapers an exemption to the antitrust laws that are out there. In other words, they can get together, and they can collude to come up with a way to stay in business. How do you stop a powerhouse like Google? And how do you keep the local newspapers, more than half of which have closed their doors, in recent years?

Jack Heath
Interesting, interesting study.

Craig Peterson
It's a huge problem. Hey, I'm going to be speaking to a UNH group of CEO's this week about some of the issues we see here in New Hampshire, with technology with security in this is a very, very big deal. There is an article out of Samsung as well. Last week, Samsung had a tweet that they had sent out, probably accidentally, warning people to make sure they run anti-virus checks on their Samsung Smart T.V.s. And you know what, Jack, it is just a reminder, everything we have nowadays, all of our new cars to our T.V.s, have computers in them. At least Samsung has anti-virus software for your T.V. Follow their advice, although they deleted the tweet and make sure you're watching it for viruses. It is just spreading further and further. And there's no end in sight.

Jack Heath
Great stuff on this Monday morning, Craig. Tech Talk with Craig Peterson with an O.N. com. Thanks, Craig.

Craig Peterson
Take care. Thanks, Jack.

Craig Peterson
I want to point out to those that might be interested, and I think I may take the presentation I put together for the C-Level's on the things they need to know and do to direct all of the people within the organization because nowadays security covers everybody. You might have your sales and marketing guys using some software as a service. You obviously have your I.T. people who are doing it, but you've got cloud providers out there that may or may not be doing the right things. I'm thinking maybe I should turn some of this into a course or mini-course. Let me know if you'd like to see that. Just me at Craig Peterson calm email me at Craig Peterson calm. Let me know if that's something that would interest you. And we'll try and put it into our security summer this year. I can't believe it's almost July. Oh man, I have to get busy too much to do. All right, everybody. Hey, thanks for being with us. Thanks for listening and being a regular subscribe if you haven't already. It helps our numbers and gets the message out to more people subscribe on your favorite platform. Or you can go to Craig Peterson comm slash iTunes. Leave me a comment. Hopefully, I've earned a five-star review from you. Take care. Everybody will be back on the morrow. Bye-bye.


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