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May 29, 2019

Craig was on with Jim Polito. Today, they discussed the latest in Chinese offensive military weapons.  This new Chinese armored attack vehicle that can launch a swarm of autonomous drones. They also talked about the absolute need to install Parental Controls for some of these streaming and social media sites. 

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Airing date: 05/28/2019

Chinese Have A New Offensive Weapon and Why You Must Install Parental Controls.

Good morning, everybody. Hopefully, you had a happy Memorial Day. I certainly did. I spent it with friends and some family as well, business associates, you know how that all goes but having the freedom to be able to associate with the people you want and have a fantastic barbecue that came to us at a very high cost.

There are a lot of people out there who want to run our lives, control our lives.

And my gosh, have you watched the series Chernobyl, if you haven't seen Chernobyl on HBO, you should take the opportunity to view it.
Chernobyl shows some of the significant ultimate pitfalls of socialism, and what it does to us.

Here we have all of these people who are willing to put their lives on the line, even though there may be significant issues with why we are somewhere, why they think we shouldn't be there.

Just the fact that they are volunteering to do it, that they're stepping forward, and so many have lost their lives. My heart goes out to them and their families. And thank you, thank you, thank you.

You know, I came to this country, I'm an immigrant myself. And I am so glad I have the opportunity to be an American, to be a citizen of the United States and to be with so many like-minded people. I'm sure many of us disagree on things. I know. I've got people who vehemently disagree with me, Wow! There are trolls out there. Overall, I think we agree that we have a right to free speech, although so many on the left don't appreciate it. They want that to squash free speech. We still have it, and there's been an enormous price that paid to protect that right. Sorry, this was not meant to be a lecture.

Okay. I do want to go to our friend, Mr. Jim Polito. We had a great conversation this morning. So, right now, we'll go to Jim. Also, I'm going to be changing the format of these podcasts here a little bit in the weeks ahead. So, some might be a bit delayed. Some might be just changing dramatically. We'll see how it goes. Be sure to let me know what you think about this podcast and maybe some changes you'd like to see. Just me at Here's Mr. Polito

Jim: Welcome to our good friend, and Tech Talk guru with, Wow, with a full plate today. Just like the cookout yesterday on Memorial Day. Here is Craig Peterson. Good morning, sir.

Craig: Hey, good morning. Yeah, I had a great Memorial Day yesterday, I was impressed with those gentlemen from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. And the work that underway there. It's kind of a letdown to be on after them.

Jim: This Morning. You're all very, very important. No, no, that was good. That was a good lead-in for you. And speaking of Vietnam, I want to talk to you about this autonomous robot army. Now we've, we've discussed World War three and how it has already begun in cyberspace, but there's still conflict on the ground. And then my question to you is, is it going to be run by machines and drones?

Craig: Yeah, it kind of looks like it might be at least for the most part. Now. We've got China who has licensed from Russia, this, this thing, about the size of a Humvee, more or less, right. It's a small military vehicle. And what China has done with this vehicle is to combine this technology with the knowledge they gained from producing drones. Think of all the drones we have flying around our country. Did you know 80% of the drones that we buy, civilian drones, are made by one manufacturer in China. They've got this technology down, nowadays. But what is surprising is that China has been accused, even recently now, of sending GPS coordinates for these drones back to China.

Jim: Whoa. Right. They are using the products they sell us to spy on us.

Craig: Exactly. And in this case, to map this out, right. They can map where things are because the drones are taking pictures or video and equipped with GPS and cell capability. A beta test has been conducted to see what it might be sending, and it looks like GPS coordinates. It is all a fascinating, albeit troubling problem. What China has done now with this kind of Humvee type thing is they have installed launchers. And these launchers are designed to launch small military drones. Now, it makes sense to have a drone that was associated with let's say a Humvee, right, a small drone, you can launch, you can see what's around you may be on the battlefield, see if there's EDIS in the road up the head, all these things makes a lot of sense. It appears that this particular vehicle, which is being advertised online right now by the Chinese manufacturer, has been sold, by the way, to other countries. It is comes equipped with four of these drones that are for reconnaissance type drones. However, it also has eight other drones, known as killer drones. The idea with this platform is that they can go to any place that you want to and drop a very, small bomb with high explosives on it. We saw something like this happen in Venezuela late last year to the President of Venezuela. Yeah, the big, you know, burst in the air up front, was a from a drone, what do we do? Situations like this could be very, very, bad because think of a drone army coming after you. But let's put a bunch of pieces together.

Craig: China is number one in the world right now for facial recognition, which they are using to track all of their people, right? They're not citizens. I guess civilians would be a better term to call them right, in a socialist state. They are tracking these citizens and know if they jaywalk, they lose the social credit points, or other things happen, and it gets to the point where they can't even get on a train or fly anymore. If you're China who has these drones, and they are in a small vehicle like a Humvee. They can be used to go to any location. The next step is, if they're not there already, is to identify a face or a person and have them go after that person. Thank you. Yeah, the biggest scary thing is what you might call a drone cloud. So let's think about a hundred drones looking for one person.

Jim: Yeah. And so I mean, we see that stuff in the Terminator movies, and you know, the drone looking and getting a facial recognition scan, and then going after that person. I mean, that's science fiction. Not anymore.

Craig: Not anymore, and that's downright scary when you get right down to it. This armed tactical truck is loaded with what they call blowfish, autonomous drones, by the way. It's reminiscent of the Borg and, and Terminator, but it's here. So your question, what can we expect in the next world war? Well, we are sure to see nation-states and going after our infrastructure, our base technology, and instead of them sending out a whole bunch of troops onto the ground, all they have to do is send out some of these anonymous elements, drones, and they could take out almost anything. So now you know why the White House Secret Service and all these other people are so concerned about it. The FAA has gotten involved, with not only the licensing of drones, that happened before but in setting up drone routes and tracking them. These things have become very dangerous.

Jim: Wow, we're talking with Craig Peterson, our tech talk guru. And at the end of this segment, we're going to give you a number you're going to text my name, Jim. And you'll be able to pick up all of this information plus a lot of other stuff. And that's what I want to get to lack of parental media controls, is contributing to suicides. Tell me about this Craig

Craig: I hate this story. It's very, sad. And it goes back to a study that was just completed by the National Institute of Mental Health. Dr. Amen, he's a doctor down in New York City. And he deals a lot with brain injury and helping people recover from it. If you know someone that has had brain injuries like the football players, right, the concussions and things take a look at and check out Amen Clinics online it is just phenomenal the treatments they are doing there.

Craig: What happened here now, and I found out from Dr. Amen about this. There is that there is a TV show on Netflix right now called "13 Reasons Why." Yeah, this is a story of a teenage girl who took her own life, left behind 13 audio cassettes for her friends to listen to, to unravel the reasons why she killed herself. That so there is a study that was funded by the National Institute of Mental Health. And it appeared in the Journal of the American Academy of Child adolescent psychiatry and analyzed five years of suicide rates amongst people between the ages of 10 to 64. Now adults, basically over the age of 18, showed no significant change in the month after the show was released. However, the kids, from the ages of 10 to 18, showed a 30% increase in suicide, the month after that show was released. Okay. We've got to remember, and this even goes to giving kids iPads, iPhones and going on the internet, all of this stuff, young kids brains are still under construction, right? And our, you know, our brains develop until your mid-20s. Girls brains typically develop faster than boys, and we know that, right? But this is very, very, scary. Our physical brains aren't mature until the age of 25. One of my kids, who is I think he's 25. Forgive me, I have eight, so I'm not sure. I came down, and he was playing this video game. I have never seen such violence. It just it blew my mind. I don't even want to describe it on the air. I sat down and talked to him about it. Now for me, It was shocking, but to him, it was just a game. And there have been debates over the years as to whether these types of games are hurting kids or if they matter or don't matter. One thing I can see is desensitization. And now with this latest study about this movie, this video series, this TV show called "13 Reasons Why" it seems apparent that it is dramatically affecting the younger kids. And that goes back to what you started with, again, using parental controls, we have to turn them on because this show is not rated for kids to watch. And if we don't have these controls turned on this 30% bump in suicide rates can't is directly attributed to it. But my gosh, the correlation is very scary.

Jim: That is something that we can prevent. I mean, we can't prevent everything, and there are always kids may have other issues but you know, you can reduce the risk. There's a lot of great additional information that Craig has, and unfortunately, we don't have a lot of other time. So Craig for folks to get the this these stories and other things they need to text my name, Jim, to this number

Craig: 855-385-5553 that's 855-385-5553

Jim: Standard data and text rates apply folks Craig will not sell your name to somebody else, and he won't hack you. Craig that was a great segment. Thank you so much for your time.

Craig: Right. Take care, Jim. Bye-Bye.

Jim: Take care. Bye-bye. All right, we have a very important


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