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Jul 20, 2019

I am on a soapbox today about the politics of climate, so listen in.

My take on how the government stifles technology innovation for most of us and why.

More on climate coming out of NASA concerning solar cycles and how they point at a coming Ice Age.  Did you hear about this? Listen in

Do you use Cash, me too. But I am going to address the dangers of a cashless society.


I am planning a Security Summer for my listeners.  I will have some free courses.  I will also introduce you to some of the software that I use for my clients and how you can use it too.  Also, I have some limited opportunities for businesses who have had enough with their security issues to work with me and my team and put their security problems to rest once and for all.   So watch out for announcements on those.

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Airing date: 07/20/2019

The Politics of Climate Change, Government and why it Stifles Technology, NASA and the Coming Ice Age, the Dangers of a Cashless Society   


Hello, everybody. You know, I'm getting fed up with some of this. I don't know about you, but it's just driving me crazy. If you got my newsletter, this morning, you know. Hopefully, you got my email this morning. And I know now I'm trying to send it out when it's most convenient for you to so some people might not get it until Monday. It all depends on when you are typically opening and responding to my emails or send an automated message to me. You know its this whole machine learning which is the first step towards AI, artificial intelligence. That's what we're using now. The entire idea is to make this more convenient for everybody. Okay, this has me so frustrated, politics, right? We've got the left with the whole green thing, right. It's just part of their drive toward socialism in an attempt to take over everything and increase their power and authority.

After all you and me, we are only regular people, we all care about the environment. I've never met anyone nor even heard of anyone who wants to destroy the environment.

We all want to be comfortable. We all want to pass on a world that's better than the world we inherited to our children. There's not a soul that doesn't. I don't know anybody that is in that boat. The left, the socialists, have glommed on to this whole "green agenda thing." If you ask me it's an attempt to take over control of part of the government. It's all part of the power and control. It's like Hillary Clinton, the smartest woman who ever lived and who knew more than any of us. They're better than us, and they should have control of everything.

Wouldn't you agree? I'm sure there's some listening now that don't agree with me. Right. We have a lot of great people who are left-wingers because they've got great heart, right. However, we've got to look at the real motivations behind what's happening. Why are businesses doing what they're doing? We talked about that all the time, right, about the overreach of companies and data mining. They are using it for marketing. Then the bad guys come in and take it much further. So I'm, I'm critical of big business. I'm critical of the Trump administration, and I've been critical of every administration when they did things that I thought were not in the best interest of the people.

I don't want you to think I'm some right-wing wacko, because I'm not. I'm somewhat libertarian, and I'm in the middle, frankly, of everybody that's out there if anybody was in the middle of the libertarians, because we agree with some things democrats do and some things republicans do. But ultimately, I don't trust big anything. When you're talking about big government, big business or anything big you're talking about a real distortion of motivations. Big church, there's a distortion of motives, look at what's happened with the Catholic Church. And I'm not picking on them, right. It's every church out there every organized religion, look at what's happened with you name it, Eastern religions, Western religions, they take on a life of their own. The same things are true with businesses, and big business is the same thing. It is true with government. They are the worst, right? They have the guns, the money and the lawyers behind them. Ultimately, they're the ones that put a gun to your head and say, you will do this because if you don't, you go to jail. Right now they're not doing the horrific things to us, you know, solitary confinement is pretty darn horrible. But you know, they're not torturing us here in the Western world, physically torturing us trying to break us down mentally, the way they still do, and some of these Middle East countries out there. But what frustrates me is when we're talking about politics, entering the realm of something that should be common sense and science. And that's what this whole so-called green thing is. That's what the socialists have been doing. They couldn't get their way with the way they were doing things before. So now it's all about the green. I'm going to talk about green PACs. I think that's, somewhat ironic, right?

I'm talking about their so-called Green agenda, where their friends who are making electric cars are going to be the winners, their friends that are making solar panels are going to be the winners, their friends, who are making these windmills to generate electricity are going to be the winners. They're not going to allow the free market to decide who's the winner. What's the best technology out there?
Hydrogen fuel cells the best?
Is internal combustion the best?
What's the best alternative?
Synthetic fuels?
What's the best?
We will never know because the government has stepped in before the market could decide? Look at the corn look at the ethanol that they're putting into our gasoline. It is easily provable. How harmful it has been to our environment. But who, who makes the ethanol? Where does it come from, the corn growers in Iowa. A State that the politicians who are running for President for political office need to impress. A State they want to win over on to their side. So yeah, look at all the ethanol, look at how we've helped with the farmers in Iowa. Now, we've got all this ethanol, and we're burning our food.

We've got subsidies. You remember Solyndra look at Elon Musk with what's been happening with his cars. Tesla has received it's estimated around $3 billion worth of government money. Is that a crazy amount? You look at this worldwide, my I have a daughter living in Norway, and she's helping to design the next generation of ships. In Norway, if you buy a Tesla, you get a 25% savings. The government is financing 25% of the purchase price. Yeah, it's something to we will look forward to, Right. So they are getting subsidies in Norway through here, where we're giving them hard-earned money, you and me the taxpayers. It is us who are busting our butts supporting these people out in Silicon Valley and elsewhere, that are getting government subsidies, taxpayer money, look at what just happened with Amazon. Amazon is looking for another area for a corporate headquarters. We have all these states and cities saying, hey, we'll give you tax breaks. Well, that's another form of a subsidy.

Think about all the things that the government supports through subsidies like Solyndra, battery technologies, solar panel companies, and installers, the windmills. None of them have to compete on an even footing with the rest of the technologies out there. How many just phenomenal, world-changing technologies got buried because they couldn't get off the ground? How can you compete with someone that has $3 billion, effectively in subsidies when you're trying to get a business off the ground? You can't. It drives me nuts when this happens. Now we hear about all about global warming? Well if you are as old as I am you remember, in the 70s. On the cover of Time magazine said we're in for another Ice Age so, the environmental scientists came up with a plan to pour black soil on the polar ice caps to absorb more solar heat preventing a mini ice age. Of course, that didn't materialize. Then it was, well, how can we use and see people, everybody cares about the environment. So let's do this, let's call this green because everybody wants to save the environment. No one doesn't want to have a great atmosphere, right, which is not what I was saying earlier. So we'll use that to gain more control over people will be able to tell people what to do, and how to do it, because they're too stupid to be able to do this themselves. And there's you'll find tons of information about that online. You know, slips of the tongue, things that people the Obama administration said, things that happened with these researchers, where their emails were exposed, where they were fabricating the so-called science of global warming. That one failed on them, right. Now its global climate change. We've to do something about climate change. Now. I agree. I do. We'll you might think, Wow, Craig, wait a minute. Where are these ideas coming from? Here's what I agree with, we should be looking at this, we should be concerned about this, but don't knee jerk. We don't have enough data and the data that we have is badly tainted, as has been proven by these emails and notes from the researchers that are researching it, severely corrupted.

Now, we've got the media that refuses to report anything contrary to the socialists talking points. (Socialists being those to the left to of the Democrat Party). Or anything that isn't in line with their education in school. If you want to see some craziness, have a look at some of the campus reforms videos out there. Reporters go out, and they give a quote to the students, and the students read the quote and say, well, that's because Trump's a misogynist, a racist, etc. Then the reporter shows them a little video of who the quote was from and then all of a sudden, they just, it was, wow, I didn't think that was the case. Right? They're not researching. They're not thinking they're stuck in a paper bag known as gaslighting. A study came out last month that I bet you have not heard of This is a study from NASA. I bet you won't hear about this anywhere else, frankly. I'm looking right now at NASA's website, science dot NASA dot gov. There is an article from them. It is being reported, but not in the general news circles that the solar minimum is coming. NASA is predicting that the Dalton minimum levels of the sun's radiation.

Now, for some reason, I heard somewhere that the sun might have an impact on the temperature on the Earth. Right? I know It sounds stupid to say that, but today many people are convinced that man is the cause of the temperature increases.

Sorry to pop your bubble, but Earth temperatures fluctuate. And, they have for thousands upon thousands of years.

Earth has had higher carbon dioxide levels in its atmosphere, and it has had higher temperatures than we have now.

Think about this. If it were hotter, and we had higher carbon dioxide levels, we would have more food, and there would be denser vegetation.

Everything would be healthier.

A month ago, June 18, this article came out, here's what's happening. The Earth is an approaching grand solar minimum. As I mentioned, NASA is predicting this right now. And this came from a researcher with the Bay Area Environmental Research Institute at NASA's Ames Research Center. These researchers have come up with a new way of looking at sunspots using direct observations of the magnetic fields that are emerging on the surface of the sun. That data has only existed for the last four solar cycles (44 years). They used three different sources of sun observations. They looked at these cosmic cycles, which are about 11 years long.

There are longer cycles, as well, which our green movement friends seem to forget conveniently. These researchers used these to forecast the strength and timing of maximum solar cycles. It was determined using data from 2000 and again in 2008 to predict the solar cycle coming to an end this year. The next solar cycle is going to start in 2020. Guess what? She was dead-on. So, now, here's what is worrying because this is pure scientific research, not the crap that they keep feeding you on the news, it is the stuff that you're not hearing about even though it's been out for more than a month. It is a reality. And the truth is forecasting a return to what's called the dalton minimum which occurred from 1792-1830.

Now NASA is not predicting and not even telling you what happened during the Dalton minimum event.

Here's what happened. Brutal cold, crop loss, famine, war, and powerful volcanic eruptions. Because you remember the sun's magnetic field, which is what part of what she measures one of these three measurements affects us here on Earth. Just look at the northern lights to get an idea but yeah, maybe there is an effect from the solar emissions that are hitting the Earth. So Germany had an what was called the overclock station, and it experienced to two centigrade two degrees centigrade. So give or take five degrees decline over 20 years, devastated Germany's food production. Then in the US even we had a year without summer 1816, and it was caused by this, again, solar minimum, combined with the after-effects of the second-largest volcanic eruption in a thousand years. Mount Tambora was on April 10, 1815. So we had some battles going on during this time, the Napoleonic Wars and the Battle of Waterloo. That occurred June 18, 1815, when the Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon. Sixty-five thousand men died at that battle. Wow. They were preoccupied with this. There wasn't a whole lot of coverage about the entire Dalton Minimum that was happening at the time.

So let's go to some records and back then. In June, this from a resident of Virginia, another snowfall came, and folks went slain. On the Fourth of July water froze in cisterns and snow fell again. With Independence Day celebrations moving inside churches where hearth fires warm things a might. Clothes froze on the clothesline in New England. Northwestern Pennsylvania reported ice in ponds and on lakes in both July and August. Virginia had frost in August. The price of oats from 1815 to 1816 increased almost eightfold. Here are some other stories from around the world. The potato crop in Ireland rotted in the ground resulting in widespread starvation.

In England, France, and Germany, wheat crops failed, leading to bread shortages, food riots, and looting. Northern China got walloped with thousands of people starving to death. Southern Asia experienced torrential rains that triggered a cholera epidemic that killed many more. The year 1816 earned a nickname. It was called "800 and froze to death." We've got the politicians out there arguing about whether or not we should have ethanol in our gasoline, whether or not we should be giving another subsidy to Tesla. We are staring at what NASA is predicting, in this next solar cycle, or the one immediately after, as summer that will never come. Now we've heard about "Oh my gosh, temperatures have gone up a little over one degree Celsius." But that is in the last 50 years and those numbers, by the way, are very controversial. And there's ample evidence suggesting that they are not valid. Right now, We have an icebreaker that was that up in the northern waters of the Arctic Circle that was expecting to have full passage all the way through. Did you read about that? There is a new north passage except it is covered in ice and completely frozen now. However, we do not hear the truth all because of politics.

There's a lot of yelling and screaming going on. There's a lot of first-world problems, where we're taking the blame for things that we have no control over. And yet the reality is not that it is not being addressed which frustrates me to no end. It frustrates me to no end. Look at this, wow, we're almost out of time. Hopefully, this was informative to you. You know, my friends on the left and I know you're listening, and my friends on the right, I know you are listening, too. We need to stop the political bickering.

We have to solve the problems that are facing us right now. We have to get together. Congress needs to work with our President, not stonewall and yell and scream against everything the President suggests. There are some things legitimately the federal government can do, which in my estimation is to downsize itself. We have some serious problems out there we don't even have time to talk about today. Now, if you don't get my weekly newsletter, you got to get it because I never have time to get to everything here on the radio. Go to Craig Peterson dot com. There is a little subscribe box at the top, I'm asking for your name and email.

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You see, I got hacked, and it was a lot of a long time ago. A long time ago. I think it was in 1991 that I first my company got a worm. I was trying to build my company. We were building websites were hosting email for people, and it was terrible. We got the Morris worm. If you've been on my one of my webinars, you know a little bit about what happened. I don't want that to happen to you, right. Text me or email me at Craig Peterson the meantime.

A couple more articles real quick, and you'll find those in your newsletter this week. Hong Kong protests here are showing us the dangers of this cashless society and showing us that, frankly, a cashless society is a surveillance society. In Hong Kong, they have something called an octopus card, and they use it to pay for everything from the subways transit to retail parking purchases. In China, they have something very similar. It's part of a social media and messaging service called WeChat. It allows for payments. It is easy and effective. In China, you have to use it. In Hong Kong, you don't, but the transactions linked to your identity. Communist Party officials, here known as the international socialists, are using it to track people and zealots. That way they can tell you were in the area of a demonstration when it occurred, and you get tagged. Remember, in China when that happens, you are not allowed onto public transportation, you get barred from using it. Let's keep cash going. Pay with paper money when you can. I think that's important. We don't want to switch to a cashless society. There was a great study out of Montreal, about teams and social media. Again, you'll see links to these in your newsletter. Craig Peterson dot com slash subscribe because we do not have time to go through all of these but a big surprise, at least to me, in this study that I think you want to hear. I love this quote too from one of the researchers talking about depression with these teenagers social media, and a big surprise about video games. I would almost compare it to smoking in the 1970s where the very adverse effects are still relatively unknown. But they did draw some interesting conclusions.

There is a bill in Congress right now. Great article from Reuters that I posted about big tech companies from offering financial services. It's called the Keep Big Tech out of Finance Act. President Trump commented on it. He's demanding that companies that want to get into this cyber currency business, seek a banking charter, and I agree with him on this one. But this whole Facebook thing that's going to be coming out here probably next year is called the Libra. It's a little scary if you ask me.

A Florida DMV is selling driver's license information, your personal information to bill collectors and data brokers in Florida. They have made more than $77 million on selling your personal information if you can believe that. That's what I don't like about this whole REAL ID thing is that the State is now required by federal under federal law to comply with Real ID. Thank you, Democrats (tongue firmly planted in cheek) who voted for it in here the State when they took over New Hampshire. I don't want the government having that information because I don't want them to resell it.

I'm going to do a special master class around this article from Fast Company. It is about how the hackers are using social media to break into your company and how they're doing it step by step. Keep an eye out for this as well.

Take care, everybody. We will be back on Monday. I'm on with Jack Heath during drive time. Check it all out at Craig Peterson dot com. Have a great weekend, everybody. Bye-bye. Oh, and keep cool, if you can.


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