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Oct 31, 2015

Graduated from “Polytechnique and Telecom Paris”, his career was built upon two main sectors: informatics and banking. He worked for ten years in IT consulting and in banks, where he carried out multi-partners projects, then successfully became the CEO of financial enterprises in several countries. Fascinated by robotics, he has been closely following this market and its evolutions for 25 years.

In 2005 he decided to leave the banking sector to take part into an uncommon adventure: the creation of a humanoid robot. That was the beginning of Aldebaran Robotics, a start up that brought together a few engineers and PhDs. In 8 years, Bruno Maisonnier’s incredible enterprise became a solid society, in which more than 300 people are currently employed. His robot, NAO, is commercialised all over the world, in the most prestigious universities as a research platform (Carnegie Mellon, Berlin University, Stanford, Tokyo University, Harvard…).

In the future, Aldebaran Robotics’ ambition would be to develop humanoid robots at the service of a broader audience.

Aldebaran Robotics’ vision: Robots for better living