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Nov 21, 2015

For over 25 years J.J. Schoch has been shaping products, strategies and markets in the technology and media industries, where he routinely transforms innovative concepts into leading products that outpace competition.

Mr. Schoch comes to Phoenix with a long history of successful product development and team building within several major PC utilities companies. As Vice President of Marketing at iolo technologies, Mr. Schoch was responsible for refocusing the company around its best-in-class computer performance product, System Mechanic, which he grew into the #1 product in its category, more than doubling the company's revenue.

As Vice President of Strategic Marketing at Panda Security, Mr. Schoch’s ability to see beyond current industry-wide solutions and focus on an industry- first behavioral technology resulted in an 80% increase in revenue. He also built and focused the marketing team through an aggressive CPC/CPM initiative which led to a 300% growth rate of e-commerce revenue.

Mr. Schoch was Senior Product Manager at CyberMedia (later acquired by McAfee) where he managed their flagship product, First Aid, overhauling the quality and brand image. Product sales then exceeded 120,000 units a month and First Aid became a $90-million annual asset. He also built and sustained an 85% market share despite relentless competition from major software manufacturers such as Symantec, McAfee and QuarterDeck.

At Symantec, Mr. Schoch was a Senior Product Manager responsible for the conception, design and marketing of the enormously successful 1990s product Norton Desktop for Windows. Throughout the productΓÇÖs life cycle, he maintained its status as the top seller in its category, dominating 80% of the marketplace. Prior to Symantec, Mr. Schoch was one of the founding employees at Peter Norton Computing which pioneered the massive PC Utility software industry.