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Jun 29, 2018

Do you know if your Website is safe?  How would you know?  Well, that is what I am going to cover today.

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Airing date: 06/28/2018

Is Your Website Safe and Recent Experiences With Hackers

Craig Peterson:[00:00:01] Hi everybody, Craig Peterson, here. I want to talk about something that happened to me this week. Now, you know I host a whole lot of web servers and that means I get a lot of traffic in, and I have my own Web site right. It's a business Web site. I try and get information out by using it. This week something happened, and that is that my server was under attack. Right. So, I had a look at the logs trying to figure a few things out. Why am i being attacked? I think you might have a couple of ideas, why you think I might be under attack. But anyhow, bottom line is I started looking at everybody's logs. Did you know that your web server is probably constantly under attack, and that can cause a whole lot of bad things to happen. For instance, your web server might be compromised because of a zero-day attack, or maybe you haven't updated that web server in some time. In many cases, people never update their web servers. I just had a client that we brought on, that had done it, in probably about five years. That's a huge problem. And, I'll tell you why the bad guys want your web server, its so they can spread malware. They want to spread it to other websites, they want to send out some spam e-mails, phishing attacks and other things so, that they can take control and make some money by stealing your information, which is really a bad thing, right.

[00:01:36] Killing your Web site, means your information doesn't get any mailed anymore. They don't really care if it works, or if they break your side or not. They want to do drive by downloads, or they want to distribute malware. There was just a case this week of that happening, where their servers called Docker that lets you download complete machines that will do specific functions on, a lot of people for instance, use these Docker containers, in order to run Java software, or run a web server in this case. So, people were buying, or downloading some of these Web servers, and in this case it was a free one. So, they got it for free from our friends over at Docker. And, once they had it, then they had it installed. One person complained, and they complained that things were slow. There seemed to be a back door, obviously, this is somebody new a little bit about security, right. And, that back door turned out to be used, to have your Docker container, your Web site, mine bitcoin. And, apparently, they had made about 100000 dollars, which is real money, right. You know bottom line. So, pay attention.

[00:02:49] I can tell you on my server, the top five hits, were to the WordPress log in page, and some other control software that many Web sites choose, and I don't use, I just don't trust it. So, they were trying to hack in, just general. This was a drive by. This is a robot trying to hack in, and get at the information on my website to be able to log in take control, to put things up that I didn't want to have up. So, that's the bottom line, for today. Double check your web server logs, double check your security. Let's make sure the bad guys aren't trying to break in, or make sure they haven't already broken in. I found that, in fact, about a month ago, they had already broken in. We shut it down. This is a zero-day attack. We shut it down, immediately. We noticed it within a matter of minutes, because of the software we have in place. We were able to stop them. So, do you know, if the bad guys have gotten into your systems including your web server. Hard to tell, if you don't have the right stuff in place. Check me out online. Craig Peterson dot com and of course I'd be more than glad to answer any questions that you might have just me at

[00:04:05] Craig Peterson dot com or you can text me 8 5 5 3 8 5 55 53 that’s 8 5 5 3 8 5 55 53.

[00:04:16] Have a great day we'll be back tomorrow with another real quick daily hit. Bye-Bye.


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