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May 26, 2018

IF you are a business how do you treat privacy? Well, yesterday GDPR went into effect - and it gave European Citizens lots of additional rights!  GDPR is a set of new European Privacy Rules about keeping data safe.  Listen in as Craig explains what is required and why you must be prepared. 

Yet again - A Major Security problem  — Worldwide!  And it appears that this one involves a state actor.  Today Craig explains what they are targeting and what you have to do -- and it is not a one time fix.  Also if you are a business you have even more to be worried about.

How many websites can Facebook track your activities --- you may be surprised.  Listen in and Craig will tell you the number.

How closely are you reading the terms of service on all the apps,  software and online services you use?  Craig will tell you what has changed and why you need to take and extra hard look before accepting them.

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