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Oct 25, 2019


Today we are going to discuss a new battery technology and what it may mean to our electronics

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Craig 0:06
Hey, good morning everybody. Good afternoon actually. I love Good morning though it's such a nice way to greet people. Of course, this is Craig Peterson I am here with you and we are also on video now you'll find me up on Facebook and on YouTube. We're doing a few different things to little Instagram, Pinterest and some other things out there as well. And of course right here we are on a Volvo radio. So welcome, welcome. So today as usual, we got a lot to cover. And you might notice if you're watching on video right now, I want to show these to you. These came this week. This is a company called pale blue. And they have the coolest batteries. I'm going to show the Yeah, you can see these. I've got them in the camera right now. These are there. triple-A batteries. I'm going to do an unboxing here so you can see what they look like a little bit later not during the show today. And we'll be looking at the double A's but these are called the light pOH technology. These are designed to charge extremely fast. And you see the red here around them around the top. That means they are charging it comes with this little USB charger just plugging into USB plug and it gives me four micro USB cables, they only are carrying power. And I have these four of these triple-A batteries plugged into it. So they will charge to 100% in about two hours, which is just wow. And you can't really see but all the way around. It's got a little bit of red you see how it's not as red on that side. So that's indicating how much it's charged. Now, part of the beauty of this isn't just how fast these things charge. But these little batteries here will actually replace thousands of dollars worth of regular alkaline batteries, the nonreusable batteries that you might buy. And look at how easy this is it I'm going to hold this right up to the camera you see this little micro USB port on it. Well that micro USB port is what you use to charge it. And then it's just a regular this, in this case, triple-A battery. And it's the same thing with the double A's it's got this little micro USB port so nowadays, we can go from almost anything to a micro USB now it comes with this plug here. Let me just unplug this from my little tabletop USB port. But it comes with this little plug that's just a regular USB, a two mini or micro I should say USB for these things. And what this means is you can take this with you you don't need the charging cable. You can use these batteries and when they need to be charged, you can plug them into another Battery, if you're like me, and you carry on these massive batteries for USB to charge up your phone and your iPad and your computer and whatever, you just plug these little puppies in. And within two hours, they'll be fully charged. And I, from what I can tell it's like 20 minutes or so to get to almost a full charge, you know enough of a charge to make them useful only takes a few minutes. It's kind of like those little USB helicopter things you've ever seen those charge up, and it'll charge up the helicopter in a matter of just a few seconds really less than a minute. It's a similar technology access the same basic technology, which is a new one. So it's a new type of lithium battery. And I'm going to see if I can't get these guys on the show. It's called Pale Blue Earth and you will find them online Pale Blue Earth and it builds itself as the world's best lithium rechargeable batteries. And so far and I've just started playing with them, but so far I have to say that they really are absolutely amazing. And they also were using a hashtag of ditch disposables so you can check that online too if you want to. So this is very very promising I love this idea. Because I have been using rechargeable batteries now for very, very long time. You know way back when you know nickel-metal hydride and 99 cats before that right? And the lithium ions and now this is like whoa which is really kind of cool. So, I'll let you know how this goes. We'll try and get them on the show to talk about but they're saying that one pack of these things can save you 3000 bucks in buying just regular throw-away batteries. And they're almost as convenient. I mean like almost it this is just incredible. So I'm so glad they reached out to me and they sent me a few of these to play with and let you know how it goes. So there you go. There's a little bit right there, I got a bit of loose earphone wire. You can see my studio for those of you who are watching on video. So today we have Google Home eavesdropping. We're going to start with who got Tesla's door handles, I want to talk about their technology in general. Because if if you've been listening to me for a while, you know that I've been involved in emergency medical services, right that I spent 10 years as a volunteer, and I want to talk about some of the dangers of these types of cars, not just Tesla, and some poor guy burned it f basically, in his Tesla because of some of these deficiencies that we'll talk about that Chinese nationals this again, another FBI story

I had this week and my gosh, all you guys that attended you know, I love the questions and I love the internet. action I always love the interaction and answering everybody's questions. So if you missed it, you missed it. I might put it up for sale on the website but I in this is the sort of thing I don't do replays on the Facebook Lives YouTube lives those go up on replay, but these master classes I do like the master class on VPN, where we talked about them and the recommendations and what you should be doing and how you should be doing it. Those I do not put up on replay because I want people to attend right you have to attend you have to register so you missed it this week. Next week, we're going to be having a master class on mobile device security. So make sure you don't miss that. We're planning that for Thursday afternoon at 4pm. Those types of things can change so keep an eye on your email. But you can go to Craig Peterson comm slash masterclass to sign up. Then as always, these masterclasses are free. They are jam-packed with information and very frequently I have really kind of cool little gifts that we're going to be giving out here in the future. I said very frequently. I haven't been doing a lot of other people do. I am going to start doing that most of the time, but not right yet. So anyhow, you missed the VPN clot master class. Well, next week, we're going to do one on mobile devices. And we're going to kind of do one a week-ish, sort of a thing, where we do a deeper dive into the top topics you guys have. And they are a minimum of an hour-long, and they can go three or more hours long as well because I want to get through everybody's questions. But we got an article we're going to talk about today. And you can see me holding it up in the camera here. Nord VPN, and major security issue with them. And you know, if you're on my master class this week, what I think about Nordic VPN, Robo tank This is kind of cool. I don't know if you knew it, but our friends from Russia, we're using robotic tanks over in Syria. Just this last week, and they had a major fail fail because of it, they weren't able to control them. They weren't doing what they had expected them to do. So we're going to talk a little bit about the whole automated mechanical warfare side of things. Today in the show, we'll talk about that a little bit. Anyways, obviously, this isn't a 10 hour show just on the military, Facebook. This is a huge lawsuit that they are having to face here and article from Ars Technica, Microsoft's dream Walker VR, this is going to be cool. This is what the future looks like guys. And it looks like the iPhone 12 is going to have some of this technology. So we'll talk about that. And, you know, we are all worried about vulnerabilities in our apps and our programs that we as businesses put together to make our lives easier. Did you know there are more apps used Internally inside of companies that are available on the App Store, so we're building these things for us, for our employees, we're also building them so that our, our clients can use them, you know, for just in time ordering and all that wonderful stuff. But we're not keeping the security up today, we're paying closer attention to the newest vulnerabilities. And unfortunately, we're leaving the most important ones, frankly, which are the ones that have been out the longest, we're leaving those on the table. We're not taking care of those older vulnerabilities, which is a very, very big deal, frankly. So that's what we're going to be covering today. And I want to make sure that you don't miss out on any of these other trainings. You know what we did the whole security summer this this last summer. We're probably going to do something in the spring, maybe early spring, late winter, but in the security summer, I had 20 The eight cheat sheets that I gave out. So what we're thinking about doing is we're going to take those cheat sheets, we're going to update them, we're going to make them a little better. That, by the way, was over 150 pages of just cheat information on keeping your business in your home safe. Okay, crazy amounts. We had hundreds of people who signed up for that and got all those cheat sheets. So we're thinking in the springtime, we're going to do this again. But maybe what we'll do is we'll have some master classes tied into it or might be part of a bigger course that I offer. We are definitely going to be offering my big course coming up in December. So that's coming up pretty December, I mean November, so that's coming up pretty soon as well. And that's my my signature course, where I go into all of the details. So the people that are the de facto it people, you are somebody interested in computers you pretty good at computers. And the boss said, Hey, you get to take care of all of our computers. And not only that, but you get to take care of all of the security. If that describes you, or maybe you're the boss. This course is for you. So the only way you're going to find out about my free master classes, the whole free, spring security spring thing. And my master courses is if you're on my mailing list, so make sure you sign up Craig Peterson, calm. And right now I think there's a sign up for the next master class Coming up on Mobile Security. It might be the old one. I'm not sure if we got it up yet. But check it out online. Craig Peterson calm. So stick around. We'll be right back. We'll be talking about some of the Google Home and Alexa eavesdropping. You're listening to Craig Peterson on WGAN

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