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Sep 26, 2020


Craig discusses the mounting security issues revolving around the upcoming elections.

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Automated Machine-Generated Transcript:

Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Before the break, we were talking about some of the problems with different types of voting, the electronic voting machines, the apps that have been used and developed, and serious problems with those. But now we're going to talk about the problem with the mail.

Hey, you're listening to Craig Peterson. Thanks for joining us today.

A great little study was just performed and I kinda liked it. The way they did some of this stuff. They were looking at the problems we are going to have with the presidential election this year. A lot of States, first of all, don't bother checking your voter ID. They don't bother checking to make sure you are a legal voter. Of course, that's a problem and you might know, I live in New Hampshire, our state sport is voting up here. It is. Politics we're first in the nation when it comes to the primaries and we pay a lot of attention to this. One of the things that are illegal and yet happen every time, every two years there's a vote. This is absolutely illegal, is that these kids are in our schools. Because we have some Ivy League colleges, universities. We have even high schools that have kids in them that are of age to vote. It is illegal for them to vote because they are not New Hampshire residents are just here for school and yet they vote every year.

 It really bothers me, right? Because us taxpayers in New Hampshire, are being or election severely influenced by people that have legally no right to vote in New Hampshire.  I could tell you all kinds of stories, talking with people that come up from mass to vote in New Hampshire elections that have no residency in New Hampshire. There is so much fraud. It just makes my mind boggle.

So this year, the only, or the problems that people have already been talking about, President Trump has talked about, the Democrats used to talk about with people voting illegally. We are looking at problems of, what happens when a state mails out ballots to pretty much every person in the state.

There have already been complaints in States where there have been ballots showing up for people who haven't lived in a house 15 years. Are you kidding me? Don't you guys purge your voter rolls? If people aren't voting it is absolutely insane. So what happens if a ballot shows up at a house and the person hasn't lived there in 15 years? Is someone going to take that ballot and fudge it for their favorite candidate?

How about these homes that people are living in, right where we've had all these COVID deaths. Many of these people are invalid, unfortunately. So are their caretakers going to take their ballots and vote for them? How do we know that a legitimate voter voted and only voted once? We don't. Okay.

That's a problem that many people have I've been talking about, but I talk about tech here and security behind the tech. One of the big problems that we could have right now. Has been proven by this red team-blue team approach. If you've been in the military, you are probably very familiar with the red team-blue team.

This is where you will have a team of people that are attacking. We have another team that is defending. So that whole concept has been moved into the security realm in cybersecurity. We use it. I got a book on it about what to do, how to do that sort of thing. If you're the attacker, here's how you attack.

If you're the defender, here are some good ways to defend it again. That's why it's so important. If you're trying to defend a network to have a unified integrated defense system so you can see when things are happening. You don't have software from these guys, hardware from those guys, hardware from another party, hardware from yet a fourth party. It's impossible to defend when you have too many disparate data points. It might actually be pointing in different directions, every one of them. So you've gotta be very careful about that.

So they had a red team group of attackers that had security professionals, election experts, and law enforcement from both sides of the political spectrum.

They tried a whole bunch of things. Their goal was to undermine confidence in the election results themselves, as well as reducing election turnout. So we've heard accusations that four years ago, the Russians were meddling in our election. Of course, they were, and it happens every year.

Russians meddle. They really are trying to undermine confidence in it. But the Marxists big time, that's what they want to do. They wanted to divide and conquer. They don't want to have any sort of trust, in any sort of government entity or anybody that has any authority so that they can collapse the system and then take over.

So when we're talking about this red team, trying to do something to the election. It's very difficult for them to get into all of the secretaries of state office computers because all of these secretaries of state have different systems. It's very difficult to break into them. Remember, we do not have a national election at all, ever in the United States.

We have 50 individual state elections. It's designed in such a way the small States have a voice against the big States. That's very important. Unfortunately, they changed some of this here with an amendment to the constitution. Senators were supposed to protect the state and they changed all of that by turning it into a popular election, but that's a separate issue.

You've got this red team and if they can't get into the 50 secretaries of States, individual election systems to modify the results or get into the voting machines to modify the results. What's the next best thing, obviously, you're trying to undermine the faith in elections. In voting. Undermine the faith in the results.

We're already hearing from both sides, that we're not going to trust the results. In fact, just this week, I think it was Wednesday, maybe Tuesday, secretary of state Clinton, Hillary Clinton came out and said, no matter what, if Joe Biden doesn't win, he should never concede. Because there is fraud coming. We know President Trump's been warning about fraud as well.

So we've got to come from both sides. Well, they found, through this study, that they can easily and inexpensively spread misinformation about new outbreaks in the COVID virus and that'll hamper people going out to vote. It's going to hamper the processes of mail-in ballots. And if the aim is undermining faith in the election and not necessarily swinging the vote towards one candidate or the other. It's very easy to do.

So we've got a great quote on my website here. You'll find it on dark reading from Maggie McAlpine. She is a co-founder of Nordic innovation labs and it was one of the red team participants and a cyber reason, by the way, was the company that ran this whole thing. She's saying, Hey, it's quite achievable.

And it's a very inexpensive direct quote here. There is this creeping sense of uneasiness because none of what we did was very expensive. Most of the attacks we proposed don't cost anything. Putting out a tweet that shows a crowded hallway and claiming it's a certain polling place. It's just that easy.

Then on the tech side. Did you know how easy it is to reset the post office sorting machines? Yeah. there's been all of this complaint about machines being removed from post offices, which they have been. That was a process that was started under President Obama. It's been going on for years now.

Did you realize that putting a specific barcode on a piece of mail, dropping it in a mailbox and that mail now goes to the post office that will reset the sorting machines? Yeah, it really is that simple. Then guess what happens? Those ballots do not make it to be counted by the secretaries of state in time.

Hey, you're listening to Craig Peterson, stick around. Cause when we come back, we're going to talk about the corporate office reincarnated.


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