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May 25, 2019

There is a Rise in Teen Suicide, Listen in and I will explain the cause and what you can do to mitigate it.

Do you use your computer, tablet in the evenings?  A Study out of Amsterdam sheds new light on that subject.  Wait 'till I tell you how their solution. 

We have had it Huawei and China!  I will explain more in today's show. 

Intel, boy do they have problems and so do you.  Listen in to find out more.

Armed Drones and Trucks that can deliver swarms of them?  Which of our Enemies has created this technology? More on that today.

Graduating in 2019?  What you need to know about your first job out of school.

Has this group of Social Justice Warriors, seen its last days? 

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Airing date: 05/25/2019

Why Is There A Rise In Teen Suicides, China's Terrifying Drone Platform, New Proven Benefits Of Blue Blockers

Hey, good morning, everybody,

Craig Peterson here. We have got a bunch to cover. Hang in there it is going to be very busy. Man, oh, man. Hey, if you haven't turned on the parental controls for Netflix, and you have any kids between the ages of 10 and 20, you might regret it. We will talk about why the suicide rates are up.

We got some serious problems this week, this whole zombie load flaw and what it is doing to our computers. Intel should be paying us. We need reparations.  Where are the lawsuits? How am I going to get my machine back?  So that is on the agenda to talk about today. It is true for you too. Okay. Huge, huge problems with a vulnerability called Zombie Load. 

You know about anonymous, you remember those guys, they were the Guy Fawkes masks.  It was pretty, evident that they did not understand what Guy Fawkes was about or what he was trying to do. He wasn't like some total off the wall socialist. But anyways, Anonymous is dead.  We are going to go over the stats and what they tried to do what they did do and a little bit about some of their accomplishments, if you want to call it that, I guess.

Mitigation here, awe man we will get into that just a couple of minutes here. 

Wake up call for college. We're going to cover this one. Entry level jobs. They are not what they used to be. You are expected to hit the ground running. We will talk about what that is all about and the statistics for our newest grads. 

I love this. I bought some glasses a few years ago that are blue blockers for my computer.  There is this new study that proves I was right. I will tell you why in a little while. Wow,

Man, this company has been in some trouble. President Trump, of course, put an executive order t about this Chinese manufacturer of handsets. If you have one of them, and you might because they are the second largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world.  I will tell you what's up. 

There were some changes here this last week as well on that front. And we'll start with this one China. 

Now, we know who China is, I don't know, I would call them an enemy. 

Frankly, you know, we buy a lot of stuff from them. Are they not even a frenemy?

I think they really are an enemy. 

The reason I think this is because they are stealing our intellectual property. 

They are forcing U.S. companies that want to manufacture in China to not only share their intellectual property but give them control over it.  I am sorry, but that is absolutely, crazy. 

And now we see they are using some of the stolen U.S. technology, as are the Russians.  The whole social media vote project is just shocking.  Now they have the technology thanks to us, and they stole from us to destroy our carriers. 

It was for our supersonic missiles. They got it from us. Thank you very much, Federal Government. It reminds me of the days when Bill Clinton, do you remember when he sold our missile secrets to China.  He gave them the ability to make ICBMs or intercontinental ballistic missiles. And he did it saying they we were going to have China launch missiles for us. Yeah, that worked out really, well, didn't it? 

So now they have the technology to send missiles our way. Thank you very much. 

Then we had another Clinton, right. Mrs. Clinton when she was Secretary of State.  What she did was give the Russian some of our top secret military technology. It's astounding. So, with China and Russia, we have got to be very, very careful. 

We are not that aggressive. We certainly have been aggressive at times in the past. We've sent in troops to countries. Obama had troops in I think it was 80 some odd countries. 

President Trump has pulled that back a little bit. But China, they're not our friend. Okay, so that's the bottom line. 

Let's look at this new truck. There's a picture up on my website at Craig It is a truck that is using technology built by China. Technology licensed from Russia. It's an armored war machine. 

Well, you say so what, Craig. You know, we have Humvees that, and obviously, the Chinese do know how to armor vehicle? 

Well, you know, it is not that unique, frankly. So I am not that worried about it. But here is the problem. This particular armored war machine that has just come out, and China has been bragging about this. The company that made it was bragging about it. Remember that the state controls all companies in China, it is a socialist country, Big time. Everybody, there is working for the military, the People's Liberation Army. So keep all of that in mind. But this company, anyways, revealed what it was. It's called a YJ2080. And it has 12 launch tubes. Now,  what is very interesting about these launch tubes is that four of them are being used to deploy reconnaissance drones. Now, we are looking at that too. 

Right now, our military is looking at making flying drones that will go along with our jet fighters and will act as a wingman.   But, let's say an enemy has a missile coming for our jet.  We can deploy one of these drones, and it will move into the way, and it will launch missiles and even lock on a tone.  It can do a whole bunch of stuff. We are looking forward to that, right. 

These are smaller reconnaissance drones that are not very big. They don't have to go fast. But they can go 110 miles an hour. So you get the reconnaissance drones up. Okay, that makes sense. We use reconnaissance drones, with our Humvees and with our buffaloes and other equipment out in the field, right? 

Well, that's four of the 12 of these tubes, launch tubes. The other eight are for explosive-laden drones. And the idea behind this vehicle, according to the manufacturer, is to eliminate targets beyond the traditional line of sight and kill from above with four-pound bombs. Now, if you have a bomb dropped on your head, you only need just something the size of a quarter to kill you. And these are four pound bombs very, very big for taking out individuals. It is absolutely, crazy here. 

I found this in a report from Popular Mechanics. 

It's been reported over in the U.K., as well. Not a lot of coverage here in the U.S., 

These drones are designed to have the armored vehicle act as its control center. It's about the size of a Humvee. And it can search for and destroy its targets.

They have also fitted these drones and the pilotless aircraft with AK47 rifles, of course, Those are the fully automatic, not the SKS's, which are the semi-automatic rifle. And they are already being exported to combat zones in the Middle East. Now think about that for a minute. We have been up against Russians over there. We have fought with Russians over there in the middle east recently in Syria. We have killed Russian operatives, mercenaries over in Syria. So are we going to come up against this? And think about the number one company here in the U.S. for drums. It's D.J., are you familiar with them, I have a got DJI little hand rig that holds my phone and allows me to stabilize shots. But DJI sells, I think, it's about 80% of the consumer drones here in the U.S. Where do they have them made?  In China. Remember, anything manufactured in China is under the supervision of the socialist military government over there.

So this is a bad case here we've got the technology that we've developed, and DJI is using.  Being made and moved up to the next step of putting rifles on them or four-pound bombs on them. They've got this thing called A.R. blowfish auto-drone that China's exporting internationally, right now. And it's been advertised as being capable of full autonomy up to targeted strikes. It can autonomously conduct complex combat missions, including fixed-point timing detection, and fixed range reconnaissance and targeted precision strikes. Now, remember, something like this will fit inside your check-in luggage? Yeah, check-in luggage at the airport, this is not big. I'm not saying that people are going to be able to get them onto airplanes coming to the U.S. Maybe they will maybe they won't. But if these things are small, and think about what happened in Venezuela, where there was a bomb that went off on a drone right by their President. 

Drones are dangerous, and they're getting very dangerous. When you have something like this, Well, how hard would it be to take out Ferdinand right? Think about the start of World War One. What happened there?

They are selling these internationally. How hard would it be to get one into the U.S. It could be a terrorist organization. Take out a few people. If you were to ask me, I think this is likely, frankly. 

So be very careful. This whole approach that we're seeing is really entirely consistent with the Chinese and the Chinese military circles. 

They don't want a big hot war, but they are not against just kind of going after us, right. 

The easy way.

All right, next up here. Let's begin by giving you some reasons why you should have parental controls turned on, particularly for your Netflix account. 

Now, we've talked for years about whether or not these video games, shoot 'em ups and all kinds of things are suitable for kids. Some of this really turns my stomach. One of my kids, who's in his 20's was playing this one video game, and I have to admit it was absolutely, horrific.  I could not believe it. They were torturing people. And it was a woman, and she was screaming, and when a woman screams it absolutely, just made all my skin crawl. I could not believe it. I told him that he should stop playing that. You know, he was completely desensitized to it. Oh, yeah, I'm just playing a game. 

Well, does that cause the kids to become desensitized to this type of violence? Does it cause them to go out and kill people? Well, yeah, I'm probably not right. 

Does it do other things to their minds?  Well, it's evident that it does desensitize them, or they wouldn't play these games. They wouldn't be able to play these games. There's no way.  I would never be able to play that video game. None whatsoever. 

So, we know it does something. What does it do? Man, we could go back and forth on that, like the psychologists and psychiatrists who look at it. Then there are the government investigators,  as though they can figure their way out of a  wet paper bag. 

But, anyway, here's a study that is really, going to change your mind about teenagers and what you should let them watch at least view. 

Now, this is from Dr. Aman. If you are not familiar with his work, he's out of New York City. He's just amazing. He does a lot of work on brain development and how to help with brain injuries. So, he's really into brains. 

He uses some special scanners, these pet scanners and things I don't know how detailed you guys want to get. But check him out online. I think you'd love him, just,  A M E N 

He has a great article that I reposted up on my website It's talking about the media and what tweens and teens are watching.  He's asking, does it affect their mood and their mental health? 

Well, I don't know if you've seen this Netflix show, I saw a little promo boy it is nothing I wanted to watch. Okay, bottom line. I guess that's not a surprise. I'm getting old, right? I don't care about some of this stuff anymore. 

However,  I really care about this! 

There's a critically acclaimed show that's on Netflix right now called "13. Reasons Why".  It is in its third season. Well, the month following the release of "13 Reasons Why" on Netflix, the suicide rate among Americans aged 10 to 17. jumped by almost 30%. 

Now you say okay, Craig how can you draw that conclusion?  Is it a correlation? I don't know, come on. Come on, Craig 

Well, this is absolutely, fascinating.  "13 Reasons Why" is a story of a teenage girl who took her own life, and left behind 13 audio cassettes for her friends that unravel the reasons why she killed herself. 

Now there's a study that was funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, and it appeared in the Journal of the American Academy of Child adolescent psychiatry. This study analyzed five years of suicide rates among people between the ages of 10 to 64.

There were no changes in the suicide rates for adults in the month after the show's release. And you know, that kind of makes sense. I know, if I had a troubled teen, I might want to watch something like this series, to try and figure it out.  So, what are they thinking?  What are they doing? 

So, I can look for the signs and symptoms that might be present in my kids? Does that make sense to you? 

Now, bottom line, pretty simple? Well, although there was no change in the suicide rate for the adults, they found that the rate among those under eighteen rose dramatically. 

Now, this is something that kind of surprised me. But here's the next point. It rose most dramatically amongst boys. 

Remember these are some tips from Dr. Amen. Young brains are still under construction. Brains develop until your mid-20s with girls brains, typically developing faster than the boys.  The area of interest is the prefrontal cortex. It is this area that has to do with the decision-making and the future consequences of your decisions. That area of your brain is the last area to mature at about age 25. 

Some people say, guys, it's really, not done until they're 30. I've seen those opinions before. This area is involved with judgment, planning, forethought, and impulse control. So, you can understand why teens and especially male teens are more likely to make rash decisions. Look at car insurance and how much they charge. I'm boy has to pay a lot more until they're about 25 than a girl does. Well, suicide is a growing problem in our society. Looking at the stats, the overall rate of suicides increase by 33% in the last 20 years. It's the second leading cause of death amongst people ages 10 to 34. And teams today are more likely to have suicidal thoughts or suffer from depression than millennials were at the same age. So let's talk about what to do here. Listen, this is really, really, important. I put this up on my website, 

Number one, monitor their media consumption. We need to understand what our kids and teens are watching on T.V., what they're watching online, what they're participating in online, including social media because that can play a vital role in the development of their brains. 

So, set limits on what they can watch when they can view it use parental controls, by all means, talk to your kids about what they're watching. 

Number two, do not let adolescence smoke marijuana. There was a time when I wouldn't have had to say that at all because you know that the wackytabakki causes problems even in adult brains, mainly when consumed over a long term.  Research is showing now that using cannabis as an adolescent raises the risk of depression and increases your suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts when you become a young adult, so don't let them smoke marijuana. 

Make sure that they get good sleep at night. And man it's crazy how little sleep some of them get you might remember being that age. 

Protect their brain from head injuries and concussions. Right. If you've got a kid that plays soccer, do not let them hit the soccer balls with their heads. Think of your brain being, basically warm butter. That's about the right consistency inside a hard container with very sharp edges pointing inward. And that why I tell you,  you don't want them hitting the ball with their heads. 

Seek help for mental health issues right away. If they've got signs and symptoms of depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, it's critical to seek advice for those issues. 

So, if you have a teen that might have some of these symptoms, by all means, reach out to a doctor find out what you can do. 

And if you want to get more advanced health check out Dr. Amen's clinic down in New York City. He has brain scans, and he can look for physical damage, and then help you with a regimen that will compensate for that damage because once the brains damaged, it's damaged. Head blows add up. Brain injuries are cumulative. It's not as though they all heal themselves and go away. 

If you've had a concussion, you have a problem in your brain for the rest of your life. 

Hopefully, it's not a bad one. Okay.

Okay. All right, next up here, Oh my goodness, we've had various Intel vulnerabilities over the last year, and some of them have been pretty big ones, frankly. 

Right now, Intel is busy downplaying the latest vulnerability. And this vulnerability affects almost every computer that has an Intel CPU in it made since 2011. Unfortunately, it affects many Intel chips going back to 2007. 

Intel has come out with a patch. Microsoft has released a patch that uses the microcode. Apple released their patch.  All of the major vendors have released patches.   Although, initially, the Microsoft patches were terrible and caused blue screens death. Okay, so as is typical with Microsoft updates, don't do them right away. Wait and make sure that Microsoft didn't mess it up yet again. Ya know, I don't get it, those guys seem to mess it up more than their fair share.

Well if you can believe it, Microsoft had 19 critical patches in this months patch set for Windows. 19 Critical patches! 

So, what has happened here, I'm not going to get into all the details. It's pretty complicated. But security researchers are rating this as a 9.5 out of 10. 

Keep an eye out, if you are on my email list watch for an email from me telling you when Microsoft has a stabilized patch set available, and it is safe to do these updates. 

But make sure you do the update. 

Now, let's talk about what this updates going to do. 

I found a great tweet from a guy over on Twitter. His name's Quentin. 

"FYI, as a cloud provider, we lost about 25% of CPU performance, over the last 18 months due to different security issues on Intel CPU's limiting their capacity using microcode, etc., etc."

So here he is reporting a 25% reduction.   Apple is saying that they have seen as much as a 40% reduction in performance. That's using tests that included multi-threaded workloads, public benchmarks, etc. 

Wow! Now the actual results are going to vary based on the model configuration usage and other factors. So, Intel is advising people to turn off hyperthreading on their CPUs. 

Now, let's get real, where it does this matter? Where does it not matter? Well, you know, if you get hacked, it's going to matter to you. 

It might be a big deal if your business goes out of business, due to this vulnerability, called zombie load. 

However, if you're not going to do the right thing and turn off hyperthreading and apply the patches because you cannot afford a 20 to 40% slowdown on your computer. I understand, just a little.  It's like buying an i7 that performs like an i5. 

Okay, to give you an idea, you paid extra for an i7, for that higher end Intel CPU. However performance wise you now have an i5, and it's not even as good as the i5 was when it was first released. But you know, you paid extra. So there you go, right.  Let's downgrade all of these CPUs.

It bugs me.  Intel, by the way, isn't about to give you an upgrade. They're not. They're not going out there saying Oh, guys, sorry about that. Here we go. Here's a brand new CPU is fully compatible, plug it right in. And you will be fine.  No, no, no.

Intel is saying they will not issue anything sort of fix for any CPUs made between 2007 and 2011.  Four years worth of CPUs now.  It's not all of the CPUs is just some of them.  However, it's pretty much all since 2011. 

So thanks, Intel, now that I paid you extra for your latest and greatest chip to get as much as 40% reduction in performance because you could not get your CPU code right.  It's absolutely, crazy! 

Fortune has a great article on this. I will have it up on my website at  Intel is saying that this vulnerability is only 6.5 on a 10 point scale. Whereas, the security researchers are rating this as a 9.5. 

As I said, Intel's playing the game here.  They're downplaying the seriousness of it.  However, at the same time, they've offered to pay the security researchers more than they've ever paid anyone ever before. It appears to be a kind of a keep quiet type thing.  That is what it looks like is going on here. 

So what do you do? If the if you are a cloud service provider, and you have a mixed load, you have to turn off hyperthreading, you have to. If however, you have a desktop computer or desktop computers at your office, and you're using advanced malware protection, like what we use from Cisco, I'm not talking about the crap, you know, the semantic the Norton stuff, okay, that that doesn't count, okay, that will not protect you. But if you have AMP, and you have a properly configured, next-generation firewall that's monitoring all the data coming in and out. You're relatively safe. Okay, so I'm not telling you you're safe. I'm not saying you don't have to worry about it. I'm just telling you, you're relatively safe for those people who can't afford to get a significant cut in your performance. There you go. So, Intel is trying to get you to buy more machines.

Man, I do not have time to finish the rest of these.  You guys are going to have to visit me online at I'm going to post this audio up there for you. So, that you can, you can listen in. 

This whole thing about anonymous remember these activists with the Guy Fawkes masks, and man, this is a very, very big enormous deal. It's amazing. So I'm going to talk about anonymous activism, where it is? Where it started?

We've got a big wake up call for Grads, and I'm going to talk about that one as well, the class of 2019. 

Wearing Glasses, If you do use computers, this is a quick one. So we'll do it right now. Get the blue-blocking glasses, and they look a little bit yellow when you look at the lenses. I use blue blocker reading glasses for when I'm on a computer. 

There was a very cool study that came out of Amsterdam. We already knew blue light from screens is hugely disruptive to your circadian rhythm, to that clock in your body. Well, it turns out from this study, that if you wear the blue blockers, it has virtually the same impact on sleep as turning off the devices, entirely. So there you go. A little bit of good news for everybody, right there. 

If you have a Huawei phone, I'll talk about this on my website at Craig And there we go. 

So anyhow, check me out Craig I have a lot of great information there for everybody. 

We're doing more courses and more free master classes. So check it out Craig 

Have a great day. And we'll be back again next week. 

Take care, everybody, Bye-bye.



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