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Aug 20, 2021



[00:00:00] Microsoft has had some incredibly successful operating systems and some significant failures. Think of windows millennial edition. While now they're coming up with windows 11, and frankly, things just aren't looking that good.

[00:00:16] If you know me, you know how I have had some issues with Microsoft here over the years; they are a company that has been, in my opinion, very dishonest have been doing all kinds of immoral things for a very long time by destroying.

[00:00:36] Parts of the market that they considered being competitors of theirs, so they have used their position at the top of the market with billions of dollars in cash to really nail anybody that tries to challenge them. And it's incredible to me what has happened over the years. But, of course, you might know Microsoft did.

[00:00:57] Putting an investment into Apple. And many people say that investment that bill gates authorized really saved apple from total collapse. And I can see how is this a reasonable audience or argument? But the bottom line, when we get down to it, is that Microsoft Windows has never been a great operating system.

[00:01:21] It's always had issues. It's always had glitches, and we could go into a lot of reasons for that. But I think one of the main ones is that it has really tried to stay compatible with everything, all of the. When you were a kid, you certainly rode a bicycle. But, still, the bike you might be riding when you're in your thirties or forties will probably not have three wheels.

[00:01:46] And it's probably not going to have a pedal connected to the front wheel. It will be a whole lot different, and Microsoft, over the years, has tried to make their more modern operating systems as time has gone on. Compatible with older operating systems of theirs. And that inevitably leads to problems.

[00:02:06] If you're trying to fix a problem, Einstein said this, right? If you're trying to fix a problem, you cannot use the thinking that created the problem in that first place. So to fix a problem, you have to think at a different level. And when it comes to software and operating systems, you actually. To program at a different level.

[00:02:29] And the entire structure of the programs has to be different than it is when you're starting. Microsoft has been doing that a little bit. And with Windows 11, they are really trying, they've gotten such black eyes over the years for security problems, and I think they deserve them for the most part.

[00:02:50] Now they're forcing you to use what's called a TPM. Now, these TPMS have been around for quite a while. You see them built into your Macs, and they've been built into your apple Macs now for years, built-in frankly to your iOS devices for your iPhone also for years. But this is a trusted platform module TPM.

[00:03:17] And the idea behind a TPM is that your computer hardware is locking. All of this information and the senior TPM. Now there are a lot of complicated implementations of TPMS. The implementation that apple uses stores, all kinds of stuff that makes sure you're booting properly, security, keys, et cetera. What Microsoft is doing now is for windows 11.

[00:03:47] If you're going to. Your machine has to have a TPM and not just an older TPM 2.0. Now there are alpha images available right now for developers of Windows 11. And I have to absolutely encourage you if you are a software developer to get an alpha version of windows so that you can double-check, is my software is still going to be able to run in this.

[00:04:13] And I also want to encourage you if you are relying on particular applications. Maybe they're a little older, perhaps they're not, but if your business requires you to use a piece of software, you really should get windows 11. Right now, get the alpha code, follow it through beta and test your software.

[00:04:36] Make sure it works. If it isn't working, then talk to your software vendors, warn them that it's. Because Windows 11 requiring TPM support, although it doesn't need it right now in this alpha version that they're releasing, it does require it. Supposedly when they finally release Windows 11, the computers you have today probably don't have this chip.

[00:05:07] We have a client who decided they would go out and buy their own server against our judgment. And what we told them they should be doing. So they went out, and they purchased an HP server from HP enterprise, and they did. And it did not have most of the security staff they needed, including it did not have a TPM.

[00:05:27] It did not have one of these trusted platform modules on it. Now, in their case with this HP server, they could buy one after the fact and install it. Although the entire machine had to be destroyed entirely and reloaded, that's a minor price to pay versus purchasing a whole new server.

[00:05:48] The TBM is not necessarily going to be compatible with the new version of windows. In fact, Microsoft surface tablets. I look this up to their highest-end surface tablets, Microsoft branding all over it. Microsoft certified $6,000 almost to buy this top-end surface tablet with all the bells and whistles you can get on it.

[00:06:15] It will not work with windows 11. How's that? So the reason Microsoft is doing this, I think, is a good reason. They really want to lock down this system to no longer have as many security problems. And we're not going to get into all of the different types of security problems that TPM is not going to solve a lot of them, but it's going to solve.

[00:06:40] Some of them, but the program manager over Microsoft, her name is Al area. I guess it is Carly. She said that the hardware floor of TPM 2.0 support will be in place for the final version. We'll see. I think a lot of people are going to push back. However, Microsoft really does and legitimately does want to make sure that everything is safe.

[00:07:07] So keep that in mind. There are a lot of people complaining about it, the alpha version. And that is why you have an alpha version. They're complaining about it because of the TPM, but also because of some of the other things that are going on with windows 11, at least right now, some of the things Microsoft has announced they've got, for instance, group policy will not let you get around hardware enforcement for windows 11.

[00:07:34] Microsoft is still going to block you from upgrading your device. To make sure your devices stay supported and secure. So that's good news, and it's good news because many times in the past, how many of us we've upgraded our machines and a new version of the operating system. And I use "upgrade" with air quotes around it, but we've upgraded our machines, and they won't work with the new version.

[00:08:00] The audience here for her short statement, which was part of this, a Microsoft tech community user questions, was agitated. They did not like the answers that she was giving. And this is according to windows central, the videos, top comment, read, quote, a lot of these answers come off as super Tone Deaf.

[00:08:22] It is looking like Windows 11 will be another problem. So for those of us, that know, yeah. Windows eight was really quite the flop member. They very quickly came out with windows eight one, and Microsoft is the only tone-deaf company out there. I've got to say, I think Apple has been remarkably tone-deaf in many different ways.

[00:08:44] Now they seem to be waking up doing some things a little bit better, so kudos to them for that. But a lot of companies, really. Tone, deaf to what users want. And there's a lot of blog posts here. We'll have to see if what they're saying ultimately ends up in windows 11. If it does, things will be a bit of a problem.

[00:09:08] But part of the reason we don't know. Because Microsoft disabled any more comments on the video, they were getting so many of them. And of course, there are trolls people who hate Microsoft. I'm certainly not one of them. They also, by the way, deleted all existing comments on the video here about windows 11 with their program manager in response to the negativity. The voting is still open on this video, and 2,700 dislikes and only 146 likes as of this last week. It's interesting. Microsofts are really rushing to these new hardware requirements. They're being very aggressive, and I think they're handling it. Sound familiar. We've heard these sorts of things before, but now we'll see here into the legitimacy of this. How much is it going to benefit is limited because where are we solving our biggest problems?

[00:10:09] People cooking, links, things get installed, et cetera, that nothing to TPM will be able to handle. The TPM is going to make sure that you have a secure boot that's it's missing. The goal in life. So how was it? We will help with a lot of this other stuff we will see, and I'll definitely keep you up to date on this?

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