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Nov 28, 2018

Time for some friendly banter as Craig is on with Ken and Matt discussing the Yubikey and how to keep safe while shopping online.

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Airing date: 11/28/2018

Yubikey - No Password Logins - Staying Safe - Online Shopping

Craig Peterson: 0:00

Hey, good morning everybody. Craig Peterson, here this morning. We talked about Yubikey. Have you heard of this thing? This is going to be a game changer for so many people next year. It's a great security tool. And we also talked a little bit more about some of the things you can do to help keep yourself safe online different than yesterday with Mr. Polito. So here we go with Ken and Matt. 

Unknown 0:28
All right back again. 738 on the WGAN Morning News with Ken and Matt. Happy to have you with us here again. It's time to talk to Craig Peterson, our tech guru who joins us now.

Unknown 0:40
Hey, good morning, gentlemen. That little controversy there not just friendly banter.

Unknown 0:50
Craig. I was tempted to start talking first about the porn watching employee then affected the government networks because that's the most common and I was talking about the Yubikey. And I want to talk to you you about two factor authentication. However, since it is was Cyber Monday, and now it's cyber Wednesday, I think you should give us the chips for online shopping before more people get scammed. So let's start there.

Unknown 1:16
Yeah, it's a big deal can it always has been. And it's more of a deal this year than in past because, again, more people are shopping online. The deals started early. It wasn't just Black Friday, right? That I did shopping on Thanksgiving Day on Wednesday as well. If you guys have been on you notice the deals are kind of everywhere they are.

Unknown 1:38
Yeah, they are indeed.

Unknown 1:40
And there's a lot of money to be saved. You never get how much money I shaved today, honey. But here's the bottom line can when it comes to safety online. There's a few things you need to keep an eye out for. I've got 10 of them up on my website. But the first one that has to do with how pay online there are new ways to pay online. A lot of people aren't aware of Obviously, we've talked for years about skipping the debit card, because if the money stolen for your debit card, it comes right out of your bank account. But now you can pay online on websites, many of them using Apple Pay now. So can you've got an iPhone, you've had them for a long time that you use Apple Pay me at all just Yes. And how do you like it?

Unknown 2:32
Yes, you go wrong. We walk up. You push a button. And it works.

Unknown 2:37
Yeah. And now with your your new phone. It uses the face ID right? To correct her. Right. Yeah. So it's designed to be very safe. So if you go into a merchant, and you buy something, you just hold your phone right up to their card reader, basically. And it verifies who you are using biometrics or your pass code, and it's now gives that merchant transaction ID that they use to get paid from Apple. So the merchant never get your credit card information. They never get any of that information. So it can't be stolen if they don't have it. Well, that same technology now can be used online at various websites. So if you can do use Apple Pay, and then Matt, have you used Samsung Pay before? No, I've actually never used it.

Unknown 3:28
Yeah, it's not as good You're such a homework to go use it right now just to spite you.

Unknown 3:38
But it's something for people to consider, because you don't have to give your credit cards etc. Another thing to consider if you don't have one of these smartphones, is to go ahead and use PayPal, which has a very good record of not having the data stolen from a much better than the vendors and we should, you know, hundreds of vendors as recently inside one of our favorites websites, just cut preached again, 75,000 people lost all of their information, social security numbers, everything sold by the government. So we know that there's problems with using our information online. That's just a real quick and easy tip for people use PayPal or use Apple Pay or use Samsung Pay when you're online use sites that are sites that you know a little bit about, you know that we've got Secure Site out there. That doesn't mean your data is secure. But you know, shop at the big guys make sure all of your software is up to date before you go online. There's something that I do and Edward Snowden does as well. And that is don't use your regular computer for doing online shopping. If you can, right now, this can get expensive, obviously. But the idea is, if your machines infected, you could lose your banking or other information. So if you can't afford a separate computer, make sure all of your software's patch shop up today. I just had a listener yesterday, reach out, I wrote a little thing for him about how to even make sure that your software is being properly updated, right. But be careful, don't click on links, emails, scan, have good passwords, all the stuff we always talked about, don't use public Wi-Fi, the shopping apps, you know, some of them are good, some of them are bad, basically use apps that the store itself has, if you're going to do a little bit of shopping, and you just all over this very careful don't give them more information than you need to. Because remember, it could be stolen. They don't need necessarily your date of birth or other things. And so only given the data that they need can just keep it simple. Speaking of

Unknown 5:58
only giving things that people need, people are the worst enemy of themselves. I went on a prolonged Facebook re yesterday about that new, that new hack thing that everybody thinks is happening. And all they're doing is getting a message from somebody that says, hey, you've been asked for this message and tell all your friends. And then they're telling all their friends that they've been hacked, even though they haven't done so they spread this thing virally forever, because they are the worst people ever. So my point here is that people are sort of unknowingly spreading stuff and making mistakes and leaving themselves vulnerable and so on and so forth. Which I think dovetails nicely into a security hack I know that you want to talk about that millions of people are actually installing themselves they're they're doing they're doing the work for the hackers for that basically,

Unknown 6:41
ya know, we we are security our computer is better than we have before. Now that's not saying that our computers are properly secured right, but we are doing a better job now the FBI is estimating about 60% in NFC and some other stats say maybe as much as 80 percent of all of the hacks are exactly what you said that it's us being our own worst enemies is clicking on the links that you really shouldn't click on and in this case what we're talking about is these little browser extensions so you go to some website and while that this is really cool extension that you can use for shopping it'll tell you when there's something on that page that's cheaper there's a extensions that give you immediate direct access to Google all of these extensions you know think about it for a second everybody have you installed some of these browser add ons because these extensions are in a prime position for hackers to use against you people are installing them voluntarily they are being used by hackers and the same is true even for simple things like one of the biggest hacks schemes that have been going on for a long time again sorry Matt Android phones with their backgrounds you know wallpaper and wallpaper that was stealing people's contact list and the other information including even banking information so don't install these plugins these add ons these extensions don't download wallpaper if you don't need it don't put it on your phone your device because too many of us are hacking ourselves our computers store the bad guys and don't even realize what we're doing but I like I have a really beautiful wallpaper then I downloaded I got delete it now yeah yeah actually you should but if you're on an iPhone

Unknown 8:49
it's so attractive it's beautiful It's the whole universe and it's in through dm you touch it and it's great

Unknown 8:57
no you depress me I'm we've done a great place on her decks the guru correct Peterson comedy comedy want to get a direct information and I'm going to go on there because you have you have some of the cyber deals on I and I want this is an aside when I was in New Jersey I set up my sister in law's Alexa and i i love it. That was cool. But But and I don't, I gotta find out about all the plugins that she'll turn on your lights for you. But But I don't want talking about that. I want to talk about the Yuba key. Because you know, I'm I mean, I have lots of different passwords, probably not those great ones, and probably haven't changed them enough time. So is there's gonna be something so I don't need to do passwords anymore ever had.

Unknown 9:39
Have you heard of this before?

Unknown 9:40
No, no, no, no, I have not.

Unknown 9:42
Okay, well, they just came out with a new version. Here's what it is. It's a little USB fall. It's just kind of like that some type almost they make them so that they're very small as well. And yes, can it will help you depending on the website. I'm not everybody's supporting this technology right now. But this is part of the whole move towards two factor authentication. And I use USB keys, we everyone in my business uses them whenever we're doing something for one of our clients and what it does in our cases, it provides high levels of encryption, but where it really could help you out here can it and it's not a bad idea to use it because you of course have clients information being an attorney that you don't want to have stolen and I worked with a couple of Law Offices who apparently were hacked by other people maybe law offices that were opposing them in court trying to steal everything that they had about the case it was just amazing the stuff that's gone on but this is a physical token the best security you can have this something you know along with something that you have and that's what you use for it's a new standard that has come out now that these new up keys are supporting called fight out to Microsoft is adopting that Google's adopting

Unknown 11:12
protect people magazine your computer or is it when you go on a website and they asked for your password you it if somehow it's more it's better encryption is

Unknown 11:24
is it's both Okay, so so here's what it can do. You can use the UB key in order to decrypt files on your machine, decrypt your machine give you access to your machine. So if your machines stolen and they don't have you up key and your password, they have no way of getting the data that's on it. So that's one level that you can use you be key for the other one is a password free side where you still have a password on your computer but you only have one to remember. So the idea is it will be a better password and then on top of it. The USB key is used to authenticate you to these websites. So you're no longer have to log in to websites you be key will do it for you. These things started 45 bucks they go up to $60 and this is going to be big next year is going to be very big next year because it will be password less you won't have to have them anymore and all of the major sites are already starting to support it or do support it so it's why you be I why you be IU be key have a look at it.

Unknown 12:35
Craig Peterson our tech guru joins us at this time everyone's day and he made today. no exception to that. So appreciated. Craig, thanks so much for the updates. And we will talk to you again next week.

Unknown 12:45
Hey, gentlemen. Take care. Bye bye.

Unknown 12:47
All right. Craig Peterson.


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