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Mar 26, 2022

Weekly Show #1158

We know the Russians have been attacking us. I've talked a lot about it on the radio and TV over the last couple of weeks. So I am doing something special; we are going through the things you can do to stay safe from the latest Russian attacks.

Last week, we started doing something I promised we would...

Mar 18, 2022

Why Is Russia Password Spraying Hurting You?
What Are They Trying to Do?
And What Is It?

This is one of the top topics I've had people ask about lately: How can you protect yourself and your business against Russian hackers? So I've got a presentation. We're going to run through it. We're going to talk about what you...

Mar 12, 2022

What Can Be done About Russia?
What Can You Do?

There is a whole bunch going on when it comes to Russia, of course, the invasion of Ukraine. Why are people calling to have dot RU deleted?

This is really a big deal. And if you're watching from home, I'm going to go full screen on this article.

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Mar 4, 2022

Did You Hear About the Latest Phishing Scams to Hit?
Get the Latest Free Cybersecurity Tools

This is a big deal, quite literally a big deal. Russian malware. We have been able to track it down now, track it down to a single site. All of these bad guys are in one building in Moscow.

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