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Jun 19, 2015


The double-edged sword presented by the "Internet of Things" as it relates to U.S. power and telecom grids, manufacturing, supply chains and cybersecurity


  • How has the energy grid changed recently?
  • The shifting utility business model: A pivot toward customer insights.
  • The opportunities for grid analytics (reliability, distributed generation, etc.).
  • The grid and the "Internet of Things."
  • Training the next generation grid engineer (including the EPIC program at UNC Charlottehttp://epic.uncc/edu/).
  • Current areas where utilities are adopting the power of analytics.
  • Security is too often an afterthought and a cost-center problem that's dominated by complacency (especially when a breach hasn't occurred yet).
  • Security - both cyber and physical - needs to be a boardroom-level discussion.
  • For the ongoing development of the IoT, security may become a bigger concern than privacy. Privacy will work itself out through market forces and government regulations. Not so much with security.
  • The energy/utilities, telecom, transportation systems need instantaneous detection of "out of normal" activity AND machine learning capabilities that can decide the next best action to take.
  • What if the Arizona incident had been an attack on a national level?
  • Should the government mandate infrastructure security standards?



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