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Sep 24, 2019


Hey, I was on with my friend Jim Polito this morning. And we talked about a couple of things, Wi-Fi specifically public Wi-Fi, what are the warnings? What are they all about? What's the hysteria about public Wi Fi? Does it really matter? The pros and cons when it comes to it, and the VPNs because you should not use public Wi-Fii if you're not using a VPN. However, not all VPNs are created equal which is kind of a big deal to. This may be one of our more important little segments I ever did with Jim, frankly. Anyhow, we did all of that.

I also mentioned a couple of my cheat sheets that were included in my security summer promotion on these specific topics.  Jim is now on his way to the swamp of Washington, DC. Good luck down there. All right, everybody. Here we go with Jim!

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