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Apr 16, 2018


It has been another busy week in Technology this week.  Additionally, I had a really good webinar where I covered the 7 Deadly Cyber Threats to Small Business and what you can do.  I will be doing more of these free webinars so sign up so for my email list so I can notify you when we are having another.


Data collection and Privacy has been in the news again.  There are many data brokers out there who are making a great profit off of your information.  Craig talks about how you opt out of some of these. 


Mark Zuckerberg was on the hot seat this week and for all the press he is getting about his lack of security when it comes to your privacy — Craig has shares some news that you will find interesting. 


Having secure passwords is important but if you can’t remember it without writing it down then how secure is it.  Craig shares some tips for creating secure passwords you can remember. 


Cambridge Analytica’s efforts were completely legal.  They worked within the established guidelines that Facebook set up.  Craig discusses why they are only upset with them but not when Obama for America did the same thing.


Facebook is under a Consent Decree for the next 20 years (began in 2011) for not protecting the privacy of its users.  Oops… they did it again and the fines are HUGE!  Craig explains just how huge they might be.


Google keeps everything you search for.  Craig tells you the simple steps you can take to Delete your entire search history.

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